So. Lupron. Heard of it?

If not, allow me to school you.

Lupron is a shot that sends its victim patient into medical menopause.

Nothing like medical menopause at 27 years old.

I was becoming okay with the idea of a big shot to send me into crazy until I found out how much it was.

If a pharmacists gives you a serious look and says, “We don’t carry that in the pharmacy because it’s just too expensive.” what number pops into your head? $500 popped into mine.

I went home to research this overly expensive shot that would assure me weeks of hot flashes in the middle of an Indiana summer.

What I found was this.

Lupron Shots

That’s per shot people. PER SHOT. And I need three.

Apparently there is an entire “LUPRON DEPARTMENT” where they take care of insurance billing and what not.

I’ll bet there’s not many of you who have ever had a medication that had an entire department dedicated to it.

After finding out about LupronLand and realizing that a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR SHOT was not going to make me rich, skinny or beautiful I did what any emotional eater would do.

I got creative.

the ultimate sandwich for emotional eaters.

That right there is a grilled peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow sandwich. And it was my lunch.

Before visiting LupronLand I have one minor thing to get out of the way. I’ll will be referring to it as “that thing in Chicago” so as not to bother those who are unable to make it to “that thing in Chicago.”

I'll have the cleanest uterus at BlogHer '09

As of this moment Canada will not let Mr. Lady leave (for those of you who don’t know, I am considered Mr. Lady Light. All the awesome without the swears, body piercings or liquor consumption) And if Canada continues to hold Mr. Lady hostage I will be filling in as moderator at the “PatientBloggers – You Are Not Your Disease, You Just Blog About It” panel at “that thing in Chicago.” I’ll be sharing the stage with three lovelies in the blogging world, Loolwa, Kerri and Jenni. If you’ll be at “that thing in Chicago” it will be the third session on Friday from 2:45-4:00 pm.

Mr. Lady hand picked me to fill in for her in case she couldn’t make it. At first I though that I would never fit on a panel about illness blogging. (Unless the illness was an intense addiction to SYTCYD.) But then I realized I write about my personal health a lot on here. Depression. Infertility. RAINBOWS GALORE MOST DAYS.

It wasn’t until I was recovering from my surgery a few weeks ago that I went through and tagged all of my infertility posts as such.

I write about my bunk lady parts a lot. Like a lot a lot. Thanks for coming back despite the fact.

I figured the least I could do to thank you for all of your support and patience with me and my uterus I’d introduce you to the little wench organ. (I’m inserting it small. As a favor to you eating your grilled peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow sandwiches. If you really want to see her? CLICK IT! IT EVEN HAS WITTY COMMENTARY FROM YOURS TRULY!)


So yes. There it is.

Let’s run down the optimistic list of why it is awesome to be infertile.

  • I get to have pictures of my uterus.
  • I get to have x-ray pictures of my uterus.
  • We don’t have to use condoms.
  • DRGGZ!
  • I get to have shots that cost more per ounce than liquid gold.
  • Itchy glued on scabs. (seriously? The glue they used to glue me shut with over three weeks ago? WILL NOT COME OFF.)


Now if you’ll excuse me. There is a grilled peanut butter sandwich calling my name…

OH! And I got my hairs painted!

my new color job. (and cut, but whatever LOOK AT THE COLOR!)

Okay. Sandwich. BAI!

(Oh, P.S. Will you be at “that thing in Chicago?” Tell me if you are! Or just, uh, tell me what you had for breakfast if you won’t be able to be there. *ahem*)


  1. @Kendra, There’s times I almost feel bad that my insurance doesn’t make me pay a little more. But this? This is ridiculous.
    So glad you had good insurance when going through something like that. SO GLAD.

  2. @the planet of janet, Gold was a lot more plentiful too. Do you feel cheated that you didn’t get to run around claiming you had just shot thousands of dollars into yourself?

  3. @susie, Whats funny is that is probably the most expensive photo I have of anything in or on me ever.

  4. @Lisa in TX, I love days like that. Like today I’m pretty sure I had a spoonful of ice cream.

  5. @Ohh Betsy!, YES! It shall be your legacy. But it should read more like “I survived four year old girl drama for four days.”
    People will throw their panties at you.

  6. @Jerri Ann, I’m considering putting the shots off until winter for that reason alone.

  7. @Della, I’m Diet Redneck Mommy. Without the smoking habit.

  8. @Meaghan, Girl after my own heart. One less dish to do.

  9. @Indytina, OOH, racecars. The only thing the moosh remembers about race cars?
    How many boys didn’t have shirts on.

  10. @Amber Warren, OMG THAT SANDWICH! (dinner tonight!)
    And yes. I’m giving Obama VERY SERIOUS EYES from Indiana.

  11. @The Tutugirl, Sushi is never a good leftover.
    Now Mexican food? May be even better as leftovers.

  12. i won’t be at that “thing” this year but i did eat a crap load of bacon today.

  13. I’ll be at that thing in Chicago, and thankfully I won’t be the blubbering idiot who bawled her eyes out at the infertility panel. Somehow I manage to get pregnant. Now I’ll be bawling my eyes out because I have no flattering clothes to wear.

    I totally understand your infertility troubles, as I’ve experienced a few of my own. I never had Lupron, and seriously? I probably could never afford it.

    Ooh. Peanut butter sounds really good right now.

  14. I will be there. But I refuse to take a picture of your uterus with the Red Stapler.

  15. Try shea butter on your glue. I had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago and they glued me shut. A few rubbings of shea butter and my incisions are nice and soft.

  16. You know what could have been even better…if you would have used Nutella for the samich. Yeah, you agree. And as for the ridiculously priced shot, um please think of all the clothing/shoes/handbags/a vacation you could spend that on…enough said.

  17. Perhaps if your insurance will cover that, it’ll buy you a new house, and a car and maybe a very large designer wardrobe as well.

  18. Do you mean “that thing in Chicago” isn’t OVER yet? Good grief, it feels like people have been talking about it forever!!

    No, I will not be at that “thing,” and I probably won’t be having breakfast now, thanks to that picture (your innards, not your hair – the latter is very pretty!). This post should have come with a warning about that. 😉 (kidding…)

  19. LUPRON? *shudder*
    I didn’t take the Lupron they prescibed. I still have the presciption in my purse as a reminder. The doc told me, “Give this to your pharmacy. They will not fill it. When they tell you that, have them call me.”
    I’ve already got the Crazy and I know the Crazy can get worse on Lupron. I don’t need worser Crazy.
    I hope like mad that this is what you need to get knocked up! Get that Endo outta there!
    BTW: You have a pretty uterus and I’m not a stalker.

  20. Your hair looks very pretty.

    Oh, and when my brother was receiving his cancer treatment, he had a shot that cost $30,000 and 10K of it was for a specialty syringe. They had to take him to an underground area and the tech wore a hazmat suit. Good grief, right? God is good-baby bro is healthy. 🙂

  21. that sandwich had me laughing aloud.

    *beings rummaging through cupboards looking for marshmallows…*

  22. Yup, I’ll be at “that thing” in chicago.

    And HOLY MOLY, I had no idea Lupron was so expensive. My sister was on it for a few months (I can’t remember the specifics) – but wow. Wow. Wow. Pricy stuff.

  23. Your sandwich looks incredible! The uterus? Not so much. It did look clean though. heh!

    See you at the thing in chicago!

  24. Holy balls, Batman. That damned shot better MAKE YOU that PBC&M sandwich! (And here I’m only paying $60 for chlomid from the UK.)

    Will see you at that thing in Chicago – maybe this time I won’t be such a spaz as to interrupt you mid-conversation. 😉

  25. Amy in StL says:

    Wow, and I freak out when they give me pills that cost over $10 per day. Oh, I had a Clif bar for breakfast. Like I do every single weekday.

  26. Wow – I miss you soo much! I didn’t know there’s three new pregos. But hey, you’ll be the new one someday! I killed my phone on a walk in the rain the other day….so could you give a call sometime on you house and cell so I have your numbers and I also need your email so I can send the promised pony pics. Sorry Mooshie moosh! Love ya! I am sorry this is a tacky way to chat….it’s me, I am full of tacky.

  27. I firmly believe Lupron is the spawn of Satan. I went on it for a year. While in high school. Had hot flashes. Gained 40 pounds in 2 months. And I was 16. Best of luck.

  28. I’ll be there. I look forward to meeting you and your uterus.

  29. Will not be at that thing in Chicago. Maybe next year…’course I said that last year.

    Aanyhoo, I think you may have accidentally turned your site pornographic. Because if you think about it, that open space kinda underneath your uterus…well wouldn’t that be leading to your vaginer.
    ‘Just sayin

  30. That sandwich looks freaking delicious!

  31. You don’t really want to hear what I had for breakfast… Do you?

  32. Your uterus picture is so cool! My doctor showed me my placenta after delivery and explained where baby was and how it attached to my body. It was so cool.

    Amazing sandwich!

  33. Thank you for being part of a great panel! (I was the shy one in the front row.)


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