I promise when this happened I wasn’t reading any sort of bloggish thing online.*
Mascara IV
*this is a total lie.
Mascara IIIMascara IIMascara IA Clockwork Moosh
I was cured all right. -Alex de Large


  1. She is SO cute! Stratton would be so jealous of that tongue of hers…..the poor kid is tongue tied…..that’s a talent he will never posess…..*sniff….

  2. Oh.My.God! How histerical! The whole thing is funny… but that tongue! Where did she get that tongue? The second picture is just too sweet…and that last picture kinda creeps me out. hahaha

  3. classic. Totally love this. So forkin’ funny.

  4. Alas, that tounge is all mine. All mine.

  5. Gene Simmons, eat your heart out.

  6. That’s one impressive tongue!

    Dang kids are always getting in the way of blog related activities…

  7. holy cow…that is the craziest tongue on a little kid i’ve ever seen. quite impressive actually.

  8. Oh my gosh!! These are the BEST pictures ever. Save them for blackmail in high school or for the wedding slide show. ADORABLE.

  9. Whatta tongue! holy cow! And those lashes! I swear, she’s busting out the haute couture at a young age, those lashes will be seen all over the runways next season!

  10. That tongue is cwazy.

  11. Holy crap! That’s some crazy tongue action. And I love The Clockwork Orange. I say we make a remake starring the Moosh. Too cute.

  12. love the mascara. the tongue made me jump a little bit and pee my pants… yet again. maybe all i need to go into labor is to see shocking pics of baby tongues???

  13. That is too funny. How did she do that?

    The tongue picture cracked me up…out loud!!!

  14. OMG, she applies mascara like I do!

    (Great photos!)

  15. this is a riot.

  16. Too frickin’ ADORABLE!!! Gene Simmons has nothing on her!!! Love….love….love the photos!!!

  17. Wow. The tongue, the comparison to A Clockwork Orange, all of it. Wow.

  18. Lindsey says:

    That is hilarious. Very Very funny and creative.

  19. She is so proud of herself! What a character!


    Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious.

  21. That curly hair is ADORABLE! 🙂

  22. I shuddered a bit when I saw this because I got my first questions about mascara when I applied it this morning. I may be doing a similar post soon if I’m not careful.

    My father-in-law (a stylist) once remarked to me that the chunky mascara thing was in this year as if he thought that I was ahead of my time rather than totally inept at applying the stuff. But if I looked that cute in it, I might just do it on purpose.

  23. Dude, this is killing me.

    I can only imagine what would happen to my kid’s crazy lashes if he got into my mascara.

  24. holy hemorrhoids! that child has a lizard tongue! geeze…i only thought mine was long!

  25. I need you…I am in the abyss…I am struggling to find my way out! Sorry I haven’t been here the past week…life has sucked…what can you do? I love, love, love the new site. Totally hip and cool, just like you! Oh an I shared this post with a boy at school, we died of laughter and peed a little. I forget about her tongue…you are just overly creative madaam, just more reason for me to love you!

  26. ah! So cute!

  27. HAHAHAHAHA. She is so freaking cute!! Mommy’s Makeup drawer is the first place I’d go if Mommy was reading blogs, too!! hahah.

  28. That is hilarious!

  29. I took a break from packing and saw this entry — had to comment. That is really, really, really funny. Good of you to blog it out instead of timeout etc. Hardyharhar.

  30. The last shot? The one alongside the Clockwork Orange picture? HILARIOUS. (Hi, by the way.)

  31. If her tongue come from you, you totally need to dress up as Gene Simmons for Halloween!!

  32. She is the cutest thing ever!

  33. i bet she was surprised and thrilled that you wanted her to pose for pix instead of go to her room for punishment. of course, she doesn’t realize that in 15 years these pix WILL be punishment.

    very cute.

  34. Holy Gene Simmons!


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