So maybe you heard about what happened at the Indiana State Fair tonight (last night.)

Many of you thought of me when you heard the news.

Long story short, a concert stage collapsed from severe weather killing at least four and injuring dozens if not hundreds of others.

I found out about it through twitter.

Same place I found out about Osama, Obama and Michael Jackson.

Some people take to tweeting and retweeting to spread the news. Or get news. Or get attention. Or work through their own emotions. Everyone is so different in the face of tragedy.

I have no real ties to what happened tonight (at least none that I know of) aside from the fact that I love this city, I love the Indiana State Fair and I was at that very venue this time two years ago when a miracle happened.

So maybe those are real ties.

I sort of feel like someone hurt my dog. Something I love so much has been damaged.

I never know how to react when stuff like this happens. Just like I didn’t know what to do or how to feel when a gunman went into the mall that I grew up with and later worked in and shot innocent people.

I can’t make any of it about me. My world will go on tomorrow.

But it has changed for so many people.


I’m not sure how to handle such a thing, aside from prayers. Those I am very good at.

I am also very good at eating my emotions.

That pint of peanut butter and chocolate Häagen-Dazs never stood a chance once I saw what had happened.

It was gone in under 15 minutes.

Indiana is an amazing state. Full of amazing people.

This state has welcomed me and taken such good care of me. I hope I have made it proud.

It is my home.

It holds my heart.

And right now a lot of hearts are hurting here.

But I know we’ll take care of each other.

It’s what we do.

Indiana State Fair 2010 (yay!)