This is one of those posts like the recap episodes in sitcoms, they just brush over all the funny parts of the episodes you’ve already seen either because the writers are all sick and tired of writing funny crap or because they honestly have nothing left to write.

In my case? I have a whole mess of crap I need to cover and rather than dedicating entire posts to each I’m just going to make the dreaded list and hope that maybe you can help me out.

1. I’m a finalist in a video contest with my friend Adam where the prize is $5K, if we were to win we’d split the money 50/50 and we’d each donate some to a charity of our choice, in my case it’s Friends of Maddie. Because hello? It’s Maddie. All it takes is one click to vote, ours is called “Chicken Sandwich.” Much obliged.

2. If you could tell the people within shouting distance of you to vote for our video as well your eyesight will improve and your hair will become shinier. (Okay, so maybe not, but it would be much appreciated.)

3. Blog Indiana is coming up again in August and I’m in the running to present on two panels. But only if they get enough votes, right now the boys and their “MAKE MILLIONS WITH BLOGGING” panels are kicking my trash. My first panel is about “Tastefully Selling Yourself Online” and my second panel is about “Pictures of you and of Other Stuff.” Each one takes only one click to vote (you do have to sign in with your twitter account…just a way to make sure there’s no shady business.) That being said, if you’re anywhere in the area you should really come to the conference, this is it’s third year and the people who present are brilliant.

4. The Casual Blogger Conference. It’s in Utah at the end of May and the ladies behind it have asked me to come speak on blogging about/with/through depression. It will hopefully be the antithesis of depressing, but this is obviously something I feel very strongly about and I think this conference will be the perfect place to give that ol’ rat terd depression a voice of understanding. If you can make it? You should.

5. Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion. HATE the commercials (tiny people in spandex between the layers of my skin?) love the lotion. (not sponsored.)

6. March for Maddie. The Indianapolis March of Dimes walk is coming up on April 25th. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our team (Hoosier Favorite Preemie?) and donate. Sign up or donate here. I’d be more than happy to have you wander around downtown with me in honor of Maddie.

7. Did you know I work for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitor’s Association? I do. And I love it. I know I know. “BUT CASEY! YOU HATE INDIANA!” I did, but somewhere in the last four years I fell in love with this stupid flat state and it’s Midwestern charm. And once I did? I never looked back. I write about stuff to do with little kids, but I share the Indy love with single guys, married guys, single girls and married girls. We know our stuff, and we love this city.

8. After my post last night I went back through my archives a bit, you know, the stuff I’ve written for Addie. I couldn’t be happier with the words I’m leaving behind for that little kid. Someone linked this article in the NYT in the comments of my last post saying it reminded them of my blog. I sobbed through it. It’s beautiful.

9. This article in the Dallas Observer about Mom Bloggers. Brilliant. Hysterical. I literally kissed my screen.

10. Quinoa is tasty (gluten free!), but when it’s cooked it looks like teeny tiny little condoms.

11. I asked twitter if there’s anything they wanted me to include here. Katie and Julie would like you to know that tights are not pants. My favorite Klingon Translator on Twitter would like you to all buy a Palm Pre or Palm Pre Plus. And TechBurgh would like you to know about and this book about a little quail. (Which I am so painfully puzzled by and yet the randomness of it is just delicious.) Lastly, an adoption raffle to help a family get a baby. Adoptions are expensive, but totally worth it, ask anyone who’s ever been a part of one.

Have a wonderful weekend all you sweet people out there in the world. I know we’ll be having one here.



  1. I tried twittering you but it bounced back :(. I need to get the word out about my adoption raffle Was hoping you could include that.


  2. sighing

  3. I tweeted about the video contest BEFORE I even saw how awesome my hair is going to be tomorrow. If they ask who does my hair, I’m just gonna say “mooshinindy.”

    So if you book a lot of hairstyling appointments… I expect a commission. You’re welcome.

  4. I’ll be marching for Maddie too, but in Los Angeles. I couldn’t be happier to support something so near and dear to my heart and yours and so much of this wide internet.

    And for the record, while I march, I will not be wearing tights. Because they’re not pants.

  5. Oh man that column is amazing! What an experiance to go through. I really would love to do something similar with my daughter.

  6. Hey now! The southern part of the state isn’t flat– it hosts the Hilly Hundred! Had to come out of lurkdom to advocate for my favorite third of Indiana 🙂

    Kim Reply:

    @Kayla, are you from Southern Indiana? I’m from Louisville! Anyway. 🙂 Just thought I’d say hi!

  7. Oh how I adore you and your blog! This smattering of things is so much fun! I’m headed to vote for your video because I NEED fabulous hair! I so wish I could march for Maddie with you, hopefully, I can find a walk near me this year :).

    Oh and happy birthday to the moosh! She’ll be thrilled with all you’ve wrote of her!

  8. I voted (and voted and voted). And A- to the MEN that tights are not pants! (And leggings aren’t either. Cover your heiny people!)

  9. We definitely agree that tights are not pants.

  10. LOL “looks like teeny tiny condoms” I’ll never looks at Keenwa the same

  11. Any idea if Blog Indiana heard our outcries from last year over the price of the conference? I didn’t find any info on their website.

  12. Who’s this Adam guy? He seems pretty awesome.

  13. Your comment about Quinoa totally cracked me up, because it’s true! Also for years I thought it was pronounced Kwin-oh-ah until I heard my sister say it.

    Loved that article in the NYT about the dad and daughter reading, what a wonderful tradition!

  14. Quinoa TOTALLY looks like condoms!!! I’ve thought that ever since I started eating it!! LOL


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