Today the Internet is supposed to blackout to protest! boycott! STICK IT TO THE MAN! in regards to SOPA.

But I can’t blackout today, too many of you are hurting (and truth be told if I blacked out the chances of you ever seeing me again would be super slim, technological I am not.)

Divorce, depression, difficult life situations, abusive partners, unfaithful spouses, strong willed children, infertility…while I can’t fix how broken you feel, I can say that I have survived many of the things you are dealing with.

I am still here.

Stronger than I have ever been.

Perhaps by not blacking out I’m saying in my own way why SOPA needs to make like a tree and leave, we need each other. Forget movies studios and wealthy musicians, regular everyday people like me need regular everyday people like you to go through the messy stuff together, even if it’s just through words typed out on a screen.

I fell down, you caught me and waited for me to stand up again.

Now that you’re down I can’t forget how much you supported me.

While I can’t do much, I can do what you did for me.

You can make it out of the other side of this. You will make it out of the other side of this. Perhaps a little more battle weary than you’d prefer and with a few more scars…but you will get stronger, perhaps not today, but eventually.

You are stronger than anything broken inside you.

Please take care of each other.


Not to downplay the severity of this particular topic, I close with a humorous picture of my chubby naked baby.

you don't SAY...

I figure if she makes me happy, she’ll probably do the same for you.



  1. You are a breath of fresh, supportive, amazing air.

    And that photo is phenomenal.

    (My Vivi turns one in 6 days. omg.)

  2. Best picture ever! I smiled for sure!

  3. Dude, you’re so right. Feeling happier already.

  4. I loves you 😉

    nate saw that pic on FB and told me that someday, we must go see you as a family. He wants to meet the woman who is so wonderful with her images 😉 <3 LOVE that pic of her

  5. OMG…

  6. Yep. That’s a smiler. Thanks!

  7. Oh Vivi, that is just what I needed. You are too awesome for words!

  8. Oh Miss Vivi, if only you knew how much your chub makes us all smile.

  9. I have been reading your blog for some time but have never commented before, but I have to say your baby girl always makes me smile, and your stories about your daughters has me thinking about having a second. They are so lovely.

  10. That is the best naked baby striking a GQ pose I have ever seen. EVER. She’s the best (and so are you.)

  11. I love this and the piece it linked too. I think our voices and our strength and our weaknesses connect us in ways no one could have imagined. The Internet can save people.

  12. Great post! 🙂

  13. That’s one of her cutest photos yet. You (and your girls) give me hope on hard days. I’m glad you’re here.

    ps. I’m with you on the blackout. If I did it? I’d never get my site back. Hi Internet illiterate.

  14. I love this…but now I’m upset because I need a chubby baby. 😉 xo

  15. So beautifully and powerfully written – thank you!

    You are precious and wonderous and may life fill you with infinite blessings — to you and to us all!

  16. Yes. Yes. And yes.

    And a big ol’ yes to adorable chubby baby photos bringing a smile to my face on this frigid day.

  17. It looks like she JUST realized she has no clothes on – and she’s shocked.

  18. Yes. Yes, she does.

  19. I’d say stop with the adorable baby pictures, you’re killing me but then that would imply that I really wanted you to stop. Which I do not.

  20. Oh my goodness that photo is amazing. I’ve been struggling, yes, but I’m figuring it out instead of coasting (or treading)… it feels good to face it.


  21. Thanks. I needed this today.

  22. I completely agree that we need this community of each other to lean on. Sometimes the anonymity of it is a very welcome addition.

    I’m so glad that you’re so strong, plus you need to be to carry around that adorable chunk of a baby.

  23. love. just love.

  24. She does. And she looks more like you here. even though shes a mini cody, something is Caseyish about this photo.

  25. I die at that picture! So funny and adorable!