I haven’t seen the sun for five days.

It is currently rainy and cold, my dishwasher is broken and my house is in total upheaval from my recent return from Canada.

My baby is sick, the bigger one is getting sick and I have a canker the size of Siberia.

I am very busy with all the responsibilities I have taken on in writing, photography and promotion.

Looking around it would be very easy to become overwhelmed and crash.


But there’s this little flutter inside of me that hasn’t let me crash. That won’t let me crash.

To-Do lists are overwhelming. But they can be pecked away at slowly and methodically.

Some things are more important than to-do lists.

Baby snuggles, games of Candyland, family dinners.

I am currently walking the highest, thinnest tightrope of responsibility I have ever walked.

But I have never felt more balanced.

(Then again, check back in 24 hours. I may very well be huddled up and crying in a corner, let’s be honest.)

How have you been handling the weather change?



  1. So far….not handling it well. Yesterday was awful. I had grand intentions of getting up and doing stuff and then the rain just kept coming and I kept watching trashy shows on Netflix and not getting anything done. Today will be better even though I feel like I’m drowning.

    Casey Reply:

    @Senora H-B, Boo. I’m so sorry. But then again, Some days I’m grateful trashy TV is available on Netflix whenever I command it be so.

  2. This is my first fall in Indy and all I can say is yuck. I miss the falls of the south already. Warm, sunny days with pretty colors everywhere you look.

    Casey Reply:

    @Christine, Yeah. It’s not going to get much better until May. Sorry about that.

    CaySedai Reply:

    @Casey, But then, there are also days when the snow forms a perfect crust glittering like diamonds, days when frost forms beautiful patterns on the windows, or days when a sudden warm spell early in the morning causes fog, accompanied by hoarfrost coating everything and it looks like a fairy wonderland.

  3. Pretty good. I actually love fall, rainy weather, and to be honest with two older daughters, two little ones, and my mother moving in, there is no time to feel low-spirited. I give thanks to God for the strength to be strong, and not let things get too overwhelmed for me. I have my days, but luckily I snap out of any kind of glum. I hope that you do too. Love to the kiddos,say hi to Cody and I hope the babies feel better. XOXO

    Casey Reply:

    @Rose, I have a hard time believing glum could ever be in a list of adjectives that describe you. 🙂

  4. It’s getting me down! My washer won’t drain well, the refrigerator broke, and money is tight but I’m hanging in there because I know it’s out of my control. Blessings to you and your kiddoes!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen, Isn’t it unfortunate that everything breaks at once? Yeesh. Blessings right back at’cha.

  5. Jessica V. says:

    I usually love fall, but I am just NOT feeling it this year.I worry about my brain chemicals for this winter. Indy is so cold and rainy today, I am at work and the bottom of my pants are wet and I just sat on my leg and now my butt is wet too. I pray that your brain continues to behave as you continue with your many responsibilites. Because I like you : )

    Casey Reply:

    At least we know that in Indy we are not alone in our misery or wet pants/butts.

  6. Its great to hear you’re doing well with the weather.

    I’m lucky in the weather department, its not quite winter or even fall in Texas yet.

    Casey Reply:

    @Bethany, So far so good. But I’ve got until May to survive. Maybe I’ll run away to Texas in January.

  7. Well, I made a ginormous pot of chili. Then I buttered some bread and ate it all. Then I got out the biggest fleece thing I could find and put it on along with my heavy socks. It is dreary right now here in Indy, but I HATED that heat wave this summer, so no complaints from me. Yet.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ronda, I just made an enormous pot of corn chowder, plan on buttering copious amounts of bread and I busted out the wool socks.

  8. Yesterday was actually gorgeous and it temporarily lifted me, but today we’re back to the everyday gray and rainys and I’ve crashed right back down. It’s only October and there are one, two, a million more days left until the sun shines on the regular. I think I need to dig out the light box. Sighs.

    Casey Reply:

    @Joules, Whenever the sun shines in the winter I smash my face against the window until every last ray is gone.

  9. Now, I wouldn’t offer this to just anybody, but if you would like some cleaning help or house help in general let me know. Hadley and I would totally be up for a (rather) short road trip! Besides, clean is overrated. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Mary, I would just want to sit around and hang out with you. Which means just as much to me. 🙂

  10. You mentioned in one of your posts about using a full spectrum/sunlight lamp in the winter. Do you still use it? Does it help? What brand is it? I recently moved to Chicago from Florida and this will be my first winter in 13 years. I love the sun.

    Casey Reply:

    @Amy, It is a NatureBright SunTouch lamp from Amazon. I use it every morning during the winter for a half an hour.

    Worth every penny.

  11. The weather change has been hard on me. The fatigue is ridiculous and my brain just will NOT kick into gear. And besides that, I found out that I’m practically allergic to everything in my life.

    So, not so good around here, but I do enjoy the changing colors. :O)

    Casey Reply:

    @Nancy, Oh man. Allergies blow. Are they food or indoor related?
    I’m not one to hand out advice unsolicited but I just started taking an Omega 3.6.9 supplement and feel so much better than I *should* be feeling. (Along with my sad lamp as well.)
    Be well my lovely.

    Nancy Reply:

    @Casey, Mine are environmental: dogs, cats, dust, weeds, etc… basically everything that comes with living in the country.

    I thought they were going to test for food allergies too, but I had such severe reactions to the environmental stuff that they didn’t want to do food on the same visit. I’ve been taking a bunch of Fish Oil (isn’t that Omega 3?), but not a combo like you mentioned.

    Let me know what kind of sad lamp you have. There are so many different price ranges, I’m not sure if the cheaper ones are junk or if they get the job done too.

    Casey Reply:

    @Nancy, I have a NatureBright SunTouch lamp from Amazon, it’s currently about $88…I’d look at how much light it puts out. Mine is 10,000 lumens I think.

    Omega 3 is good no matter what, but the omega 6 and 9 help with mood as well. The brand I get is Nordic Naturals. (also on amazon)

  12. Love your tiara!

    Weather – well we went from mid 20’s to 30’s to supposedly back to 18 tomorrow. Gotta love Spring! (since the world is tilting in my favour now) 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, I had my hair done SUPER fancy, it called for a tiara, even if I was in jammies.
    You must be talking in Celsius…because those temperatures hurt my Fahrenheit bones. 😉

  13. It was 80 degrees a week ago and now this? I need a more gradual step-off, my woolens are not unpacked yet.

    Casey Reply:


    Oh my love for you just grew stronger.

  14. Me? Not so good. I’m going to the doctor to make him fix it. Thanks for sharing, because I know that brighter days are ahead.

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, I passed out the unsolicited advice to someone else earlier. I take drugs…use my SAD lamp every morning and take a super refined Omega 3.6.9 supplement that seems to have helped tremendously.
    Best wishes to you darling.

  15. I really really appreciated this post. As a kid in college we’re getting to about the halfway point in the semester. The ****ty part of the semester when you realize you’ve blown almost all your gas and you’re gonna be running on fumes until Christmas. It also happens to be the time when professors start assigning the big projects. The to-do lists sometimes make me feel physically ill, but- you’re right- all I can do is keep pecking away. And there are things that are more important. Sometimes it’s better to take a day off and take my nieces out on to the pumpkin patch to run about, go on hayrides and eat doughnuts until they fall into a sugar coma. All the while my poor sister gets to nap and spend time with her hubby, and I get to soak up the joy my nieces give me.

    So, to sum it up, thank you. Thanks very much for reminding me how important it is to just keep pushing.

    Casey Reply:

    @Nicole, First of all, your sister is so in love with you. That joy will come back to you ten fold.
    Second of all…best wishes on making it through to Christmas. It has to be the little things that pull us through and keep us going.

    peck peck peck.


  16. It has SERIOUSLY not stopped raining since Tuesday and if it’s still raining your way that means its just headed my way…. banging head on desk.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jamie, Yeah. Sorry about that.

  17. Worst fall ever. I will need a tropical vacation by February. Anybody want to fund it?