vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

vivi's smash cake

So Vivi doesn’t really like cake. Or balloons.

But she ate enough Mexican food at lunch to convince me that she is in fact my daughter.

She had a wonderfully simple birthday.

Her friends sang her Happy Birthday, something Addie has always hated.

One Year. Hated Cupcakes.

Vivi seemed pretty thrilled with the whole idea.

Vivi liked having Happy Birthday sung to her today.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. One day I’ll be able share with her how many people have loved her since before she was even born.

Cake from 111 Cakery, inspired by Sweetapolita. White dress from Target, floral jumper from Paulina Quintana via Zulily.


  1. Your daughters are such beauties.

  2. Gotta say chica, you sure do make the most beautiful babies!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love the smooshing of the cake. She looked like she enjoyed doing that! Glad she had a great birthday. And yet another reminder that your two girls are both part of you, both beautiful in their ways, and yet so different. 🙂

  4. Her feet in these pictures are just about the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. What a doll.

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Vivi!!

    That cake looks scrumptious, and now I have a 7 am cake craving.

  6. Happy Birthday pretty girl! So honored to be able to sing to you last night!

  7. happy birthday, Vivi!

  8. Awesome.

  9. Awe! Beautiful!

  10. Chrysta says:

    Oh those little curled-up toes!!!

  11. I understand I’m not a fan of cake myself, but balloons. Balloons I love. My family always buys me balloons for my birthday!

  12. AmandaV says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! I’m not sure what I love more…the way her little toes are curled up under her cute little dress or the picture where Addie is feeding her cake!!! Love then all!!!

  13. Your floors are so clean! I almost don’t trust you now. Nobody has floors that shiny. Great, great pics! And even if she didn’t love the cake, she was still a beautiful model. Obviously she had her priorities straight.

  14. Here after reading your post over at Babble in the Dadding section. Sweet. The cake. The kids. The fun.

    I have a lovely picture of my oldest daughter, now 14, on her first birthday or thereabouts tearing into a bowl of spaghetti. Sauce everywhere. It is still one of my favorite pictures ever . . .

  15. What a perfect smash. Happy Birthday. xo

  16. Perfect. Happy Birthday Vivi!


    I need to borrow someone’s baby and smash a cake.

  18. charlene says:

    beautiful and I love Vivi feet in the 4th pick.

  19. I love the icing on those little toes!!

  20. I remember when Vivi was the most awaited arrival on the internet, way before FB stock, or the final Harry Potter movie.
    How did she get to be a year old? Even though we have watched her grow on your blog… how did this happen?
    And really Casey, you and Cody make the most beautiful girls I’ve seen (next to mine, of course, but mine are teenagers and their attitudes are cute anymore).

  21. Beautiful kiddos and what gorgeous pictures!! LOVE the one where she’s looking up (#3).

  22. I don’t think we’ll be doing this at my nephew’s first birthday unless we do it outside 🙂 It’s all beautiful though of course! Happy Birthday, Vivi!

  23. Aww! Happy Belated, Vivi and congrats on one year, mama!

  24. Oh my is her birthday May 4th? Cause that’s my little girl’s birthday too, she also just turned a year! Gorgeous photos!

  25. I believe that forever and always Vivi’s little curled toes will be my favorite curled toes. They just curl all the way through her feet.