Does one really need a tablet? I begged and begged for one as a birthday/mother’s day/ push present (seeing as they were all within two weeks of each other I didn’t feel bad asking) and when Cody actually obliged? I suddenly felt guilty. I really only wanted the thing to play Angry Birds bigger than what my phone was capable of allowing. I had him return it and never looked back.

So when the opportunity came up with Verizon to review the Motorola Xoom tablet I figured it was my chance to see what I had missed out on by passing up on my other tablet.

Turns out? I still really only use the thing to play Angry Birds (IT’S SO BIG AND HD!) I occasionally take it out with me when I know I’m going to need something more substantial than a phone.


You know who uses the thing DAILY for a dozen different things? Cody, the sports nut lawyer.

Since it isn’t an iOS he can use it to check into work remotely. He takes it to board meetings to play sudoku track minutes, keep track of schedules and contacts. He takes it to church every Sunday to organize his lessons in Evernote and schedule for the week. At the end of the day? He sits on the couch and keeps up with a dozen different NFL and college football games with a bevy of sports related apps and live updating/streaming sports things with a lot of red and black and ESPN *DU DU DU* (That’s the SportsCenter theme, are you familiar?) He also tweets like a crazy man from it (All sports stuff. Very boring, I understand none of it.)

I still stand firm that a tablet is worth it for Angry Birds alone.

Die cheeky pigs, DIE.

A special thanks to Verizon for providing me with a Motorola Xoom Tablet and 4GLTE service to facilitate my review and world pig domination.