Some of you may fondly remember my original freak out about redirecting the bodily fluids of the small person in my life into the appropriate vessel of defecation. I’m sorry to say that the only cold turkey that was found twenty four hours later was the cold cuts in the fridge. I gave up when the score at the end of day two looked something like this:

Potty: 1

Floor: 9


I gave up, decided there’s worse things in life than having a three year old in diapers and went along my merry way. I went to Costco to stock up on more diapers when the Pull-Ups started whispering sweet nothings to me. Now I know there’s at least one of you *tsk tsking* me for even considering Pull-Ups. So many moms think they are the tools of the devil.

Well, I say nay, because I slapped one of those princess encrusted Pull-Ups on the moosh as soon as we walked in the door and she didn’t pee in a SINGLE ONE OF THEM. OR POOP.

So there, ha.

All bodily fluids made it into the toilet.


I had this whole post in my head about Pull-Ups saving my sanity and WHO’S THE BIG MAMA NOW? I was going to glory in the seeming impossibility that my child was instantly potty trained.

I was going to.

A week after she started using the potty I took this picture:

Puppy Hugs

Shortly afterwards, the moosh jumped from her dresser onto her bed. Nothing out of the ordinary, she’s been doing it for months. Except this time only one foot landed on her bed. Her other foot never landed.

the moosh pad

See that safety bar on her bed?

She racked her girly bits right. on. it.

After she calmed down and I had distracted her from the trauma that is racking your girly bits, she headed in to pee. Not a good idea. The screaming, OH, the screaming.

Needless to say my potty trained child was no longer potty trained. Just the mention of the word sent her into hysterics. She wouldn’t go near the bathroom. No amount of promises or bribes would get her to consider even sitting on the toilet. She thought it was the toilet that had hurt her. Not a result of her fall.

Can’t blame her really.

And here is where I admit my faults. After three days I got frustrated, I got mean. She should believe me if I told her it wasn’t going to hurt. It wasn’t the potty that hurt her. It was her fall, and she was fine (she really was, only a bruise). But she refused, insisted on diapers.

I should have given up.

But I couldn’t give in, I couldn’t let her win. PRINCIPLE! PRINCIPLE I SAY!

We both worked ourselves up into such an angry tizzy that we had to go in our rooms and decompress for at least an hour. The whole time I was thinking “Hello? Casey? You’re the grownup, GROW THE HELL UP.”

So I gave up. Diapers it was. If it was going to be diapers until first grade then so be it. It was up to her. Not me.

That was a three days ago. I haven’t even worried my head about it since then.

And you know what?

She just used the potty. All by herself.

I really need to find more constructive things to freak out about.


  1. OUCH!!! Poor baby! I am glad she found the power to go back to the potty on her own!
    On another note…that giant puppy is AWE-SOME!

    Clink’s last blog post..Tis’ the season

  2. Ouch. Is it odd that I was thinking just the other day when I hurt my girly bits to pieces? I was in the third grade and WHACKED it on the tricky bars. I never knew such horror. Guys think they have it bad?! Whatever.

    I am glad she was okay, and you know the pull-up thing? TOTALLY worked for Jothy too, ‘cept it was Woody and Buzz he didn’t want to desicrate. Either way, I think Pull-ups are great, if introduced when your kids is ready. Oh and they are oh so wonderful.

    BTW, if my memory serves me correctly, would you be the one referring me to Dr. Monson? That was your chiro right? Do you have a first name for him? I am in desperate, dire need.

    Love you, sorry I have been out of commish, I need to call you.

    Okay, nuff of a novel. So happy she is catching on…yay moosh.

    Kimmie’s last blog post..Hi.

  3. A great lesson to learn. I freaked out as well when other kids in my daughters class were trained and she wasn’t. We tried pull ups and they didn’t work for us but I know some moms swear by them. In the end it was cold turkey that worked for us but that was after I tried everything else. I refused to believe she wouldn’t go in her underpants – and no way was I cleaning up all that mess! I say they’ll get it when they’re ready. I never knew a kid that wore diapers to kindergarten!

  4. I loved pull ups when I potty trained my daughter, I am not the most patient person and the thought of pee all over my house was gross. It worked fine. Yea for the Moosh. She would get candy at my house for going potty. (Pull ups and bribery I mean rewards, works for ME) Cute dog!!!

  5. You’re such a good mama…

    Meggan’s last blog post..A not so winning combination.

  6. I’m in the freaking out stage right now too. I refused to put another diaper on my son and he threw a complete tantrum. I sent him to his room naked until he was ready to put on underwear. He pooped and peed in them multiple times that day. Then the next day when I mentioned putting on underwear again he said, “I’ll pee in them.” Aaaaarggh! We’re now back to bribery with a potty chart to earn toys and 4 mini M&M’s for individual toilet uses. *sigh*

    Sheyenne’s last blog post..Remember Little Rascals?

  7. Yikes. Poor thing. I don’t blame her for not wanting to go. I too have a three year old in. . .dare I say. . .Pull Ups. They may as well just be glorified diapers because that is what they are. Not working. Haven’t helped. I too have been on the brink of just giving up this week. I can’t stand pee and pooh all over the place. Can’t stand it! I just freak at the thought of it and am overly paranoid that my house just wreaks of the smell. I’ll still looking for the potty training bootcamp. You send them off. . .they come back potty trained. Where can I sign up? 🙂

    Leisha’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

  8. I have no kids yet, but I hear that potty-training is the worst part of it. yikes, I’m already freaking out and I DON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET! I’m clearly going to be a neurotic mess of a parent.

    Janssen’s last blog post..I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

  9. Uugg! Girly bits injuries are not fun. Poor girl. Maybe she preferred the cushioning of pull-ups?
    I’m glad she’s back to her normal potty using self.

    Amy’s last blog post..Hercules

  10. So does this mean we’re just supposed to let them do everything in their own time? Arrrgh. Too. Much. Patience. Required. 🙂
    (And holy ouch, Moosh!!!)

    Must be Motherhood’s last blog post..Forthcoming

  11. Terrorist REFUSES to use the potty at home. She’ll use a public potty (terrific) but insists on wearing diapers. All. The. Time. and will NOT wear a pull up…. ugh! She turned 3 this week so if Moosh decides to revert they can register for college in their diapers together 🙂

  12. omg i cringed just thinking about it. eeek.
    poor baby.

  13. Being the adult sucks. And the patience required for them learning on their own?! Geez, how come no one warned us about that before we had kids??
    Good for her going on her own though. Matt has had a lot of setbacks – more like a rollercoaster with the potty, but I think he’s finally a big boy…now to work on the night time thing…

    pgoodness’s last blog post..With tears and love

  14. ouch.

    keep it up moosh!

    erin’s last blog post..self portraiture.

  15. I remember my middle girl doing the same thing, whacking her girly bits on something and then refusing to pee. She eventually just peed on the floor, screaming the whole time.

    Moosh will get there, don’t worry. It happens.

    deb’s last blog post..How To

  16. Never under estimate the ppower of the Princesses.

    Adrienne’s last blog post..Ignorance

  17. Just reading this made tears come to eyes in remembrance of my own girly bits mashing so long ago. Ouch! Glad she is back on track now.

    dlyn’s last blog post..Playing catch-up

  18. Kid did this, too. I finally gave up and said “I know you can do it when you’re ready” (just like the book said) — and 3 days later she came running out, saying “I’m ready now to be a big girl and wear panties!” And she was.

    Except for when she was mad at me.

    Wendy’s last blog kindergarten issue

  19. I’m wondering which is worse to pick up… toddler poo or skunk poo…

    Reese’s last blog post..Absence Excused?

  20. At some point these posts need to evolve beyond you and to a place where the tone is deeper and far more interesting. I’m bored with the content.

    Plus, this entitlement to slack on parental responsabilities, such as potty training, is troublesome. It is not ok for a 3 yr old to be in diapers and child experts agree. What’s even more distrubing is that you are home with your child full-time and have more time than the average American mother. Maybe less blogging, and more mothering would be good.

  21. yee-ouch. nothing like following a comment like Jane’s. i judge no mother when it comes to toilet training…it’s seriously one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of parenting.

    i’m kind *embarrassingly* all about the bribery. we bribed Isabella with m&ms every time she’d use the toilet. worked like a CHARM.

    don’t worry, Casey, she’ll get there!

    ali’s last blog rejected!

  22. ooops..i mean JOAN’S…

    ali’s last blog rejected!

  23. Aw, poor thing! Ouch!

    Pull-ups worked for us too…even though I was warned against them.

    LifeAsIKnowIt’s last blog post..Boy Play

  24. My 3 1/2 yo is still in diapers. We just started pullups, but with NO change. She acts as if she’s deathly afraid of pooing or peeing in the toilet. She throws the biggest throw-down fits if I even mention the potty or panties.


  25. why is Joan so mean….

    Moosh is doing just fine….in her own time, which will probably be soon…

    emily’s last blog post..Kipiis This! Review and Giveaway…

  26. I was just rereading the comments. Is Joan serious? If she is I think all us mothers should fling poop at her during our loads of free time! Hehe Be productive with our kids accidents!

    emmy’s last blog post..Paper Crimper

  27. Sorry that was mean and graphic.

    emmy’s last blog post..Paper Crimper

  28. Way to go Moosh! When the time is right, they barely need you there!

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

  29. Emmy is absolutely right. I am way out of line. You probably have much more important things to do (in your free time) than teach your child basic developments. Like, say, watch hours of reality television, add to the America’s increasing credit crisis, decide what clothes to wear tomorrow….

    Don’t laugh at the fact that your child, who feed him/herself, dreses him/herself and communicates his/her needs in sentances is pooping in his/her pants. Sitting out the game of potty-training when it gets rough is weak.

    Here are a list of materials for your review (in your priceless freetime).

    Research into the Influence of Potty-Training on Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction, Wilhelmina Bakker

    Kids take longer to Traing; Diaper Business Swells, Jack Neff

  30. Wow. Joan apparently is an angry person who uses HER free time to try to hurt others.

    Don’t take it to heart, Casey.

    Both my boys were past three when they were trained.

    And once they decided they were ready? it happened in one day, and they never have accidents.


    Angella’s last blog post..While You Were Editing

  31. I have nothing witty or wise to add, I just wanted to say that I LOVE that I’m not the only one getting all riled up about potty training. You do it funny style!

  32. Longtime Mom says:

    Website trolls are often teenagers looking to stir up reactions. I think “Joan” may be a high schooler because she has so many spelling errors. That’s usually one sign that the person trolling your website is VERY young. And of course if a person is not a mother (or in this case, an un-potty-trained person) she should not enter the conversation since she has nothing to say.

    Longtime Mom

  33. If I listened to Joan I would feel like a slacker and success story all at once. Especially since one of my twins is trained and the other is not.

    I’m going to wander in circles until I can figure this out.

    In the meantime stick with it Casey…you’re doing a great job.

    Britt’s last blog post..Sigh

  34. “Wow. Joan apparently is an angry person who uses HER free time to try to hurt others.” You said it Angella. I’m guessing she hasn’t been laid in awhile. And how hilarious is it that she’s telling Casey what to put in her blog? If she’s so tired of the content why is she still reading? If she even has kids she probably has to drive a few hours to the federal pen to visit or take care of her 13 year olds baby while she gets a GED.

  35. Let Joan stew on this one for a bit: I have a 7 year old who HAS to revert to pull-ups each and every time she has surgery and is in a spica cast. Hmmm…..maybe Joan has an article to help me with those 6 weeks of pure sweetness? 😉

    Also, Casey, I’ve got to say that using the potty isn’t the end all….I hate having to take my daughter to public potties. Nothing like a bit of nasty…..and trust me, she just has to see them all! Sigh…I miss the days of diapers and pull-ups. Good times. 🙂

  36. Oh my GOD Joan!!! You are such a breath of fresh air! You are the Dr. Phil of the blogging world!! What did we ever do without your valuable advice!??! You rock. Joan for President!!!!

  37. Holy HELL. Joan is a Beep. And why she came back to post a second time blows me away. Like seriously.

    Obviously we can’t fault her too much because she is compensating for something she is falling short on in her life and is taking it out on other people who’s blogs she should just stop reading if they bother her so….wow a run-on sentence if I’ve ever seen one.

    Anyway, children have minds of their own.

    Every mom I know has the same monotonous life. Things don’t really change much. You just deal with what you do and try to do your best. But I’m not seeing where you’re at fault. Especially since well you struggle with a very serious illness and manage to raise a decent kid at the same time.

    Kids should NOT be bent to our will. We should encourage them and teach them. But to some degree we need to let them make choices. Even if they are an inconvenience for us. For you maybe that means she was in diapers for a long time. For me that might be that I let my 23 month old use a binky (its been a traumatic few months for him).

    But seriuosly, if you don’t like a blog all you have to do is close the browser and remove the feed from your reader.

    Angela’s last blog post..My weekend…

  38. Okay havn’t commented in a while but Joan has inspired me.
    Casey, child led potty training is a legitimate form of training just like parent led is. In the second the parent is trained to catch the signs, in the first you just wait for the child to be ready. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have 9 kids and some are trained early and some are trained late….it makes no difference how much time you spend training them if they are not ready then don’t cause them and yourself needless grief.
    Anyone who criticizes a mother with regards to potty training is either not a parent or extremely lacking in perspective.
    BTW, keep on blogging all the details you want to…I love it and I DON’T have free time but manage to find it to read your blog and blog a little myself.

    Kathryn Scheibmeir’s last blog post..Not Much To Blog About

  39. Holy crap Joan. Casey may not want to participate in this, but I do. You clearly have no children based on your comment. You also clearly have more time than the average adult because you have time to tear apart other people’s parenting abilities.

    Nice. You should be proud.

  40. wow.. someone neeeds to be spending THEIR time on being a better person rather than putting others down so much.
    Casey..ignore the comments of the mommy war- monger and realize that your daughter is fine- normal -beyond normal-
    I went through the same issues with my daughtet who wasn’t fully trained (until she was almost 4 (gasp!) and I don’t have a blog even!) and 99% of the people I spoke to about it had the same issues. hang in there!

  41. Confucius says mean people who read many books on potty training waste good education.

    Hey Casey…I just had to run Payton a change of clothes to school because he had a poo poo accident today. TWICE. He’s 7.5. You’re a great mom and so am I!

    (Jane, I double dog dare you)

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..Just Stick a Cup in Your Hoo-Haa Already

  42. Ohhhhh the girly bits. I did that on a fire hydrant once – used it to stand up on to look over a fence and downnnn I went.

    Worst experience of my 8th grade year.

    My son is four and in pullups. We finally made some progress and I was feeling real good about it — then got a note from his preschool teacher. He hadn’t ‘released’ on the potty in days. Wanted to have a chat and see what we could do.


    Just recently he’s started to pull off all his clothes and pullups (padded underwear on the weekends) and streak.

    I hear this is a sign of progress. Pee and poop on the floor. Yup, I’m feeling the progress. 😉

    Genevieve’s last blog post..Good Dog: The Life and Times of Rieker

  43. ((hugs)) Casey.

    I am just catching up on blogs and read all of these comments.

    What a mean person. You are a great mom and I love reading your blog. More hugs to you!

  44. I missed this one – so a little late to the party. Just wanted to add that my kids (the three of the four that are currently potty trained) NONE of them were trained before three.

    There is no conclusive evidence on either side of the argument that timing of toilet habits has a causal or correlative relationship in the future development of the child.

    But uptight, mean moms? HUGE impact on the kid.

    Here’s to potty training sometime before first grade!

    Jen M’s last blog post..Looking For Some Food Porn?

  45. Oh, how I have missed thee, while I was pulling chisel’s out of eyes and learning how to change eye patches….

    I will not comment on your er, commenter’s disrespectful comments. Life’s too short for such.

    But I will share the time I was six and I slipped while riding on the back of a tricycle with my brother and caught the bar in my sensitive girly parts at a rather quick speed.

    I bruised and swelled and refused to go potty for three days (resulting in a bigger problem:UI tract infection) but there was no amount of coercing or threats that was gonna make me go near a toilet.

    Until I felt like I might explode. And my parents did buy me small adult diapers just in case.

    I still remember the pain. Ouch.

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..I’ve Got My Eye on You

  46. Ooh, poor Moosh! I did something similar when I was 3. Some serious damage happened. I understand I was back in diapers for awhile. Perhaps your troll would like to comment on what this must say about me and my mother.

    Honestly, anyone who’s read that much about childhood incontinence and its long term effects must have an 8 or 9 year who still poops his pants.

    Lawyer Mama’s last blog post..Barney Is The Devil

  47. Casey. Sorry I missed this. I would have totally pulled a cyber beat down out of my little pocket here. Alyssa refused to potty. She was three. We had to get her in daycare. I tried. I tried. I tried. (And she never hurt her girly bits). I quit and she went on her own. At 3 1/2. And now that she’s seven, I can say with full assurance that she’s perfectly developing and there are absolutely NO side effects from her being able to SPEAK but not piss in a toilet at three. And….(Wait for it joan…get your experts on the line)…She wore DIAPERS not Pull-ups.

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..Staci

  48. Did my comment disappear???

    Bah. Anyway…if you posted only a picture of yourself every day, I’d still be a faithful reader. Loves.

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..Staci

  49. I have to jump in to say (shaking my virtual fist in Joan’s general direction), that my son just barely trained himself. In four months he will be four years old. You want to school people on their experiences without any knowledge of their personal situations and their children’s unique temperments? Bring it. After 5 separate attempts to potty train my child I threw my hands in the air and decided to wait until he decided to let me know he was ready. And he did. Just this week. He woke up one morning and said he wanted to wear underpants. And he hasn’t had one accident yet. He was ready. He took the lead. And he’s feeling mighty proud of himself right now.

    You go, Moosh. Master the potty on your own time!

    shauna’s last blog post..The Soundtrack of My Life