I love Utah but we will not be moving back. (Sorry parents.)

My sister is still wildly pregnant.



That photo book, it keeps getting bigger each day.


  1. It’s true. Waffles ARE delicious! I agree, Vivi.

  2. Fabulous photo! Mmm…waffles. And I quote Donkey…”And in the mornin’…I’m making waffles!”

  3. Now I want waffles on top of missing you.

    Is it time to come home yet?

  4. There is just something amazing and right about a chunkalicious baby shoving breakfast products in her mouth.

  5. Waffles?! Heck, that baby is delicious! Nom, nom, nom. My baby Hoosier is almost four months old and finally getting her little baby rolls.

  6. Aww, Vivi has always been really cute. And I love the photo with her grandpap. It’s like she doesn’t want to share he waffle! ha, ha.