So some of you have noticed my kid’s tongue.

I’m surprised, it’s not like it noticeable or anything.

moosh tounge in blue.
What can I say? It’s always been there.

bitty moosh tongue
moosh tongue covered in turkey
In the bath.

clean moosh tongue
Made up.

moosh tongue with mascara
By the wall.

moosh tounge by a wall.
Popping bubbles.

moosh tounge with a side of bubble.
Even when she’s painted as a tiger.

moosh tounge as a tiger.
No, I didn’t procreate with Gene Simmons.

moosh tounge with the mama.

That tongue? It’s mine. Aaaalll mine.
Stay tuned.


  1. That is so weird lol! I have the opposite problem. I was born tongue tied, and even after surgery I can barely stick it out- my mom always thought I was a really polite child. . .she didn’t realise I *couldn’t* waggle it around in disrespect until I was eight.

  2. Too cute! I was thinking that KIZZ guy & then saw you said no, you didn’t have a fling with him 🙂

  3. I have it too. I got it from my mother. But if you’re about to post a picture of yours, then woman, YOU ARE BRAVER THAN I AM.

  4. My Emma has that tongue, but I don’t. And neither does Neil. Oh yeah. I have my theories.

  5. That is hilarious! You’ve GOT to make her face up like Gene Simmons sometime… and take a picture. Halloween maybe? You’ve GOT to!

  6. OOOOooooo. That’s scary!

  7. I think that having a tongue that is longer than your average cobra will totally come in handy as an ice breaker at parties when she grows up.

  8. lol thats not natural lol which one has the tongue? you or your husband, or should I say which one is lucky enough to have a spouse with that tongue?

  9. I totally agree with Christine! Paint her up like Gene for Halloween~ that is AWeSOME! LOL!! WOWZA~ that is some genetic talent right there

    And I am staying tuned… I gotta see!

  10. a tongue that is longer than your average cobra? i nearly sprayed coke vanilla zero all over my keyboard!

    and yeah, this gives new meaning to the expression “speaking in tongues…”

  11. Just wait till she gets it pierced … or gos on the road with KISS as an understudy for Gene Simmons.

  12. HAHAHA! LMAO! Casey- you are too hilarious! I almost peed my pants.

    So, is that the tongue from our side of the fam?

    I seriously plan on calling you this week. Be afraid, very afraid!

  13. OH MY HECK…I am hyperventilating right now! Why? THAT FREAKING SWEATER in the last shot…forget the tongue, albeit amazing, that SWEATER….someone pass me the o2…

  14. If you say H&M I’ll cry…cry, cry, cry, cause I’ll never have it. Humph…hope things are looking up btw…been thinking about you. 😉

  15. Are you thinking Gene Simmons for Halloween? She might just fit in with the neighbors then 🙂

  16. As a woman who can touch her nose with her tongue, I feel that I’m in good company here!
    I also vote for the Gene Simmons Halloween costume.

  17. Haha, that would be the funniest costume EVER!

    Or just for fun someday, maybe?

  18. Wow, it really has a life of its own.

  19. One more vote for the KISS costume… and can you send me some of your DNA so my kids end up with curly hair? thanks.

  20. yeah…that sweater. do tell.

  21. I was going to say that if Gene Simmons ever retires, you’re golden – but it appears other geniuses beat me to the KISS comments.

  22. WOW! You dude’s have talent! You could get paid to show those off you know!:)

  23. Hysterical… totally hysterical!

  24. love love love it!!!!

  25. My eldest has that tongue, she uses it frequently to lick her chin, touch her nose and flip us off.

    She got it from her dad.

    Yes, I’m a very lucky woman.

  26. I still can’t get over it.

  27. HaHa. Have you sent that picture to Gene. YOu’d make him proud 🙂

  28. That is so funny. She cracks me up. YOU crack me up. You can see her tonsils in that first pic.

  29. Wow, that’s a long tongue!

  30. (Bennie keeps his sicko comments to himself and hopes Future Lawyer Hubby appreciates “the gift”)

  31. so… i’m a little freaked out right now.

    but i do LOVE the pic of her licking the water straight from the faucet. adorable!

  32. You must have one very happy hubby 😉

  33. That is amazing. It reminds me of the LOLDog on my blog today…

  34. I was so thinking about Gene Simmons as I scrolled down.

  35. HOLY CRAP!

  36. HA! That is awesome.

    Fa has one like that too…Not that great of course.

    I gave you sumpthin’ come on over.

  37. That is one impressive tongue! I’m guessing she has no trouble getting crumbs off her mouth, right?

    Cordy has a long tongue, but doesn’t have the same width. Here’s a photo from when she was a baby:

  38. Laughing my ass off.

    And trying to keep my dirty comments to myself.

    She really is the cutest kid. Don’t let that go to your head and have your ego blow up like a balloon though.

    Wink, wink.

  39. Are you sure you and Gene didn’t get it on when you weren’t paying attention? Wow.

  40. You make me go, “HAHAHA!”

  41. I noticed the tongue too, but I didn’t want to ask you if you’d been getting it on with an anteater. Holden has one of “those” tongues too. It’s not super feakishly long, but he seems to be able to fold it and maneuver it in strange ways.

    Of course T just says, “he’ll make some woman very happy some day.” Ewwww! That’s my baby!

  42. so how often do you get the gene simmons comments?

    but seriously? that’s some serious tongue!

  43. Urr, wow. I’m speechless. Like ‘Moosh cat got my tonge’ speechless.

  44. (I tried to do a fancy/funny ‘strikethrough effect’ there and failed. Basically, your kid has a fantastically long tongue, and I’m agog.)

  45. You must be so proud!!

  46. She’s going to do great things with that tongue someday;)


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