Addie came home from her first day of Kindergarten in an unmarked police car.

Escorted by a detective with a gun and badge.

No part of that is a lie.

You see, Addie was supposed to ride the bus home after school. The bus came to the top of our street, the doors opened, the kids poured out, the doors closed and the bus drove away.

No moosh.

I wasn’t even sure what to do.

So I told my neighbor “Soooo…the bus didn’t bring my kid home.”

She quickly turned to her husband (a detective) and said “GO! AFTER THE BUS! ADDIE IS ON IT!

So he took off in his unmarked car.

I wasn’t even sure if Addie was on the bus or not.

The bus stopped again at the other corner, still no Addie.

The bus continued around the corner, so did the police car.

We stood on the corner.

We waited.

And waited.

Finally the car came back around the corner and into the driveway with one curly headed Kindergartener in the back.

One oblivious curly headed Kindergartener.

She was talking to her friend and FORGOT TO GET OFF THE BUS.

Which in mom speak translates into “ALMOST KILLED HER MOM DEAD.”


Other than that? Addie thinks Kindergarten is the bee’s knees.

I however may be dead by grade one.

(photo by Kim Orlandini)


  1. Ahhh, moosh! Cut your mom some slack, will ya? At least wait until the second MONTH of kindergarten to start pulling such shenanigans!

  2. ummm, the apple fell pretty close there.

  3. Wait, you left out the part where you vomit repeatedly after the bus drove away with NO MOOSH. Holy crap, lady. Glad she loved kindergarten!

  4. Isn’t it the Bus Driver’s JOB to ensure each kindergartener gets off the bus at the right stop on the first day of school?! Wow.

  5. I love her so much.

  6. oh my goodness!

    I never had that issue, altho I have gotten a call about why my child wasn’t at school the one day I let her walk with friends in 5th grade. It turns out that the teacher let one of the kids take attendance and they marked her absent instead of the kid above her absent. That was a fun time.

  7. This happened to my mother the first day I rode the bus too. Only I wasn’t on the bus at all. I had stayed behind at school under the mistaken impression that I was on the “second load” (each driver drove two routes). She was frantic until the second load driver returned me to my proper house (once his entire route was finished and I hadn’t gotten off). I was nearly two hours late. She was a wreck.

  8. So, now you’ve survived your worst bus nightmare. Gotta be uphill from here! Hope that you and Addie have a great kindergarten year.

  9. aw! I used to HATE riding the bus…I would never have forgotten. 🙂 That’s cute!

  10. Wow, this is exactly why I’m not sure I could let my girl ride the bus yet. She’s only in PreK though. And I am in shock that school has started for you. It’s mid august. That is crazy!

  11. I realize a heart attack may not have been your ideal ending to her first day but…kinda funny. I can just picture her chatting away.

  12. First day of kindergarten, my older daughter got on the wrong bus, sending her out of town. She didn’t get home until 5 p.m. after my frantic calls to the bus barn, I totally understand what you went through. Good thing your crisis was so quickly taken care of.

    CaySedai Reply:

    @CaySedai, Forgot to mention – she’s 17 now, with a whole new set of worries. Imagine what you have to look forward to! 😉

  13. What a memorable first day, and a story for her to tell forever! I’m glad you got her home swiftly and safely.

  14. Theresa Krueger says:

    Last year my boys were in 5th grade. One day BJ gidn’t get off, the driver was too quick for him. I had to wait until they came back around. I wasn’t worried about his safety, just late for work!

  15. That is a brilliant story! terrifying for you, but fabulous! I love the way your neighbour orders her hubby to scoot after it too!

    I presume she knows him well enough to go with him, and not flat out refuse to get in his car because you’ve not said it’s ok??

  16. Funniest kindergarten story EVER!


  17. Oh my goodness! What a day for both of you.

  18. Holy. Havana! But that’s a terribly funny image. You know, apart from the mom hyperventilating part.

  19. My oath, I would have had heart failure!! Hope she doesn’t do that again too soon, but very cool that she has a friend 🙂

  20. So…she survived the first day of kindergarten…but you almost didn’t?!

    WOW – talk about a memorable first day!

  21. Oh my gosh, how cute is she? Also? If it had happened to me, I would’ve been chasing the bus down, crazed-momma-style “Give me back my baby!!!” and the cop would’ve been putting ME in the back of the car for scaring the daylights out of everyone. Heh.


  22. Whoa, I’ve just decided, I’m walking V to school until grade 10. She’ll love it, I just know it.

  23. On the very first day????? Oh my word… that would have caused great panic. But at least it was because she was so happy with a friend… and at least she was actually on the bus.

    But… ACK!!!! Tell her don’t ever do that again to her mom!

  24. I fell asleep on the camp bus, on the way to camp as a kindergartner.

    Woke up to nice bus driver hovering over the seat. He drove me back to camp to the relief of entire staff and much to my own embarrassment.

  25. On second thought, the counselors probably didn’t even know I was missing.


  26. How cute! I used to drive a school bus (great job!) and I used to try to double check that the kindergarteners got off on their stop, but every now and then one would forget to pay attention, and sure enough, Id drop off the last stop and look in my mirror and see one tiny tot standing in the aisle crying! So heartbreaking! I hugged so many five year olds on the first day of school!

    Glad your neighbor could chase them down!

    Oh and I dont know how it works where you live, but our policy was that if a child was on the bus after the stops were completed we would call their parent, and try to take them back to their stop. If no one could be reached we would take them back to their school! So if that ever happens again…call the school, and check to see if the big ol bus comes back through!

  27. this is a great “remember that time,” but what a story! i’d so have had a mommy heart-attack.

  28. Hahahaha, kids. Goodness. So funny. 🙂

  29. Great story! I laughed out loud when I saw the beginning of the story. So glad she’s okay!
    Warm regards,


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