My big ads are gone.

After staring at my site tonight  and being disappointed with the Internet in general I realized that I don’t even like Ragu, I like to take pictures.

Besides, I buy Prego (when I don’t make my own from scratch with organic homegrown tomatoes and herbs of course.) When I drink bubbles I choose Coke, not Pepsi.

I took swag this weekend that was offered to me. I didn’t fight anyone for any of it. Maybe no one else really realizes this but I won’t have to buy laundry detergent, soap, sponges, vibrators, pens, notepads, lotion, jump drives or shoes for a really long time.

My budget likes swag.

I am not friends with people based on what they can do for me or what they have to offer me.  After meeting George from Crocs and Rick from Tiny Prints, I’d much rather accost George and make inappropriate Jibbitz jokes rather than hang around him in hopes I’ll score a free pair of ugly rubber shoes. And believe me, as much as I love Tiny Prints (which I do and I can say that now because I’m not under contract to ANYONE but myself.) I’d much quicker take Rick down to steal his camera equipment than try and market myself to him in hopes of scoring some free Christmas cards.

(photo by Jeremiah Njoroge)

I did ask Jeremiah for an Eye-Fi card. Frankly because it’s something relevant to me (thanks J.) It’s something I will use and will talk about, but something like a Nikon camera or Nikon sponsored party? I shoot Canon. Not Nikon. Why would I have any interest in anything Nikon related?

(photo by Rick Bucich)

This was my third BlogHer conference. I would give up all the laundry detergent, all the shoes, all the trips, all the everything if the FTC told me to so I could keep my friends. Both near and far. All of you. So that I could keep this space where I can write and have people read and have people touched by what I write. (cheeeeeesy.)

There will never be any swag equivalent to someone coming up to me in tears telling me that what I wrote got them through ugly, lifted them when they were down, made them laugh or helped them learn. Money can’t buy stuff like that.

I will continue to go to conferences. I will continue to take and do stuff that is relevant to me because frankly it’s just dumb not to.

I’m not that proud of a person. Nor am I made of free-laundry-detergent-Wienermobile-riding resistant steel.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have an ad free corner to shiver in.

For the next two days my husband will be taking the bar.

The 16 hour test that will decide our entire future.

Too bad Xanax wasn’t handing out samples at the Sheraton.

Thankfully the Canadians brought chocolate.

(photo by Ali Martell, shocked background reaction by Avitable)


  1. exactly!

  2. I love you…that’s all.

  3. I really wished i could have attended BlogHer…now reading everyones posts i am scared about trying to attend in 2010 NYC…just found your blog glad I did

  4. @Casey, Sure, I can link on my own, but I’ve read SUCH cool posts because of those links. I don’t know what I’ll do yet.

  5. I went to meet all the people I adore, period. I can buy my own crap. I have no issues with them giving it out, just with everything else that happened around it. I went home with next to none of it…only the bag from BH. Heck, half of that I gave away.

    Am glad I was able to meet you. 🙂

  6. Love this post.

    That is all.

    Oh, wait, Diet Coke IS WAY better than Diet Pepsi!

  7. Great post! It was good meeting you at Blogher. You looked great at Bowlher…so cute.