To: Giant Bank Handling our Home Loan.

From: Me.

RE: You really kind of stink at doing your job.

September 22, 2009


Hello everyone involved in our nightmare!

I’m sure my husband will not condone this email but I have to write it.

If Giant Bank Inc. wants my honest feedback? I’m ready to give my honest feedback.

Giant Bank Inc. has had WEEKS to do their job.

Mr. R told me ON THE PHONE that signatures were NOT required from my father-in-law on the initial paperwork, which despite many phone calls to Ms. T,  we have still not received updated numbers to what our loan will actually be.

And now the title company is ready to say “whoops you took too long to take care of your loan so thanks for the thousands of dollars congratulations you get nothing?

I’m sorry, I have been patient and polite long enough but I am through.

How is it that we received the appraisal (delivered to Indiana) from Mr. R before Ms. K had it?

Mr. R and Ms. K are in the same state if not the same building?

Ms. T, you told me that Ms. K was just starting our file on September 11th when you were in Texas yourself but according to Ms. K she didn’t even have the appraisal at the time.

We started this process back in May. We have given you everything you have asked for when you have asked for it.

Between incorrect fax numbers, vacations, deaths of family members,  incorrect information on who needed to sign what where and when plus the fact that we don’t even have accurate preliminary loan papers and everyone has used up every excuse possible?

I am fed up.

Just please do your job and get us our house.  Please? I’m sure if it were your daughter or sister or grandchild buying their first house you would care a lot more than you have cared for us.

We just want our house.


-Casey Mullins


  1. that stinks. i’m so sorry you’re being treated this way, dear.

  2. oh snap! GO GIRL!

  3. Casey, you have much more patience than I do, because I would probably have gone INTO the bank and blown up at them by now, heh. I can’t believe they are totally running you guys through the ringer like this! What is wrong with this dang bank!?!


    – A

  4. I’m very frustrated for you. I think each person causing complications in this purchase should allow you to cause a complication in their life for the same time period in which they’ve been complicating yours. You should be able to take their favorite shoes or steal the motor out of their car. You know, fun things that may give them the level of frustration you have.

  5. Same thing happened to us. When they finally came through at the last hour (literally- we were at the title co. ready to sign), the loan was nothing like what we had agreed to over the phone nor did it match the docs we faxed back and forth. It was a bad loan. We felt scammed by the them. We refused their loan and ended up losing the new house, the $1000 deposit and the money we paid out for appraisals on both houses. Sucked.

    They seemed to think we needed the loan badly because of all the foreclosure stuff going on around us. They even tried to lean on us with some of the bills we were going to pay off.

    BTW, we were refinancing our existing house to purchase the new house in our case.

  6. Oy! Buying a house is so complicated. Do you have any friends who work for a builder in your area? Ask one of the sales agents or the sales manager if they will sit with you when you’re on the phone. I had one of my bosses sitting next me when I was going over our loan and she’d write things down for me to ask. The loan office didn’t expect me to be so ‘knowledgeable’ and everything went very smoothly for the rest of our transaction. Sorry you’re going through this!

  7. Boy that sucks. Wish it weren’t so common. When I was in the business we were all sitting around a table ready to sign docs and the deal got delayed because the bank forgot to wire the funds.

    Oh, and if that weren’t enough, the sellers had a closing later that afternoon for the place they were buying and their loan rate was due to expire that day.

    And this was back in the day when banks were supposed to be easy to work with.

    Hang in there!

  8. Fun times… we’re still waiting to hear if we qualify for down payment assistance… but apparently that can only happen after you’ve made an offer, gotten an inspection, and an appraisal. So basically if they then decide no, we can’t help you, we’d be out that money. Makes me want to just keep renting… sort of!

  9. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I can’t believe what a mess you’ve had to deal with. Sending love and hugs. Wishing there were something I could do to help.

  10. Wait, isn’t your husband a lawyer or something, or does he just play one on the internet?

    Because wouldn’t a tersely written letter warning of a potential suit seeking liquidated damages (including interest and lost time) for all your suffering be in order at this point, you know, BEFORE you actually lose the deposit and whatever?

  11. My goodness! I really hope that you are in your new home soon.

  12. This is really a sorry state of affairs. Most of your issues are caused by lazy incompetents.

  13. It will happen, and it will be worth every single bump in the road. 🙂

  14. We have our loan with the same patriotically-named bank (presumably through the same state program?) and had very little trouble with the bank itself… but that was two years ago. Our trouble was with a very non-communicative mortgage broker, who was not at all helpful. In the end, we ended up with a house- here’s hoping you do, too!

  15. Thoughts & prayers are with you…lots of thoughts and prayers.

  16. Gosh what a nightmare. Are you working with a real estate agent? If so… WHY are they not helping with this process? Hope you get things worked out. Preferably before you lose your mind!

  17. “we don’t even have accurate preliminary loan papers…”

    Same thing happened to us. Over and over and over. To the point that when we went to signing we still hadn’t been presented with a preliminary copy where all the numbers were correct. Somehow it all came together in the end and they had the numbers right. I fully believe that the banks and loan industry is a huge damn scam though. How hard is it to get the numbers right in the first place? I would be fired if I acted that incompetent all the time.

  18. Oh my gosh Casey I just — JUST! — sent my lender a similar e-mail. Minutes ago.

    Frustrating as all get-out. GRRRRRRRRRR.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  19. I’m sorry everything is sucking. It’s really not fair when there isn’t anything you can do to help the process and when the other parties involved just see it as a business transaction. Hang in there . . .

  20. totally been there and done that! It took over 10 mos and lots of screaming, yelling and threatening to get people to do their jobs but once it was all said and done it has become plainly obvious that the adversary had a lot to do with this, spiritually this has been the best move of our lives and trust me, we have moved A LOT (20x’s in as many years) Hang in their and I can’t express it enough, get on your knees it’s only person who will truly listen and cares and WILL get things done.

  21. In the same boat…been waiting to close since July!

  22. Cody obviously needs to go in there with his best lawyer garb on, and say big words like indoctrination, or contractual obligation, or something equally intimidating.

    Hope it works in your favor… ugly walls and all.

  23. Yes, buying a house is officially ANNOYING. Do you have a realtor? I mean, a GOOD realtor? Because one of the only things that keeps me from feeling weird about the fact that our realtor made tens of thousands of dollars off of us buying a house was how she TOTALLY went to bat for us with the bank people. She harassed them like nobody’s business and didn’t ever complain once. She’d just give us daily reports on their progress (or lack thereof). Good luck!

  24. This brings back memories…not good memories. Our own personal nightmare memories. When we bought our first house the lender would literally call me every day at work on my cell to tell me why we no longer qualified for the loan. Apparently they liked to change their requirements on a daily basis, just to keep things interesting. So every day I’d have to scramble to prove that, yes, I really did meet that condition or yes, I really could come up with an extra $2,000 to meet this other condition, etc. This went on for over a month and actually caused me to react physically whenever my cell phone rang. For a year, every time my phone rang, my heart would race and I’d get butterflies in my stomach. Keep your chin up. It will work out in the end.


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