Hi there. This is Casey’s right buttock.
one of these is not like the other

How are you? Me? I’m feeling a little cheeky.

It’s not everyday that I get to be the most expensive body part. I mean, under most circumstances I have to share equal glory with lefty over there. BUT NOT TODAY.

I’m going to be telling you about the money shot I got today because frankly Casey is so darn grumpy it’s actually comical and not entirely safe for her to be set loose on unassuming people at this moment in time. (Her words, not mine.)

Want to know why she’s grumpy?

this is what we call NO BUENO in the house of moosh.

Yeah. When you can actually SEE the angle of the sharpest part of the needle? Yeah.

It was really big with really thick goopy crap inside so it took awhile to unload all the goods. It has actually left the rest of Casey’s body a pretty weird kind of sore and in a general state of ticked offedness but to make matters worse bellybutton had to get in on the “annoy the everloving crap out of Casey” act too and GET INFECTED.

Drama button.

Yeah, so when bellybutton was sodomized last month they stitched her shut a layer down and glued the top layer shut.

Well the stitches aren’t dissolving but instead trying to work their way out of the incision.

Really it’s just a party in Casey’s general abdominal area which Casey never really asked for or expected.

At the doctors office Casey told the nurse she needed to get a shot of the money shot. The nurse being a sweet lady was trying really hard to keep her from seeing JUST HOW LARGE the needle was that was about to be used.

“Uh, are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure, it really is for the greater good. Besides, it’s not very often I get to have something worth more than my car shoved into my butt. I’d like to document that.”

Needless to say after Casey saw the needle she was lucky to even remain upright, let alone remember how to operate a camera.

Thankfully the literature that accompanies a Lupron Depot shot is so completely ridiculous that Casey was able to channel her anger to this image instead of all the searing pain going on in our respective pants.

people who write/design pharmaceutical literature make me want to kick puppies.
congrats i'm in medical menopause? hmm...
is the smiling woman with roots necessary?




Dear Maker of Lupron Depot,

Save the money on the cute picture with the model I want to punch, fancy package inserts and instead enclose a $5 gift card to Baskin Robbins.

Thank you,

Platinum Cheeked Casey

(It’s time to use your imagination again! I had a photo of me similar to the one on the Lupron Depot package with me uh, doing something unsavory with my middle finger. I felt bad about it so I didn’t post it. BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY! Alas those darn morals won out yet again.)


  1. @Bellamomma, I didn’t even consider that. I need you guys around to help me make better demands.

  2. @Dugi, Just not on my bum at the moment plz. thx.

  3. @Angie, I had to hold back a little bile myself.

  4. @Ree, IN YOUR HEAD? Oh someone would have ended up bloody from my absolute tirade after such an experience.

    Ree Reply:

    @Casey, they thought it would grow my hair back. It worked the first time it happened, but I guess this outbreak was immune to the efforts. ;-b

  5. @Angi, Thanks. Grew it myself.

  6. Ouch! That is one giant needle… Hope you and your butt feels better soon 😉

  7. lookin mighty fine there, cheeky.

  8. A lot of things would be better if they dropped the fancy inserts and just gave us ice cream. That whole manual on TSS in the tampons box? The manual that comes with anything electronic, the list goes on.

  9. i probably would have bought you an entire baskin robbins store for that picture haha

    also? total suckage with the belly button. mine under the glue haven’t dissolved yet either and it’s bugging the crap out of me (incidentally, i’m almost certin i PULLED A FEW OUT not knowing what they were)

  10. oh! one more thing: nice butt…and i’m impressed with your bend-in-half ability

  11. My husband usually rolls his eyes whenever I try and tell him stuff about “my blog people” (although he knows all your names by now) but even he was impressed by that needle and offered commiseration 🙂

  12. I gave blood on Wednesday. I could see the angle of that needle, too. It IS a bit scary when that happens.


  13. Even if it is ten pounds more now, you still [must] have an adorable little bootay! ;p

    Sorry about the pain & expense, and I really hope the darn stuff WORKS!

  14. Oh. My. Ass. I’m sorry that big ass straw – I mean needle had to go in-country.

  15. I should have been there with you! I am a horrible friend to have taken vacation when you were faced with a needle (and an amount being passed through that needle) that should be illegal. I’ll make it up to you when I get home.

  16. heh… you mooned the blogosphere. Glad your butt is more expensive than my computer. And HDTV. Combined.

  17. My bellybutton also got infected when they were checking things out in there. Giggles was about 10 mos old and she saw my bellybutton while nursing and pinched it. I couldn’t believe she did that. But it did pop and instantly feel better!

    I think they owe you more than one GC for ice cream, I mean you just can’t say congrats to someone without a decent present. I mean look at the size of that needle. Oh wait. You did.

  18. How precious! If I never wanted a lupron shot before now…

    best of luck to you butt cheek.


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