I have one cousin on my mom’s side.

Only my one cousin is way more awesome than a dozen of your cousins put together. Sorry.

J and C 4eva

I was at his house the other day when an email came in asking for a recent professional photo of me for a calendar. (Yes, that calendar, I technically ended up being #13 in votes but someone backed out and so I was asked to join in at the 11th hour. Available for preorder now!)


My skin hates California. My eyes hate the moosh waking up at 6 am everyday. My period? Let’s just not go there. I felt bloaty, I felt puffy, I felt unsalvageable.

Enter my cousin Jaush and his train cases.

Train Case #1

Train Case #2

Don’t you feel prettier just looking at them?

He swooped, he brushed, he laquered, he painted, he teased, he combed, he patted and he fluffed.

Twenty minutes later?


OH. Did I fail to mention the vintage black cocktail dress that just HAPPENED to be in his closet that just HAPPENED to be in my size?

I did?

WELL, he just happened to have a vintage black cocktail dress in my size hanging in his closet.


I’m hoping the next time we hang out peep toe heels fall from the sky and rain gutters spew diamond earrings.

Because after an afternoon with Jaush? I’m beginning to think that’s totally possible.


  1. OH! I forgot to mention, your eyes look spectacularly blue as well. But yeah, they are always spectacularly blue.

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwests last blog post..My Favorite Things- Crown Burger

  2. OmG, I so want a Jaush

    WMs last blog post..Letting Go

  3. Hot mama!!

  4. You look AMAZING! What a wonderful cousin. (Though he had a lot to work with before he started in with the potions… 🙂

    MommyTimes last blog post.."Assessment" Makes My Head Spin…and not in the good way, either

  5. I hope you know that you are totally gorgeous! Also, your cousin is awesome.

    Rachaels last blog post..Petite Update: Bankruptcy & MRIs

  6. you look beautiful, but of course, you always do!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Hot Tamales

  7. You look amazing in both pictures! You have an amazing cousin. I wi tsho be all prettified too!

  8. It helps that he has a gorgeous canvas to start with.

  9. Ooh! You look gorgeous woman!

    So how come we didn’t get a full view of this vintage ****tail dress?