Oh hey, how’s it going? Here? Just another weekday afternoon.

She's about to get bonked on the head with a beach ball.

Whoa, wait, what are you doing back there Addie?

She's about to get bonked on the head with a beach ball.

You realize the baby has no idea what’s going on Addie? ADDIE? What’s in your hands!?



freshly post bonk.

Oh, well, the baby thought that was kind of funny. It was kind of funny. OH…HEY! BABY! INCOMING!!



  1. I giggled out loud..and I bet Miss Vivi did too!

  2. LOVE THIS!! Talk about right place with the camera at the right time!!!

  3. Still. Laughing.

    Priceless. I’d frame that series just so I could relive the joy every day.



  6. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

    I just about spit my tea all over my computer!!!

    SO FUNNY!!!


    I really needed that this morning 🙂

  7. I love it. Next time I’m having a hard day, I’m pulling up this post.

  8. Jessica V. says:

    Have not commented in a while..but oh my! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!! So so priceless. You captured that perfectly!

  9. AHAHA!

  10. Those expressions are AWESOME.

    I can’t decide which is my favorite, the last one, or the one right BEFORE the ball hits her, where it looks like maybe there is a REASON why Addie threw the ball…

    (I have a strong willed 2yo and I’ve definitely had days where a beach ball might help)

  11. This is so adorable. I am in love with your sweet babies facial expressions. Especially that last one. How priceless that you got this series of photographs.

  12. That last face has me chuckling!

  13. Zomgs, I die from the cute.

  14. Hilarious!

  15. This was the cutest thing ever! I love it. the baby and the older daughter are jus too adorable. The last pic is my favorite!

  16. Awesome.

  17. RsqAnimals says:

    LOVE! Your girls are so stinking cute together.

  18. HeidiLee says:

    Oh goodness, just startled my hubby and dog by bursting out with laughter…So so funny!

  19. That last photo is the best ever. I hope you’ve printed it out and framed it prominently in your house.

  20. EPIC! Oh, my gosh, that face! 🙂

  21. The shot with the ball connecting with Viv’s head is absolutely priceless. Great camera and shutter action!

  22. So cute! Also will you come and take pictures of my kids too ? 😉

  23. I think I just died from cuteness!

  24. That is just fabulous. Awesome capture!

  25. aaww! She is so cute, I wanna hug her.