babywearing on the beach.

‘Tis true.

Last week Cody began writing for Babble’s Dadding blog, if nothing else he’s about to get schooled in traffic goals, judgement and this crazy cool community that I’ve been entrenched in for years (he may also get an idea as to just how hard I work.) I’m excited you get to learn more about the man that has made me who I am and helped me make these two little girls we call ours.

Dads are funny creatures, tough on the outside, gooey on the inside…and oh how I love Addie and Vivi’s dad.

In his first post he introduces himself and tells you a bit more about himself.

In his second post he tells you what it’s like to be the dad to his best buddy Paddy Wagon.

Third he tells you about Vivi and how I threw my pregnancy test at him.

Fourth he gets kind of lawerly and discusses guns and their place in homes with small children.

Fifth up? He calls me lovely (and Paco Cheese Face.)

and last but not least, he may have kept the baby alive, but Addie didn’t bathe for a week.