Peyton was so bummed when she found out they didn’t have an Asian American Girl doll. And then when they finally come out with guess what? She lives in San Francisco, is a gymnast and her dad owns a restaurant. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also really good at math and a horrible driver.”

This is Anissa.

Freed Anissa

Currently Anissa is lying in a bed in the ICU after suffering a major stroke yesterday.

Anissa is funny, universe? You are not funny.

Anissa has three little kids.

For updates on her condition go here. For ways to help her family go here or click the link in the sidebar.

Here is a list of over 350 posts written by Anissa’s friends…she has so many…and we all adore her and want her to get better. Not only for her family, but for selfish reasons, we all need someone like Anissa in our lives, and no one can do Anissa the way Anissa does Anissa.

Anissa's Ribbon

Love you girl. We’ve got your back (or in your case, fantastic boobs.)


  1. So devastating. I just saw a hopeful sounding update from her husband. I’m praying – a lot.

  2. All we have is prayers, hope and love. And that’s all that’s pulling me, and I think a lot of people, through this.

    We need her back, if for no other reason, then because I’ve only gotten to see her rack from afar. And that is also not right.

    Praying for tomorrow to better for the Mayhew family.

  3. Totally #prayingforAnissa [and her rack] up in here!

  4. OMG! I don’t even have words, but wanted to let you know that I’ll be sending prayers up for Anissa & her family, as well as all of her wonderful friends.

  5. anissa is teh awesome!
    The universe not so much.
    2009 has sucked in so many ways-I am sure that 2010 has to be better-it sounds way classier-twenty-ten.

  6. Love love love that lady. Praying hard for the whole family.

    Did anyone else find it perfectly fitting that Hooters appears on the list of restaurants that you can send her family gift cards to? Anissa will LOVE that.

  7. OH, this is Anissa. Love her. Love you.


  8. yes, no one does Anissa like Anissa!!

  9. Amen.

    You brought Anissa into my home, and into my life. Thank you for sharing her.

    I will join the two of you at Marshalls when she’s up and running. And she will be. She has to.

  10. Well said…there’s no one like her, and that’s good in EVERY way.

  11. I never knew about Anissa before but just from clicking some of your links I was able to find out about a very wonderful lady. I wish the best to her and her family during a difficult time.

  12. Really weird to check out your blog and see MY NAME in the title. Then I read about her stroke and her family. I hope and pray that she and her family work through it. We need more Anissa’s in the world.