Cody’s mom is in town and last night while making last minute alterations to my awesome Halloween costume I learned that her kids weren’t allowed to participate in Halloween activities after 12 and she NEVER dressed up.

So there I was standing in my awesome Halloween costume with two Halloween humbugs staring at me.

My mom dressed up.

Doesn’t everybody dress up?

Shouldn’t everyone dress up?

Do you still dress up?

If you don’t dress up do you think those of us parading around in costume are complete fools?



Just kidding, just know that you’re no fun and the moosh thinks I’M AWESOME.



What are your “Halloween rules”?


  1. I’ve never actually won any contests, but I love to find weird things to be. I was the Patriot Act one year, and Rosemary when I was pregnant. You know, the one who carried devil spawn.

  2. We weren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating after we were 12, but we could still participate in Halloween parties or trunk-or-treat at Church and whatever. My mom never really dressed up, but My dad usually did. I have to admit, I’m a non-dresser-uper. It’s just not my style. My apologies 🙂

  3. Well… since you ASKED… we don’t do Halloween here. Nothing, zip, zero. Being a born again Christian, I don’t like the dark, scary, evil stuff. Early on we used to dress my oldest in cutesy princess stuff, and that was fun. Took her trick or treating to the grandparents, etc. But – then I worked with a few wiccan people. They ‘educated’ me, and told me Halloween was their ‘High Holy Day’, and likened it to how we celebrate Christmas. After that, my DH and I decided not to participate in this ‘holiday’ in any form or fashion.

    Yup, we’re the minority, I’m sure. 🙂 My kids can play dress up anytime, and eat candy, too. We just have such a hard time having anything to do with their special day. 🙂 Not what you expected, eh?

  4. You No Fool. Check out That’s in my town. We dress up all the time.

  5. Long ago, when I was in high school and in marching band, our Friday night football game coincided with Halloween. Our halftime show was done in costume, which was cool itself. But we still had to do the pregame show in uniform. And since the game didn’t start until after Trick or Treat was over…. we all went out to get candy dressed as high school marching band members.

    I still dress up. We go to costume parties every year.

  6. I haven’t dressed up in years because I have a fear of face paint and polyester. I realize that I don’t need to wear either but my fear runs deep and doesn’t let go. Oh, and I don’t think I’ll ever top my sweet Rubix Cube costume in the third grade.

  7. I LOVE Halloween. It’s a stiff competition between halloween and Christmas. If i had it my way, the entire house would be decorated. Love love love it. We all get dressed up every year, though i don’t remember my parents getting dressed up when we were younger. Ah well, we’re loving it.

  8. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t work on a Halloween night. The last time I went to a dress-up party was probably sometime during the first Clinton Administration.

    I’m not opposed to it as much as it just doesn’t have any relevance to my life any longer. My house is so far off the beaten path, too, that if I were home and if some kid knocked on my door, I’d probably jump out of my skin in terror.

    I don’t have any great love for it, either. As a kid, as I recall, I pretty much just went through the motions because it was what kids did.

    To me, it’s like Christmas. Something to get through.

  9. Liam Craig says:

    pfffffft i think ppl look silly if their kids are dressed up and they arent, all for the dressing up

  10. I still dress up every year. My friends and I dressed up all through high school… and continued to trick or treat. Then in college we always dressed up. I also worked in child care… and as a teacher I felt it was mandatory (although it really wasn’t). Halloween’s past were much more over the top since we used to have huge costume parties before Zoe came along. I still dress up… but more simply. This year I’ve got cat ears and a tail… and a black fleece sweat shirt. I’ll add some whiskers.

  11. they don’t really do halloween here in England. I can’t be bothered to dress up- I’m just lazy.

  12. I dressed up until I was 15 – did the tricker treating too… we are a short family – no one noticed.

    I dress up every once and a while still. This year it is Bat Man. Last year I did not dress up – the year before that I was Anna Nicole Smith. I’ll never wear heels again.

    My Mom and Dad never dressed up.

  13. I love halloween. It’s my favorite holiday…I don’t dress up all the time though. I don’t have the cash to go making and buying costumes that I’ll wear once…

    But I will eventually…one day….

  14. The last time I went trick or treating was when I was in grade 4 (so maybe 9 or 10 years old). I actually highly dislike the holiday but I put on a brave face for the kids. I even put out decorations – again for the kids sake. I buy premade constumes for them because I can’t think of anything myself. I am a bit of a Halloween loser.

  15. I was allowed to dress up as long as I wanted growing up and will allow my kids to do the same. I wear a witches hat with a really horrid rubber nose every year. I’m not sure if that’s considered dressing up LOL. I appreciate adults who dress up. No reason to let you age decide when you are done being a ‘kid’ every once in a while! Have fun and don’t let the Humbugs get to you. They don’t know what they are missing!

  16. Halloween is my favorite holiday. My mom once dressed up as a witch and crashed my elementary school assembly. My family decorates the house every year (tombstones, spotlights, the whole thing…) So in short, we are a Halloween participating family and John and I have continued the tradition.

  17. I’ve been a Halloween HumBug since the second year I was married. Not just with costumes either. On decorations, trick-or-treating, haunted houses…
    I’m SO going to start back up again. This is the first year in a while that I have the “Halloween spirit” back. Am I going to dress up this year. Nah! But you can bet I will next year in my new, hot, skinny bod! I miss it! Plus L is getting old enough to remember what I do and don’t do! I don’t want to be the party pooper! Oh- and I still went trick-or-treating at 17 before I went to my parties! Ha!

    You look way too hot in that yellow bikini cuz! I’m too too jealous! I still have the jelly belly! (and probably will for a while longer!) I’m TOTALLY jealous that you went to beautiful Florida too.

    Can’t wait to see you in your costume!!!

  18. Oh, and when we decide to have another kid, we’ve already discussed the months we’d like to have one and October was definitely one month I’d love to have a kid. Can you imagine the fun Halloween birthday parties you could do?

  19. I’m not a huge fan of kids over 13 or 14 going out trick or treating. If they at least made a decent attempt at a costume I’d be happy to give them candy. But a torn t-shirt and a hockey mask? C’mon. Entertain me for your treats, child!

  20. I dress up along with my boys. Last year I was a space alien, though the costume was pretty much just makeup and alien antennae. Goose was so young that much more freaked him out.

    This year I’m going all out. The boys are superheros and I’m a super-evil queen. Big boofy gown and everything. I wish now that I was going to be Elastigirl, but I figure I’ll do that next year… after I lose, say, 50 pounds.

    My parents do a haunted house every year. When teenagers show up in no costumes, they blow an air horn in their face before they give them the candy. What can I tell you? You gotta work for it one way or another.

  21. Oh, yeah, I dress up. But only when I’m invited to a party where it’s a requirement.

    I’m obedient that way.

  22. I don’t don’t dress up, but really wish I did. Maybe next year. It’s Avery’s first Halloween and she’ll be dressed up. We’re hoping to teach her that Halloween is a holiday that we “took away” from the dark. We took their sacred day and made it a fun, family day! That’s the plan on this front. Maybe next year we’ll all dress up!

  23. Halloween rules… well, we weren’t allowed to dress up as anything really evil or super scary. Mostly it was princesses,. pumpkins, hobos and things like that. We moved when I was 12 and so I don’t think I went after that because I didn’t have my normal Halloween cronies anymore. But I guess as long as you really dress in costume it’s okay to go trick-or-treating probably up until high school – and then I bet it wouldn’t be cool anymore anyway! I still dress up… but then again I’m a teacher! 😉

  24. We dress up if we have an adult Halloween party to go to. And I decorate around the house. But we don’t have costumes every year. (and for us, our costumes come from the thrift store…)

    I know a grown up, who about 2 years into her marriage, her looser husband decided that he “never loved her” and “was in love with Amanda instead”. That was in May. For Halloween that year, she dressed up as a bride. A BRIDE! Man, you gotta love her balls! I think it’s safe to say SHE doesn’t have any Halloween rules!

  25. i dressed up every year until my oldest was born… but we had parties to go to. i did dressed up when i was HUGELY pregnant with my third as a sumo wrestler. no one got it. it was embarrassing.

    i even went trick or treating every year until i got married. i’m short. but i went with all of my friends and people didn’t seem to mind because we were all dressed up.

    last year a kid was trick or treating in our neighborhood while TALKING ON A CELLPHONE!!! *hold on a sec, TRICK OR TREAT, DUDE.* yeah, that don’t fly.

  26. I dressed up 2 years ago as a punk teenager. This was when I was teaching 6th grade, and the kids thought I was!
    THen last year I had a 2 month old, and although I wanted to this year, I have yet to get my **** together.

  27. I dress up every night my darling hubs is home…you should see me in my leather chaps and riding crop…Rawr.

    Wait…that’s not what you’re talking about, is it?

    Hallowe’en. Well. I used to. Before I had a kid born who couldn’t eat candy and wear a costume because there was no place to stick all the little wires he needed to be attached to …

    My kids though…they gleefully dressup.

    But we don’t go out for candy, just hide in our holes, fill our faces with treats, light some candles and watch movies I KNOW (or secretly hope) will scare the bejeepers out of them.

    Too bad. I miss the days of the costume parades at the school….I rocked them every damn year.

  28. I so dress up.

    I’m in the cool club.

  29. Not that you were asking, but I’ll share my Best Costume Ever: Baked Alaska.
    Cut out a cardboard state of Alaska, hung a b*ng around my neck (borrowed from a roommate, of course).

    Also, one year: The Catcher in the Rye. Covered in slices of rye bread, catcher’s mitt.

    Sadly, I never won a single contest. There was always that OTHER dude.

  30. I don’t judge people that dress up. But for me…I HATE Halloween. I think I got it from my mom. Yes, I blame her.

  31. I still dress up. My husband wants me to dress up for Halloween; does a sex kitten count? Went once to pick up my daughter at a friend’s house Halloween night after having answered our door all evening in little black dress, furry ears, a tail, and drawn-in whiskers. Friend’s Dad looked AMAZED when he answered the door. Totally expected another sticky kid and totally did not recognize me.
    I was Fairy Godmother to Sugarplum’s Cinderella once. That was the best one.

  32. I used to until I got fat.

    Well and kids. By the time we’ve figured out theirs, not thought up mine in time. Not much can do on five p.m. on Halloween night.

    Though I’ve tried to convince my hubby to be Shrek to my Fiona. He won’t play though.

  33. No rules here, but when Kiddo is older, I’m pretty sure the #1 rule will be: don’t get caught eating his stash.

  34. LOVE Halloween costumes, it is the purest form of letting loose and showing creativity. Even if your creativity comes from a box in a store.

    The boys will be bumblebees and the mama will be a beautiful flower. 🙂

  35. My 83 year old Mom comes over and hands out our candy while we take the kids out.
    She wears a witch hat and a mask. I don’t have the heart to tell her she looks dressed for the occasion, even without the mask. How’s that for cold?

    No dressing up for me! Too many flashbacks of my Mom in previous get-ups when I was little.

  36. I love dressing up! I am a senior in high school and No one dresses up unless it is required by student council or something. This year of course halloween falls on a wednesday so I decided to be different and wear my Spock outfit complete with ears and emblem on my blue long-sleeve uniform. it is so much fun to get a reaction from people who know me as the quiet girl in school. It’s halloween, for goodness sakes! I love it!

  37. you.are.awesome. and i am so behind on your blog…i was too busy being a biotch at my own haha

  38. Oh, look! ^ Someone else is behind, too! Now I don’t feel so bad!

    I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. Even on years that I’m not SOMETHING in particular, I dress goth. It’s the only day of the year that I can acceptably dress completely unlike myself. This year, I was Amy Winehouse. Only, because of the namesake thing, I went by Amy Winedrinker.

    Rules in my house:
    Candy MUST be inspected and all questionable Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Almond Joys (For The Man) must be confiscated.

    That’s about it. 🙂