I am currently in a bet with my husband that I can have a good attitude for seven whole days.

Some of you just gasped! Wondering how anyone in their right mind could go seven whole days with a sunshine sparkle outlook on life.

Others of you gasped! Wondering what the hell my problem is that I have to make a bet with my husband to be a nice person for seven days.

You see, Cody jokes. A lot. He claims that it’s his duty to bug me since I never had a brother. However after dealing with boys since Kindergarten I’m well aware that it is a boys calling in life to bug girls. To find one to bug ’til death do you part. Except in my case it’s for time and all eternity. Eternity is a long time to be bugged y’all.

With all the bugging and the joking and the HA! HA! I can get a little miffed. A little ticked. A little annoyed. A little short. Pretty soon Bad Attitude Betty is at the door calling for Cody’s fresh blood. So I’m taking a week to practice a good attitude toward bugging. Not only from Cody, but from humidity, grumpy kids, piles of laundry and law school.

So far? I know for a fact that I married exactly whom I was supposed to, more on that gagtastic realization later. I also know that with all this humidity I haven’t had to buy a single bottle of lotion for two years. I’ve learned that when the resident three foot grump goes on tirade, she’s more than happy to hang out in her room for an hour and color her frustrations out. I finally found a laundry combination that actually has me looking forward to stuffing my face into basketfuls of freshly folded laundry. And law school? Dude. My husband is thisclose to finishing right near the top of his class in law school. LAW SCHOOL. Dude rocks my world.

At the end of seven days he will be making me a three course dinner (see that? CONFIDENCE!) involving crab in some form (not krab, crab. crab crab crab.)

Anybody else want to take the challenge? While I won’t share my crab, Cody makes a wicked mashed potato.


  1. I am down to try this endeavor. Some positive thinking would help anyone. What an inspiration you are!