I can’t believe I spent so many years driving alone in the car with just Addie.

She must have been so bored back there for the first seven years of her life. (I’d say six and half but Vivi didn’t get interesting back there until recently and let’s be honest, little babies in the back of the car can be downright stressful, especially for their big sister sitting right next to them.)

I can remember one particular drive on I-70 East when Vivi was only a few weeks old. We had to drive to the ENTIRE other side of town to pick up a medication from the only compounding pharmacy in Indianapolis. We’re talking more than an hour each way in the dead heat of summer with a tiny new baby. None of us had life figured out at that point. I can remember Vivi screaming and screaming, Addie’s eyes getting wider and wider and my blood pressure getting higher and higher. I kept telling Addie “She can’t scream forever, we’ve done all we can, we just have to get home.” I also remember thinking “Huh, I should totally borrow a newborn and have Addie drive across the city with it in the back when she’s 16, that will teach her about celibacy in a way no PSA ever could.

Addie wanted to play with Vivi so badly in those early weeks but Vivi just wasn’t that fun, she was also really loud which put Addie off even more.

moosh and mozzi.

Once Vivi could laugh and be slightly more engaging everything changed. Our drives went from terror rides to entertainment rides. Vivi began to crane her neck so she could see her sister and Addie began planning more and more elaborate ways to make her sister laugh.

craning her neck to look at her sister

Sundays after church are the best. Both girls are tired of being still and quiet for three hours so they sit in the back singing, spitting and squawking back and forth at each other the whole way home. Lately they’ve taken to playing games of peek-a-boo and chucking toys back and forth at each other.

Addie proclaims “I like having a baby sister.” most often when we’re either in the car or just as we get out of the car.

I think it’s her way of saying “I sure do like not being alone in the back of the car anymore, and the person you put back there with me is awfully funny, thanks for that.

baby in the backseat

I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories and experiences with you here several more times throughout the month before beginning over there full time in early July. This post is sponsored by Disney Baby.


  1. They are adorable, but obviously.

    There is nothing better than watching Ben & Bella playing together.

    Can you imagine three of them back there!

  2. It’s amazing how much it takes out of me to travel with Addison, though she’s gotten somewhat easier since she turned 2. I mean, I’d have rather cared for her ALL DAY, wake-up to bed-time, than travel 2 hours with her in the car. So that’s what I’d tell my wife – “Go on, have a day off, I’ll just stay here with Addison while you head down to San Diego and friends and perfect weather.” Really, I was happy for such an arrangement, and for every opportunity to avoid a social engagement.
    And yet, how easy it can be for two kids to entertain themselves riding side-by-side in a car. I don’t know how they do it.

  3. My husband and I carpool from the northwest side of Indy to downtown for work, so we get to drop off and pick up our baby girl together. Since he does the driving, I get to turn around and look at the top of her fuzzy head as she sits in her seat and wonder what she’s thinking. I just love the top of that head.