band aids and ruby slippers

The truth? I’m really sick. I spend a majority of each day feeling truly awful but can’t bring myself to talk about it because I waited so long for this. There’s so many women that will never experience this kind of sick, and not because they’re lucky, but because their bodies won’t cooperate allowing them to feel this kind of awful.

I’d rather stay quiet than complain.

I knew you’d understand.


  1. I’m really, really proud of you!

  2. i didn’t see my son, or anywhere off the bed for that matter, except the toilet for 17 weeks last time.

  3. I am so happy I found your blog again, I have really missed your posts! Im sorry you are sick, but soo happy for the reason you are sick. Big CONGRATS!!

  4. Oh how I can completely empathize with you. i remember when I was pregnant with my first born 10 years ago. The term morning sickness was not in my vocabulary. It was 24/7 sickness. It is fascinating how one person can be ok and the next person can be awaiting their death sentence. I hope that you are relieved of your suffering soon. Congratulations on getting pregnant. You totally deserve it!!!!