Barack stopped off in Indianapolis today on his way to visit his sick granny.

I took the moosh, not because I’m in love with Barack Obama along with what seems like the rest of the nation, but to be involved and to be a part of something monumental. A democrat hasn’t won in Indiana in 44 years.
Indianapolis Obama Rally
Barack Oplaza
Barack Oshirts
Barack Obuttons
Barack Obadspeller
Barack Oawesomehat
Barack Oshadows
Barack Otalking

So has everyone decided who they’re voting for? Because I sure haven’t, opinions? I HAZ EM. But this ain’t no political blog.


  1. @bridget, Palin is everything women have been waiting for? What are you talking about? She was thrust on the national front to solidify the base. She stands for nothing that I or any of my friends believe in. I believe that a woman who is raped, either by incest or stranger should be allowed to have an abortion and shouldn’t pay for their own rape kit. I don’t believe that war is the answer, I think the Alaska Pipeline will never be built and lastly, I believe that religion has no place in government. If you can convince me otherwise….go for it.

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  2. please read as part of your considerations. I know voting is a private decision and I will never presume to tell anyone else how to vote. However, I would love to sway your thoughts.

  3. Barack Obama.
    the end.

    you have far too friendly a site for me to say any more than that, Casey.

    alis last blog post..oh what a night…this sex is on fire…