Oh you guys! You really are the butter on my homemade bread, because after I admitted that I’m a clutter bug? You all rallied around not only me, but everyone else who commented and said there is happiness in chaos and stress in perfection! (Or something to that effect.)

Amy said “I’d love to see what those rooms look like messy. It always makes me laugh to see what others consider a mess.” Well Miss Amy, THAT is a very fair request because I totally agree with you.

A funny thing happened after looking at the photos I used in that post. I sat on the couch and looked at the picture of my kitchen, then looked into my actual kitchen. It clicked that I have a really nice kitchen and that half the stuff in it simply does not have to be there. Same with my dining room and living room.

Confession: I spent the last two days shame cleaning. Shame decluttering. Shame organizing.


I can see floor and counter surfaces I haven’t seen in YEARS. And I pinky promise I’m going to do my best to keep them clear. YOU HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE OKAY?

In my flurry of cleaning I forgot to take any before pictures, well, except for one. What I lovingly refer to as “The counter of doom: Where junk mail goes to die.”


Yep. That’s what it has looked like for about three years.

Vivi and I spent an afternoon and $40 at The Container Store and now the counter of doom looks like this:


A place for everything and everything in its place!!

I basically had to just give up the “Oh I might use that one day!” mentality and go bonkers on tossing, recycling and donating. Not gonna lie, it felt good.

If you were ever going to stop by for a surprise visit, NOW IS THE TIME (just don’t go upstairs.)


In the spirit of before/after and hows…I’ve lost 19 pounds in 24 days. But I don’t suggest doing it yourself. You can get the full story over at Shutterlovely (or click the photo below.)



    As someone who has tried to tame that counter multiple times and then given up? My mind is officially blown.

  2. Long time reader, first time commentor – Casey, you really are a real and inspiring person! Thank you for just being you and not hiding behind the internet as so many do. I look forward to your posts!! Your reader in Canadaland:)

  3. Oh, so you don’t have the problem where you spend all your money at the container store and then just throw it into the chaos?! Cause that happens to me a LOT.

  4. I admit it. Your post the other day had that effect on me too Casey. I’ve spent my free moments (in between an unfortunate week at work- I work from home) cleaning my great room, and bedroom ( the loft is just another project entirely) AND, tonight just before visiting your blog, I finally hung pictures in our bedroom. There are still some sitting in the hall, and one big one for the great room (mostly because I love it, hubby hates it and it’s at an impasse) but the house is surprisingly neat at the moment. I admit this was helped along by the arrival of the new coverlet/quilt for our bedroom arriving and the soothing caffe au lait tones made me want to make the whole room soothing. I also now have an itch to go spend money at Target for some finishing touches, but still project de-clutter is well under way, I wish we could all trade pictures and ooh and ahhh. It makes me sad no one will see all this hard work. LOL

  5. I spy a mini magnetic strip! Bummed that I missed your visit to my happy place, glad you found your countertop.

  6. Yeah you!!!!

  7. Great job on the weightloss and thank you for your honesty regarding this process.

    On another note, where did you find the racks on the back wall (look like they are holding mail?) I love them and need them!

  8. Looking great!