When I met Cody I didn’t have my own set of beliefs like he did. He had experience and reasons for loving who and what he loved.

I had never had an opinion on what to believe in and who to follow.

So I followed along with the crowd and adopted Cody’s beliefs as my own.

But over the last year things have changed since moving to Indiana. When we moved here a miraculous set of events set into motion to let me know that I was meant to go my own way. I finally have a reason to believe. Someone to follow.

This does not sit well with Cody.

And tomorrow, Sunday, September 30th will be a monumental day in our marriage.

Who’s beliefs will reign supreme?

Will I regret standing on my own two feet and following who I know is best?

Cody is a Denver fan.

I am a Colts fan.

Pray for us both. (Well, pray for Cody, he’s going to need it.)


Thanks Jim, my quarterback totally can out endorse his quarterback.

Cutler who?


  1. You are SO funny…you had me going there…

  2. It will be interesting to see which team the Moosh likes…

  3. Casey, I think this is proof that you still could become a Hoosier!! Go Colts!


  4. This is a marriage deal breaker.

  5. Oh my gosh, I’ll pray for you! (I’m with you on this one. Peyton is my fave from his days at UT.)

    I adopted Mr. P’s football religion, Notre Dame. I’ve come to thoroughly belive myself over the years. This year however, well, it’s a serious-ass test of faith.

    Good luck!

  6. GO COLTS!!!!

  7. Oh… that’s a tough one. I hope you are both strong enough to make it through. You must have true love in order to stay together through such an ordeal.


  8. Wow. Good luck. Even though my husband and I live about 20 minutes from Dallas~ we are no sports fans… Everyone around here is like “OH MY GAH! NO WAY!” and we both just smile and nod when people start talking about 3rd downs, punts, and crap like that LOL! (sorry haha)

  9. Oh, man. And they say differing opinions in politics and religion is difficult in marriage.

    Sports division, though????


    Stay strong. You can do it.


  10. You had me going, too! Good job 😉

  11. Here’s how you win this battle:

    “My quarterback can out-endorse your quarterback any day of the week!”

    And then play Peyton Manning’s United Way video on YouTube over and over again: “Spend time with your kids … so Peyton Manning doesn’t.”

  12. And THEN convert to Catholicism.

  13. I understand. We’re an Auburn/Alabama marriage here. It took many years to come to terms with this split but I’m happy to say, after years of non-therapy, we’re doing great!

  14. And now you have Peyton’s permission to tell your husband: “I don’t even want to look at you. Go sit in the Port-O-Let for 20 minutes. Go on.”

  15. LOL! You crack me up!

  16. Ick! Denver? Really? I’m going to have to have words with that husband of yours dear cousin! LOL!

    I am a Packer fan and Jesse is a Bears fan. How’s that for rivals? Although, our girls wear Green Bay’s proud colors in the form of cheerleader outfits. Hehe! They even have cheese heads. I compromised and agreed to let Jesse dress our boys in his teams colors. But, we have to have a boy first! Ha ha!

  17. LOL…..good luck with that. Going my own way in footbal would be war at my house. We’re (ahem, yes we’re) Patriots fans all the way!! Have fun!

  18. Whooooo Hooooo! Go COLTS!

    We’ll make you a Hoosier girl ….Does the Moosh have her jersey?!?!?!

  19. I am a Wisconsin girl, orignially. My grandpa? Die-Hard Packer fan. The Man? Vikes all the way. I’m really glad my grandpa didn’t call last night! 🙂

    I’d be a Colts fan for Peyton, though. He’s so yummy and hilarious and charming all in one.

  20. I’m a born and raised Hoosier, and I love that you have decided to join in on the Colts obsession! Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen a game in person, but it most definitely not be the last. you should go if you get the chance, it’s a fun time! Love the blog, btw!

  21. Good for you, girl, for standing on your own and believin’ in who you want to.

    I followed the hubs and love me some Seahawks. And we kicked some serious butt too!

  22. Liam Craig says:

    hows the bikini project going?

  23. freakin’ casey…did you ever have me going.


    that snl skit with peyton manning was quite possibly one of the funniest i’ve seen since the good ‘ole chris farley days.

  24. our house is divided, too. me from buffalo, hubs from detroit. fortunately, our football and hockey teams are in defferent conferences. we wouldn’t come into real conflict unless we met in the super bowl or stanley cup finals. if that ever happens, look out.
    i never really had a firm ncaa devotion, so i just converted to his .. GO maize and blue!

  25. Ha! This is great. You totally had me fooled with the beginning.

  26. maybe you can convert him!!