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Hey Kid,

I have good news and bad news about Christmas this year. The bad news is that at some point between today and Christmas I will tell you that Santa isn’t exactly the guy you thought he was. I’ve seen you become more skeptical as years have gone by and it’s been an awful lot of work to keep up the Santa gig on our end, so this year it ends — and knowing you, you’re going to like playing Santa for your little sister even more than you ever liked the idea of a jolly old guy in a red suit stuffing himself down our chimney. Take comfort knowing your gifts will make it here, Santa or no Santa.

November 2014

Here’s the fun part, I get to let you in on all the little secrets and the fun that comes with playing Santa to a little human. No longer will I have to hide or lie about every package that comes to the door, nor will I have to sneak out after you are in bed to go shopping. I won’t have to shut my laptop whenever you’re around in order keep secret bargains a secret and you’ll get to learn what goes into procuring the perfect gifts for the people we love the most. Your gifts will still be top secret, I won’t budge on that — but it will be fun to have your input on what Santa brings Vivi this year.

November 2014

Christmases have been perfect and simple since we started having them on our own with just the four of us on Christmas morning and I love it. You were Vivi’s age when I started our first tradition of Christmas jammies. They make Christmas morning pictures so much more festive and the two of you running around in your kitty cat old-man pajamas from Gymboree is almost more than I can handle. Last year I made it a goal to finish all my shopping before December began and you know what? I did it and Christmas has never gone more smoothly. I never even went to a mall last year during Christmas, easily the number one way to Scrooge-proof your mama from the holiday season.

My parents did an amazing job of keeping Christmas about family, special meals and time together. Never was the focus on big, better, best, money, or insane shopping hours and shopping sprees. I’ve tried real hard to maintain the same respect for Christmas as they did, I’ve failed a couple of times — but I’m happy to say that just as I have figured my Christmas groove out, you get to join right along with me.

November 2014

Plus, I’m going to be so grateful for the extra wrapping help this year.

Love You Paddy Wagon,


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  1. Anonymous1 says:

    Don’t get it I guess. My son is 11 and has known about Santa since he was 5. I still sneak out at night to buy gifts, and try to downplay the Amazon packages that show up at our door. My window browser often gets minimized if I see him approaching when I’m doing some online shopping. And big mouth that he is, if he had younger siblings, I would NEVER let him in on what his siblings presents would be!

  2. My little dude is ten. Santa is an idea that he clings to mightily and I’m not sad about that at all. He’s my only child so when he’s done with Santa, our whole family is, too. I genuinely hope that he never tells me that he doesn’t believe and that I’m still wrapping presents from Santa when he’s twenty-seven years old. I know…this is my issue and not his, but it’s the one place I just don’t want to see him grow up.

  3. I was 8. I found the box for the doll Santa brought me stuffed away in my brother’s closet. oops mom and dad, you should have gotten rid of the evidence. I confronted my mom, thinking she would have some magical explanation. I was hostile, yelling, “just tell me he isn’t real!” So she did. and oops on me, I wasn’t expecting that and burst into tears. But she never let me in on the Santa gifts for my brother. She still did it in secret, leaving toys out from Santa and filling our stockings all after we went to bed. I was just in on the secret. Boy was I relieved when my brother finally caught up.

  4. I remember when I was about my daughter’s age and my mom told me, my exact response was (and I know this because mom LOVES to recount this story), “Does this mean the tooth fairy isn’t real, either?!” as I burst into tears. LMAO I’m sorry but that has me crying tears of laughter even now.
    This is my daughter’s last “santa” Christmas. She is 10, and while I feel like she still wholeheartedly believes, the tooth fairy has “stopped showing up” and she knows that grandma and grandpa hide her easter basket–so it’s time to have santa join the ranks.
    🙂 Great post!

  5. My mom never “officially” told me that Santa didn’t exist, my friends did. I still get Santa (and rudolph, elf and abominable snowman) presents and I’m 37! Believing in something is never a bad thing. 🙂

  6. Sarah Bear says:

    I’m 25 and Santa still brings me presents. Da vehemently clings to Santa and though we’ve never discussed it, I know that he knows and he knows that I know (looked it up in our encyclopedias when I was 8), but I still believe just as much as he does. It’s not about a fat home invader, it’s about naming our ability to delight the people we love with thoughtful attentions and mindful giving. That’s a mouthful though, and it’s way easier just easier to name it Santa. Don’t you think?


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