the moosh was overtaken by some horrible beast from the underworld yesterday. I can honestly attest that she has never been so naughty and so disrespectful as she was yesterday.

The screaming, the hitting, the yelling, the shrieking, the crying, the meltdowns, the NO! NO! NO! and the freaking out.

It was one of those days that makes you question your decision to populate the earth. And really makes you question if it really is a good idea to add one more shrieking ball of terror toddler to human existence. It went to bed at 5:30, hopefully not to be heard from again until it’s 18. (A coping mechanism I employ when my sweet girl isn’t so sweet is to call her an it. Because as you know, if you name it, you get attached to it. Therefore, yesterday, I had an it.)

Oy, the exhaustion.

EST to MST isn’t going so well.

But with me through the whole ordeal was my BFF Kim.

By the end of our day together we were both too exhausted to referee our tired and grumpy children (when I say our, I mean mine). So we laid together on the couch, full of cupcakes and fantasized about running away to Chicago and went over all of our deepest darkest secrets with no judgement.


Not even the silent kind.

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put something so ugly and naked about yourself out there on your blog and no one judges you?

Instead they rally around you and make you feel a little less crazy?

Kim is that feeling. IRL.


  1. Chipotle is open in Sugar House now! 🙂

  2. We should go! 🙂

  3. Gosh, I hardly know what that’s like anymore. You’re lucky to have a friend like that! 🙂

  4. Tear. Wish you could have stayed longer. The getting was just getting good. Seriously, thank you. You have no idea! Thank you. Kiss kiss, miss miss!

  5. I handed one of mine to my husband last night and said, “Here, take it.”

    I call mine “it” too sometimes! People always laugh at that…

    Nice post.

  6. you are lucky to have a bff like that.

    i know.

    because i have one too!

  7. “it” – that is freakin’ priceless – I’ll be using that one for sure!
    Hope “it” has a better day today.

  8. Everyone HAS to have at least one friend like that!!
    Oh and her photography is lovely!!!

  9. You are blessed to have a BFF like Kim.

    I have a BFF that I feel the same about, and her name is Karen.

    These kinds of friends are rare gems.

    Her photos are AMAZING! Is she going to be part of our commune? 😉

  10. Oh. And sorry about the toddler troubles. Traveling with wee ones can be rough, but give it a day or two and I’m sure she’ll adjust 🙂

  11. it is great to have BFF’s like that, isn’t it? I’m lucky enough to have two of them.

  12. Moosh is missing Daddy then too? My kids always freak when they are missing one of us.

  13. I’ve never even met Kim IRL, but I think she’s the bees knees. You both are so lucky you have that together! There is nothing like it. That’s when you know that Heavenly Father has thrown ya’ll together for a reason, like sisters.

    I hope you’ve managed to tame the beast for now.

  14. traveling is so hard with little ones! keep cool mama, keep cool.

    if you’re going to be in utahrr for awhile do you wanna get together to play? ;-D

    enjoy your trip!!!

  15. Awesome. I’ve got a Kim too. Only she doesn’t blog. I’ll have to work on her.

    Hey you’re in Utah, cool. Have you visited Brillig yet ? If you do I’ll need the full report 😉

  16. Oh, both of my ladies have days like that too…days when I wonder where they came from…because they sure didn’t learn it from ME!
    I too have a best friend…been my best friend since I was in first grade. She know everything about me – the good, the bad & the ugly. Life sure is better with friends like that 🙂

  17. A friend like that is WONDERFUL. It makes everything so much more … bearable.

  18. I have that feeling, too. Her name is Natalie.

  19. I have one of those amazing BFFs. She lives 2 time zones away, but we’ve been BFF since the 3rd grade, and she NEVER judges anything.
    I love her!

  20. i love this.

    what a great tribute to a fabulous lady…and i’ve never even met her in person…

  21. Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!


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