First of all, take a gander at your left index finger. See all those keys surrounding it? Now imagine typing with three extra cush band-aids on that finger and you’ll be where I’m am at this moment. Nothing much, just a little minor surgery while trying to cut the best canteloupe ever in the history of melons. I should have known something was up when the knife cut into the rind like butter.


That was just a lame excuse to excuse myself from typos.


Cody and I are Utah fans. We piled into the car early Saturday morning and took the five hour drive up to Ann Arbor Michigan. I myself took a five hour sleep. Dramamine, mmm. My husband decided to wear a BRIGHT RED “take the big house” shirt.

Through the streets of Ann Arbor.

I walked 15 feet behind in case of projectiles. Punches were thrown, lives were threatened and OH THE FOUR LETTER WORDS!

Thank heavens my husband is a big man or someone may have thought it a good idea to throw him in a garbage can.

When we finally made it into the stadium with the other 108,000 fans, the trash talking began. Thankfully I was between my husband and another man of large stature who had the trash talk skills. Left unattended at a football game I would get my trash kicked.

Michigan scored first. OH that made those blue and maize people COCKY. Then Utah scored but missed their field goal. The Michigan fans were out of their MINDS! with trash talk. Then Utah scored again. And again.

I’ll tell you what. I would have never believed 108,000 people could be so quiet. So humbled. As soon as it was obvious Michigan was going to lose the fans began to bail. Michigan fans? You may be passionate (Hello! Getting married at a football game?), but loyalty seems to be optional. And you seriously have an unhealthy relationship with really cheesy high fives.
What do you think she got in return?
Michigan Fan
The Big House
Painted Ute
F-22 Flyover
Third best day of his life.
The Big House in little sunglasses
A sea of Michigan Fans
Michigan Fans High Five, A LOT.
Can you tell who won?
Michican fans clear out fast when they lose.
Utah takes The Big House
Victorious Utes
(Say hi to the little fetus Ute fan in the picture! And no, it’s not me!)
Celebratory Pizza under an ironic sign.


  1. We went to the UT/Florida game on Saturday night, and when they flashed the final score for the UofU and Michigan game, I thought of you. I was willing to be generous for your sake since BYU won their game too 🙂

    Janssens last blog post..Putting Aside My Pride for One Brief Moment

  2. Such great photos!

    Aggies (Texas A&M) are nothing if not loyal. After more embarrassing games than I care to reflect back on, we’ve learned to support our team through thick or thin. We stand the whole time and stay until the time runs out. We’re crazy, obviously, but we bleed maroon.

    She Likes Purples last blog post..Important Decisions

  3. I had a moment this weekend when my husband and FIL were talking about that game and I was like “I know someone who’s a Utah fan and was at that game…” then I stopped myself because my husband was probably like, “Who do we know who’s a Utah fan?” and I realized I don’t really “know” you and we’re not even friends, so how could I possibly explain how I know you were at that game. Blog relationships are so difficult to explain to people who don’t know you have a blog. Drat!

    Jills last blog post..I almost forgot…

  4. Janssen is a better person than I. Because, you see, my favorite team is BYU. And my second favorite team? Whoever is playing AGAINST Utah.

    I was saddened by their win against Michigan.

    Sherrys last blog post..Fjordtastic

  5. Looks like a blast – I wanna reach right in there and grab a slice of that pizza!

    Don Mills Divas last blog post..I’m Not Diva-Worthy

  6. varangianguard says:

    I’ve just got three words for Sherry:

    Holiday Bowl 1979.

    A decade later the A.D. was still whining about it. Listening to THAT felt real good!

  7. I loved the photo from Cody’s sunglasses! Masterful! We caught the Cub game on Sunday. Yep, there was a bride in front with four bridemaids. Creative yes…smart? I dunno…Old Style + all kinds of other beer = crazy masses, major messes.

  8. My college (University of Oregon) won at The Big House last year – and I remember my friends who traveled to the game saying the fans there were kind of big stinking babies.

    Rhis last blog post..Countdown to 30

  9. That looks like so much fun! I did a Giveaway where I asked people if they were got to hang out with ANYONE in the BLOGOSPHERE who would it be an why?…well I just wanted you to know…that you were mentioned! 🙂

    Shelles last blog post..I hate it when I have a meltdown…but first you need the beginning…

  10. Great pictures! The last one has me craving the heck out of pizza.

  11. I found a link to your blog off navelgazing. I just have to say you take awesome pictures.

  12. WOW ALL I WANT RIGHT NOW IS PIZZA!! & I’m not even pregnant!

  13. It makes me so happy Utah won that game. SO SO happy.

    Mmm…college football. Is there a more glorious time of year?

    heather…s last blog post..Flotsam & Jetsam

  14. awesome shots! i still can’t believe you were so close by! next time you’re here, we totally have to meet!

    (…you know, if you want to…)

    Pgoodnesss last blog post..At Three

  15. I might just send hubs over here to see all the great pictures of Michigan getting their asses KICKED! Because it gives me joy to see his eyes well up with tears. Just a little joy. But joy nonetheless.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..No such thing as a good spinal tap?

  16. My father-in-law and his wife were married at the Michigan/Penn State game last year. My step MIL (I guess that’s what I’d call her) is a HUGE Michigan fan. We didn’t exactly celebrate with them because this was in September and my mother-in-law had just died in May. So, um..yeah. We’re sort of okay with it now, but we still find ourselves wanting to buy every piece of Michigan State gear we find and give it to her wrapped in a big green bow.

  17. I do so love your photog skills…

    Reeses last blog post..Finally Kicked My Own Butt

  18. So I was born and raised a Cougar, blue through and through However, when a Mountain West Conference team beats a team like Michigan, imagine the BCS standings when BYU BEATS Utah!!!!! I can’t wait, I’m so excited. So I’m thrilled that the Utes won, even if it is only because it will help BYU in the end!

    I must say, you take amazing pictures! I wish I had a bit of your talent! They are amazing!

    Erikas last blog post..What a Saturday!

  19. Kami's Love says:

    Awesome pictures!!

  20. Alisha in Ohio says:

    You know, I’m not a Utah fan, and I’m DEFINITELY not a M*chig@n fan. But I sure do love anyone that can kick M*chig@n’s trash in their own house!


  21. Hurray Utah!

    andreas last blog post..Travel Part I

  22. man. that last picture has my mouth watering! i am craving some yummy pizza with real pepperoni. i ordered pizza last week begging them for extra sauce. they put the sauce on it, but it was just tomato sauce. no seasonings in it. the seasoning came on the side in a little packet. so disappointing. in the 6 1/2 years i’ve lived in turkey the only good pizza i’ve had is the pizza i’ve made myself. alas…there is no pepperoni though.

    natalies last blog post..Surprise!

  23. Dude – the hat/jets picture, and the sea of people/flag picture? AMAZING! Nice work.

    F Michigan. I applied, they denied. I didn’t even want to go to their f’ing school. F.

    JENN!s last blog post..Top Five Quotes from Gone with the Wind

  24. Great pictures! I was looking forward to seeing ’em. They definitely didn’t disappoint!

    Lauryns last blog post..My life, in a nutshell.

  25. I LOVE seeing Michigan lose! Their fans are such a bunch of whiney crybabies!

    Kristabellas last blog post..Commence Minor Meltdown

  26. First, hope your finger’s ok. YEowch!

    Glad your team won. I am not a college football follower, but I can imagine the frenzy behind all of those yellow shirts. You certainly have a brave husband!

    Also, those pictures? Incredible. Very nicely done.

    traceys last blog post..Someday…

  27. I love that flag picture!

  28. Wow- your pictures are amazing!!!! I felt like I was there!

    mayas last blog post..Marriage

  29. Amy in StL says:

    I had that same knife moment two weeks ago cutting a pepper. Except it was my thumb. I should have known something was up when the knife at the cabin went through the jicama like nothing.

  30. Awesome photos, as always.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cut finger. I love cantaloupe though. yum.

    I recently cut the hell out of my thumb doing dishes and it took forever to heal. Those hand injuries are a PAIN.

    Hope you’re healed up again soon…glad it didn’t keep you from blogging. Pain killers kicking in yet?

    Rheas last blog post..War & Peace…in the carpool line

  31. I’m so upset that Michigan lost. 🙁 Boo.

    And we Wolverines ARE ****y, aren’t we? 🙂

  32. Casey – How awesome that you were there! Being one that bleeds black and gold (Purdue) I was VERY pleased to see Utah beat Michigan!!!! I’m hoping to celebrate a similar victory in a few weeks!

  33. Great pictures! I cannot wait, wait, WAIT to fly back to Knoxville for a game this fall (the only stadium in the nation that rivals Michigan in size!)!!!

  34. I’m more of an NFL fan, but football is football. Great photos!

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Coming Attractions

  35. What great pictures! Each shot totally brings out the energy of the crowd. I’m so glad we found you at the game. It’s nice to know that there are fellow Utes out there who will travel anywhere to support our team.

  36. haha, I love this post and the pictures are FANTASTIC!

  37. What sport is that? Cricket?

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..It was an honour just to be nominated

  38. wow. your photography is really inspiring these days. love these shots.

    EmilyPies last blog post..Photogging Madness!

  39. Your pictures are amazing!

  40. Good for you! U of M fans are absolutely annoying. I was so happy that the Utes took the Big House last Saturday. 🙂 It certainly quieted the maize & blue crowd this last week!

    I’m not a huge U of U fan, but I did stay on campus a few years back while on a mission trip. What a beautiful place!

    just julis last blog post..Potty-Humor Me

  41. Well don’t i feel dumb, yeah, I guess you did know about the whole Michigan coo after all, eh?

    Geez that looks fun.

    goodncrazys last blog post..Nie Recovery Help

  42. wait. forgot my reason for coming… I forget to pee sometimes too…

    have you seen:

    cool auctions going on, sorry for the plug.

    goodncrazys last blog post..Nie Recovery Help

  43. Awesome pictures – I love the flyover one!

    Butrfly Gardens last blog post..If it rains on your wedding day…

  44. This? Was the great day in football history, second only to Appalachian State beating Michigan last year.

    Can you tell I am not a Michigan fan? I like Iowa. But, while I am here, I like the U as well. Go Utes!

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwests last blog post..Oh, Gee! at the OG

  45. As the wife of a Michigan State grad with a strong hatred of all things Michigan football, all I can say is…Go Utah!!

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday- Clothing Organizer

  46. YEAH UTES!!!! You guys should have called we totally would have tagged along… Amanda was just saying the other day how much she misses going to see Utah football.