You, Moosh, turn Big Three today!  My little girl is growing younger today.  No kindergarten next year.  No learning to ride your bike without training wheels this year.  No learning to play the piano this year.  You are turning Big Three today and going to preschool again next year.  Thank goodness you decided to grow backwards this year.

I know you think you are turning five today and that that makes you “almost an adult,” but you will always be my little girl.  I tease you relentlessly because I love you.  Your mom gets emotional when she thinks of the number of words in your vocabulary now, and she wants you to stop growing.  I want you to stop growing as well, but I am so glad that you have all those words in your vocabulary (even if they don’t all make sense when they are put together in a sentence).  You have become so smart and I swell with pride when you retort what I say with a simple sentence based on some logic that actually makes perfect sense, but that a four year old should never be able to think of on her own (I think you would make a great law student, but your mom would make me sleep in the man cave if I wished law school on you).  Some of my favorite times with you have been when we drive places and make up stories to tell each other, or when we work on a project together and you carry on a conversation with me.  I loved coming home the other night to you watching the BBC News; and when I asked what you were doing you looked at me like I was naive and you said, “I’m watching the news.”  You have become one of my best friends and one person I love to hang out with.  I never get tired of being woken up by a playful punch in the face from you, or your constant jumping on my stomach while I’m napping on the floor.    I get excited and proud when you constantly ask me to show you my toys from when I was a kid.

You are no longer just my daughter, you are my buddy and I hope that never changes.

Cody and the moosh.

So, happy fifth birthday Moosh.

P.S. Thank you for playing with my He-Man toys for a few days even though they were, as your mother says, “creepy boy toys.”


  1. you and the Moosh have a mighty fine hubby/daddy. Happy Fifth birthday Miss Moosh !

  2. Yep, needed the tissues!! Happy birthday, sweet little one!! You are such a lucky girl to have such wonderful parents.

  3. That is a really cool post. Happy Birthday to a very beautiful, adorable, sweet, and wonderful little gal! I have no doubts that she has a great personality & wit to match her parents’. She’s lucky to have you guys and vice versa! I hope today was fantastic. xoxo 🙂

  4. I am so glad he loves her just as much as you do.

    On a side note, you people are all disgustingly good looking.

    Also, I loved he-man and she-ra when I was her age or so- the tv shows I mean, not the action figures, per se. And I had a she-ra action figure while of course, my lil bro had he-man. So throwback toys ftw.

  5. Have a blessed Birthday, Addie.

  6. Happy birthday to Miss M.A. Those are my favorite initials and one of my favorite girls.

  7. What a lovely message from Dad!

    HaPpY BirThdAy MoOsH!

  8. I love that you used the word retort while talking to a three, er, five year old. That made me giggle.

    PS He-man toys are creepy.

  9. Karen Sugarpants says:

    Awwwww! Happy birthday to one of the favorist kids I ever met!

  10. He-Man toys rule. Girl toys drool!

    (Also, I’ve been told that smoking stunts growth… just sayin’…)

    In all seriousness, Happy Birthday Moosh!

  11. Oh My! How quickly they grow up! Happy birthday young lady! Ben & family send lots of love to you, your mom, and dad!


    *sniff sigh sniff*

    TOO sweet. Happy Birthday sweet Moosh.. Happy Birth Day, Casey and Happy You’re a Daddy Now Day to you, Cody.

    xo from Texas

  13. Happy Happy Birthday Moosh!!!!!!!!

    This post was a wonderful and sweet surprise for moosh in indy readers!

  14. Aw, happy birthday to the Moosh!

    And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go call MY dad now! (SNIFF!)

  15. What a sweet husband.

    Happy birthday to Moosh *and* Mamma.

  16. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Moosh!

  17. Happy birthday, sweet Addie. Your spunk mystifies me.

    (And hey, didn’t I take that?)

  18. Happy Birthday, Moosh!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday Moosh!

  20. Happy birthday Moosh/Addie!

    Great post, Cody! It is so cool that you are close to each other. She will remember that closeness and treasure it forever.

  21. Happy Birthday to the Moosh!! May 5 bring you all kinds of happiness that counting on 1 WHOLE hand can bring! You are a lucky girl to have such amazing parents.

  22. Happy birthday, Moosh!

  23. happy birthday addie! if i was still in indianapolis we could eat pizza and open my little pony presents. (ainsley dictated this note to me when i told her it was addie’s birthday.)

  24. Happy Birthday Miss Moosh!

  25. Happy birthday to you all!!!

  26. Engineer Bob says:

    Happy Birthday Moosh!

  27. That’s half a decade! Happy birthday, Moosh!!

  28. So very sweet! Happy birthday, Moosh!

  29. time is relentless, isn’t it! They want to grow up faster and faster, and we want them to slow down.

  30. Happy Birthday (not so little) Moosh!

  31. oh, I hope she had a great day! FIVE is a big one! Kisses to her from me!

  32. Happiest of birthdays to your sweet curly headed girl…

    p.s. LOVE that picture

  33. Very sweet! Happy Birthday, Addie! Love, Barb, Johnny (aka my Johnny) and Charlie

  34. Happy Birthday Moosh!

  35. Oh how stinkin’ adorable is that??? 🙂 Happy birthday Moosh! I wish I could age backwards as well! I would even settle for my hair to turn ungrey! 🙂

  36. Amberghini Welch says:

    Hippo Birdie Two Ewe! Miss your faces! Wish we could hang out this holiday season (or sometime soon). XoXoX

  37. Happy Birthday Moosh-and don’t worry…if my girl can turn fifteen and I can’t stop her, then you are safe with five.

  38. Mom from Vernal says:

    Now you can see what law school has done for Cody. He would never do that before. I loved it. Happy birthday Addie. Grandma called 5 times to talk to you but never could find you. I will try again soon.

  39. Happy Birthday Darling Girl!

  40. Happy Birthday!