Geese. They hate me. HATE.

Yeah. So, that’s how my day started yesterday. But yesterday was Saturday.

Want to hear how my day ended on Friday?

I was attacked by a duck.

A white one.

Addie had a picnic at her preschool, I was sitting on a blanket discussing the upcoming Indy 500 with some other parents when this duck wanders over. For some reason the duck felt the need to stare me down. Considering I’m eight times the size of a duck and I know how to prepare one in orange sauce I figured the duck would see I was eating lettuce and just waddle away.

Looking back at the photo of the duck (thanks for capturing the horror Erin!) the duck has a crazy look in its eye.


Addie came up with the term “peckle” which is completely appropriate, considering she watched the whole thing, kid is scarred. Yells at anything with wings bigger than her foot “DON’T PECKLE MY MOM BIRD!”

The crazy eyed duck was just there…being a duck…then it charged! at my face! It hopped up on my right arm and pecked at my forehead four or five times until I screamed and flailed so loud and hard the duck had to either bail or lose a major organ.

I DO NOT KID! There were witnesses!

I don’t care if this is karma for my post threatening to bust a cap in their feathered fundaments. IT IS ON.

Alfred Hitchcock and Colonel Sanders were both onto something.

Birds are creeps. Tasty tasty creeps.


  1. The bird sensed your bird hater energy!

  2. That is terrifying!

  3. Hitch**** was right…birds are scary.

  4. the birds. they scare me to my very soul

  5. No joke! Birds are totally Satans minions! When I was a baby I was attacked by a tucan at the zoo. That same tucan attacked my older sister five years prior. Evil!

  6. only to you and only on the day of preschool graduation…

  7. My grandpa was attacked by a female swan once (back in ’72) and it broke his leg.

    I don’t mess with the fowl. (chest bump) *respect*

  8. I am so afraid of birds for this very reason. Scary birds. Scary.

    You stay safe!

  9. I totally relate, except it’s with geese. My aunt had this one goose that would charge at me the second I set foot from my vehicle to her property from the time I was eleven until I was twenty, when he died. Stupid Alaska. I was glad when he died.

  10. Michelle says:

    Maybe he recognised your cooking skills and didn’t want to be dinner!

    I know a few people afraid of birds. You are not alone.

  11. I will stay away from all ducks from now on especially if I am eating lettuce and I see one with a crazed look in it’s eye!

  12. I am glad to hear you survived the peckle-ing.

  13. Sure the baby ones are cute…but when you’re five years old and you pick up one of them and the mom takes an areal dive right at your face, you start to change your opinion on them! That duck that attacked you was evil. Maybe it’s just reminding you to get Aflac.

  14. Ew.

  15. I’m glad it didn’t eat you. LOL.

    I want this on a t-shirt: Birds are creeps. Tasty tasty creeps.

  16. I detest birds…if that happend to me, I would never leave my house again…!!!

  17. *gulp* Casey, I am afraid for your life! Don’t you know, the birds are EVERYWHERE?

  18. sooo funny! i’m scared of birds!

  19. Ohh Betsy! says:

    I’ve never been attacked by birds but I was witness to a terrible bird attack two feet away. It was in Florida as we were innocently trying to feed alligators pieces of hot dogs (note – alligators are not tempted by little pieces of hot dogs and will let them bounce off of their snouts). A huge bird (and by huge, I mean waist high) got right behind my friend and she accidentally stepped on it’s foot. It was horrifying. Oh, the wing flapping and the screaming.

  20. I just came across your blog, and I had to comment after reading this post. This is hilarious…those ducks are cute but that’s deceiving….

  21. This reminds me of that one time we were at Sugarhouse. You know what I am talking about. They know your soul, and that makes them want to peckle you.

  22. Yikes! Those birds are freakin’ crazy, that I know. Sometimes they stop on the main roads around here and you just have to stop and let them pass. I never see a dead one…not sure why!


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