Once upon a time there were a bunch of girls in Chicago who wrote about their lives on the internet.

Chicky, OTJ, some Moosh

Two of them went home, got busy and got knocked up. One of them is in the above photo. And it’s not me. Or her.

And then there was this other girl who’s womb decided it had been vacant too long also.

That was approximately 37-40 weeks ago. Wow, time flies when you’re not the one having to worry about morning sickness, an ever expanding belly, back pain and weight gain.

The time has come for Her Bad Baby, Cheesy Chicken Baby and Chicky II to make their entrance into the world. Hopefully with epidurals, full time nannies and very understanding younger siblings. The ladies hosting their virtual baby shower asked the rest of us to hand out our best advice.

Wait, I though we decided advice was a bunch of baloney?

We did?


Just making sure.

Closest thing I have to advice for you ladies on numero dos? Well, let’s just say it came from Sex and the City.

One is an accessory. Two is a lifestyle.

But don’t trust me. I’m still on number one.

Best wishes to all three of you, and the other eleventybillion pregnant women, new moms and soon to be adoptive moms out there in the world. Stay close because I’ll need some better advice than my own if I ever get to number two. Want to help welcome these babies into the world too? Want the chance to win stuff while you’re at it? Here’s how to do it.

And really the best advice I could give is that if you don’t already read all three of these ladies you need to start. I was blogstalking them waaay before I knew what a feedreader was and at a time when I thought Technorati was a kind of dance. And with the promise of stitches and sore boobs in the very near future they’re going to need all the support they can get. And I’m not talking nursing bras, people.


  1. Thanks a million, pretty girl. And don’t you think The Moosh counts as one-and-a-half? I know The Poo does.

    Just you wait – my blog will get messier and crankier than ever. Oh, the fun we’ll have.

  2. OMG that quote made me laugh so hard. I’m still accessorizing, I’ll watch the others for lifestyle.

    motherbumper’s last blog post..SHOWER TIME: Two’s a Charm

  3. i have four kids…ask me anything. i don’t promise that any advice i give is good advice, but hey…the kids are all still alive and that’s saying something!

    i did introduce my 12 year old son to the song “my ding a ling” by chuck berry. will that be a problem?

    natalie’s last blog post..Who am I?

  4. Seeing that picture of the three of us made me so damn happy. Screw the advice, seeing that picture again is the best present you ever could have given me.

    Chicky Chicky Baby’s last blog post..Cue the synthesizer, it’s The Final Countdown

  5. I’m with Natalie. I figure if I kept having kids after the first one, then I must like something about it. Granted, most of the time I’m still figuring it all out, but try me. I may have a moment of brilliance!

    Kristin’s last blog post..Chickens

  6. Two is definitely a lifestyle. Oy.

    Lawyer Mama’s last blog post..Everyone, Meet Jimbo The Sexist Moron

  7. That quote… *snort*… (why can’t I have just two accessories?)

    Her Bad Mother’s last blog post..Hysterical


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