The scene: Right outside a local Greek restaurant full of flaming cheese, pita bread and meat pie. Me, in my car with small child shrieking from backseat. Her, a middle aged poufed up smoker with fake black hair and too high of heels for her center of balance. She gets into her new shiny black Range Rover with her two froofed up sidekicks, TooBlonde and SpandexQueen.

Before closing her door she throws (THROWS!) her half full convenience store soda cup INTO the parking lot.

I threw my car into park.


I am in no way crunchy, well, maybe three ways crunchy, but REGARDLESS! You don’t throw your garbage ON THE GROUND!

My first reaction? Tear out of my car and throw that soda back into her half open cigarette hanging window. Whew, it would have felt gooood.

(Cody’s mentioned something about controlling my rage…hmm…well. Anyway.)

Second reaction? Get out of my car and pick it up myself. With a big HUMPH! and a dramatic twirl back to my car.

However, I did nothing. Dummy, pansy, dummyhead. Driving away I thought through all the things that could have happened along with the fact that I’m a dummy pansy dummyhead. And then it hit me:

Third reaction, get out of the car, pick the cup up and (nicely) say “Excuse me? Ma’am? You dropped your drink!” then she would either have to suck it up and take it back or deal with some serious karma if she laughed in my face.

What would you have done? And why is it that the best comebacks come two minutes after you needed them?

If nothing else send the litterer lady bad BAAAD juju’s.


  1. You are sooooo right on this one!

    A few weeks ago a lady walking near me threw down a wrapper from something she was noshing. In her view, I detoured, picked it up, smiled at her and threw it in a nearby garbage can. She gave me an embarrassed smile and mumbled, “Sorry.”

    Sheesh, People, find a can!

  2. YES!!! There are a few things that drive me bat-assed crazy and that is one of them. Another one is not returning the shopping cart to it’s designated spot. Makes me livid!

  3. I am of the “Sweetly Embarrass the Heck Out of Them” camp. I love doing that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, and when you pop up in my google reader, I’m retraining my brain to say mush-rhymes-with-tush and not moosh-rhymes-with-sploosh. Just saying.

    Ginnys last blog post..Weekend Update

  4. oh, that annoys me to no end! (and the shopping cart thing, too – serious pet peeve for me!!)

    I like the third option (actually, I like the 1st, but, well, the rage could be a problem…)

    pgoodnesss last blog post..Book Review Tuesday

  5. i would have done nothing but curse her and said something bad and mean under my breath.

    feeners last blog post..Amanda vs. Jenny & a little GREEN giveaway

  6. My FIL caught someone recently in the parking lot of the grocery store cleaning out her car and dumping the garbage all over the ground. He called her a few choice words, which wasn’t exactly the Christlike thing to do, but man, I don’t know what else there would be at that point!

    Jia@ColorMeUntypicals last blog post..Stress Over Nothing

  7. I like the first choice. It would have been fun if nothing else.

  8. I always dream that I’ll someday be the “First Reaction” kind of woman, but honestly, I’m a “Second Reaction” gal. It’s sad, I know, but I think it’s kept me from getting punched in the face by nasty people worldwide.

    Katies last blog post..Obstruction

  9. I probably would have said something to the effect of, “I cannot believe you did that! Pick that up right now!” And then I would have slouched down in my seat and sped away very quickly hoping that she did not have a gun.

    Jamyes last blog choose or not to choose

  10. My friend once saw a man dump his overflowing ashtray onto a parking lot – he got our of his gar, picked it all up in his hands and threw it back in the mans car – I would have loved to have seen that, but Im a chicken and would have just yelled something as I drove on by. However I would take a picture of the licence plate and let the store know what I saw:)

  11. never mind my typos – I need to sit up when I type… LOL

  12. Ok, if it were in a parking lot, with everyone…you know…*stationary* and such, I’d probably be too chicken to do anything. But when I’m driving along and I see people throw things out the window (especially burning cigarettes. ack!!), I honk like a madwoman.

    Stacey @ Happy Are Wes last blog post..So This is What Comes from Cooperation?

  13. Option 3 would rock.

    Rachaels last blog post..Apparently I am going to throw my baby off a bridge

  14. How RUDE!
    The lady I mean. Not you. I, like you, am a complete pansy, and would have either picked it up myself, huffing, or done nothing at all. Option 1 is never my option 1, if ya know what I mean. In my head – totally. But IRL? I’m a scaredy baby.

    Mandys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Age of Aquarius

  15. Oh I totally would have done exactly what you did and thought of so many things I “could” have done later on … Here’s to us “Dummy, Pansy, Dummyheads” who have brilliant ideas a little too late!

    Andreas last blog post..Deep Dark Secret Love Affair

  16. Dummyhead. I would have been dummyhead.

    I talk a mean streak, and I get P.I.S.S.-ed. But then wimp out at the actual event. Sorry, no help.

  17. Definitely would have given it back to her.
    But I’m b*tchy like that…

    Megs last blog post..Exhausted

  18. Love me the new layout. Dude, I am the queen of pansy…also the queen of wish I would have done something. I am getting ballzy in my old age…but I probably would have done nada.

    Kims last blog post..Pregnancy Loss. Miscarriage.

  19. I’m not sure; it depends on how big and scary she looks. The words I frequently have to supress (when I see a perfectly-able person parking in the handicap spot): “Is your handicap a mental one?!” Some day, I am going to say it (and probably get my ass kicked by the able-bodied idiot!)

    Half-Past Kissin’ Times last blog post..In Which I Get Busted

  20. I saw a lady just a few days ago , unwrap a fast food burger and throw the wrapper on the ground. who are these people and why do we have to share air with them?

    designherMommas last blog post..Busy Bee

  21. I would pick it up and throw it and at least know I’m racking up some good karma… people “don’t notice” their animals pooing and peeing in our store ALL THE TIME and we just smile and clean it up or smile and hand them a roll of paper towels…

    Reeses last blog post..Fuzzy Biscuit

  22. Option 3 is the best! If you get mad, they get mad right back. If you are polite, there’s nothing they can do. I use Option 3 in all sorts of situations (excuse me, I don’t think your blinker is working!”) Passive aggressive, yes; effective, definitely!

  23. I would have been a dummyhead pansy and come up with a killer retort at 2 AM the next day.


  24. gabe and i were driving behind a person who had just pulled out of a pizza place…first the driver threw his straw wrapper out his window and then his wife (?) threw hers ou. gabe drove up next to them…rolled down the window and used a very not nice word…and told them to use a garbage can.

    i was so proud of him!

    alis last blog post..met on the internet

  25. I think I would have done the same thing, the right reaction never comes in time when you need it.
    My biggest liter peeve…
    I don’t understand people pitching their cigarettes out the windows of their cars. The world is not an ash tray.

    Clinks last blog osmosis.

  26. Seriously nothing infuriates me more than people who casually litter. My husband who has balls of steel has no problem whatsoever getting out of his vehicle, picking up the litter and walking to the offender with their trash and giving it back to them, while I slouch beneath the dashboard of our car. I however do get out and throw it away in the garbage hoping they feel stupid that someone else has to pick up after them. It’s so wrong that we still live in a society where people just don’t give a damn.

    Kimberly Keiths last blog post..Oh sweet Rainiers’ how I love thee

  27. I wouldn’t have done anything, but I would have imagined chucking it back in her window. I have the anger problems too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Karlys last blog post..Because Potatoes Make Me Horny

  28. People suck. I am notorious for piping up when I see, what my husband calls, “social injustices”. I would have gotten out of the car, picked up the cup, tapped on her window and said “I’m sorry, I think you dropped this.”
    I also do this will shopping carts.
    As for the handicapped parking reference, I saw a guy park in a handicapped parking lot and the JOG into the gym across the street. I shouted “I guess they’re issuing handicapped plates for mental reasons now”. When I saw him charging back toward me, I ran into the restaurant we were at and hid in the bathroom until he was gone.
    Oh crap! Stephen was so mad at me!

  29. BARF – that’s SO obnox! Reminds me of the time I saw a fur-coat clad diva drive her brand new Hummer (double barf) off the car dealership lot and then plowed into someone’s car.

    P.S. Were you at Santorini? If you haven’t been, you should definitely go. Love it!

    Mymsies last blog post..Iโ€™m Too Cool to Care About Celebs

  30. My first reaction is always to get mad and throw things. Then I stew in it for a bit and the catching flies with honey pops into my head and I try to think of the most back handed way of being nice as I can. It’s taken me days to write letters to some people.

    Hollys last blog post..Why

  31. Aww I too am a Dummy, pansy, dummyhead but wish I could be an option 1 type of gal. Sigh.
    The shopping carts not being returned annoys me too…

    but about the handicap parking spots? That one initially annoyed me until I saw some sort of special on tv and they showed people getting yelled at for parking in a H. spot and being able to walk into the store… but really these people had breathing issues (there was some other type of issue too but I forget it now) that, while they look fine and able-bodied, they really can NOT walk very far- hence the need to park in handicap spots even though they can walk.
    Yea, I know not everyone is like this and that people very often do abuse the ‘power’ but if they have the sticker/plate I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. I would hate for someone to yell at me if I were in their situation.

    heathers last blog post..I guess this is a ‘blob’

  32. Shelley says:

    The same exact thing happened to me last week (except for black range rover insert red POS car)! I was so mad and if it wasn’t for the light turning green and cars lined up behind me, I would have gotten out and chunked the littered drink on their car! I later found out that in Texas if you see a person littering and report them to this website – the state of TX will send the owners of a car a littering bag.

  33. Check out what I said to a guy stealing my neighbor’s air conditioner yesterday. That felt good! And scary… (The link should be in the commentluv)

    Sarah @ Ordinary Dayss last blog post..Super Sarah Saves The Day Again

  34. I like all three options. though i probably would have done #3.

    I did have a lady try to shame me once, at the bookstore. She was reading way too loudly to her kids (!!!!LOOK AT ME!!!! WHAT A GOOD MOMMY I AM!!!!) and I was pregnant and chasing my other two kids around and left 2 books on a table that we weren’t getting.

    Apparently that offended the heck out of her. So she passive-aggressively made it known in a loud voice.

    I wanted to put my foot firmly on her backside.

    Obnoxiousness can fall on either side of the table.

    xo ~ K

    karla | looking towards heavens last blog post..How to actually make it past breakfast when camping with a baby

  35. I love them all but the kill them with kindess and watch for the stunned response is our own sweet little reward.

    (ps I love the color combos you have going on the design.)

  36. Harumph! My name is also “Casey” and I also loathe being called “Case”. I’m OK with it if it is someone near and dear to me but when it’s someone who just met me, it boils my blood. I know they’re just trying to be friendly but it’s rude.

    Caseys last blog post..Lesbian Love

  37. i think people that litter should have to live in the landfills.

  38. *send bad juju*

    Two minutes later is better than my three days later! I have always wished I was bolder and more witty. And option 3 would have been awesome!

    Megans last blog post..My email is stalking me.

  39. (Only because I have done this before and to someone riding in my car!) I would have stopped and picked it up, handed it back to them or made a big show of throwing it away. AND if I had my child in my car, I would make a big, loud example of the whole thing, talking about “the damage to our environment by littering and how we must all be responsible for the greater good.”
    (Littering makes my skin crawl!)
    LOVE YOUR BLOG, by the way!!!

  40. I would have thrown it back at her… I’m an angry girl too!

    Nicoles last blog post..Not Another One

  41. I’m more mellow these days…but once, many moons ago, I saw a guy dump a coffee cup out of his car, I KNOW it was coffee because it ended up all over the back end of the car I was driving at the time. My luck was that said vehicle had a sunroof that the jerk didn’t bother to close.

    I had been changing my son’s NASTTTY diaper and so I just closed it up, walked over to that guy’s car and gave it a toss into the sunroof. If my world is his trashcan, his world now became mine.

    Can I just say I walked around with a HUGE smile every time I thought of that rancid diaper in the 100+ heat, just oozing into the leather of that car..hehehe, smiling a little NOW.

    Anissa @ Hope4Peytons last blog post..ARE you kidding me?

  42. I’m actually amazed there are people who still litter–what with all the environment talk everywhere you look! But, I guess it goes to show you that there are some people who are just plain stupid!

  43. Sadly, I probably would have done the same thing: imagine all these REALLY nasty things I could do and say to her… after I’d already driven away. I always do that, think of the best come-backs 5 minutes later when the moment is over. me = loser.

    Don’t feel bad though. Unfortunately no matter what you had done or said, she probably wouldn’t have gotten the point anyway.

  44. I probably would have done nothing about it.unfortunately. BUT, if the kids were with me, I would make a point of pointing out how bad littering is and how that woman would go to hell. Just kidding.

    I can’t believe people throw their trash out. Amazing. I might dump out a drink to empty it, but not the cup too. I save my trash up for trashcans. That’s so disappointing.

    Rheas last blog post..Tales from the Pool

  45. I am the same, witty comebacks milliseconds AFTER they are worthless.

    I would have totally jumped her and strangled her with her hair. Or her friends spandex.

    And then posted it on YouTube. ‘The earth strikes back’

    Kelleys last blog post..I ainโ€™t got no more kidneys to sellโ€ฆ

  46. it always surprises me to see people just throwing trash out wherever they are when i am in america. i want to bring them here and show them what it looks like when everyone does that! seriously. i had never seen so much trash in the streets until i moved to turkey. i still don’t allow my kids to throw their empty cans or ice cream wrappers on the ground.

    the only time i have ever left trash on the side of the road here was when one of my kids threw up in a bag as we were driving along a mountain pass. i wasn’t about to keep that in the car!

    natalies last blog post..Anna Grace reporting

  47. 3rd choice, all the way…I’ve actually done it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lizs last blog post..

  48. Choice 3 is the best. While I haven’t done it with litterbugs, I have chased after dog-walkers who let their dogs poop with out scooping. I always have 2-3 poop bags with me when I’m walking my pooch so I just run after them and say “Hey, looks like you forgot your poop bag – I have an extra one!”

    ikates last blog post..A New Recipe

  49. It’s so nice to see all of the other people who get reasonably pissed off about littering! Idiots. There’s that great commercial (I don’t remember what it’s advertising) where the guy picks up all the crap the other guy dumps over a period of time and then leaves a trash sculpture of a tree on his car with a note that says “you dropped this”. Hah. On the other issue; it’s impossible to put your groceries, and then your baby, into your car and then leave your baby unsupervised in the car while you properly return your shopping cart. Once they get big enough, the kid can do the cart return and collect others on his way to make up for transgressions that he caused earlier in life ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Seriously. Why the HELL do people do that? Is it SO problematic to carry the frigging garbage in their car until they find a garbage can?

    manager moms last blog post..How Books Are Destroying My Family, Part 1