The winners are Jen from Jen Guidance for Victory and Emily from Family Life in Las Vegas!


Congrats ladies and we’ll see you in Nashville!


Three years and five conferences ago Tanis and I did our first rendition in a tiny little Nashville bar.
A Reckneck Woman...

Since then we’ve sang the same song three more times, once when I was pregnant, twice in costume, once with a cane and twice in a different country.


Sweet Karaoke


Blissdom is my favorite conference for several different reasons, karaoke parties being one of them. 2012 will be my 6th Blissdom conference and this year I will be a photography community leader. This year will feature a handmade marketplace, amazing keynotes and other equally (ehem) impressive community leaders with all levels of experience.

I wish I could see all of you there.

Luckily I will be seeing at least two more of you there.

That’s right, I’m giving away two full conference passes to the 2012 Blissdom Conference in Nashville, Tennessee February 23rd-25th.

(That’s 65 days!!)

Bring your comfy shoes and join me at the Opryland in February.

Good luck and I hope I get to squeeze your neck in Nashville!

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photos courtesy of Mishelle Lane, Heather Durdill, Angella Dykstra


  1. sounds like so much fun!

  2. This…this could be so awesome. Is it bad that I want this so that I have no excuse not to go? So that I can’t chicken out?

  3. me. i want to go. can we share beds? or maybe just the room?

  4. I started blogging this year and have been wanting to attend Blissdom. This would be the perfect push to get me there!

  5. blissdom is always so much fun!

  6. Blissdom is on my to-do list but it’s been put on the 2013 shelf. Moving it to the 2012 shelf would be cooler than cool.

  7. Melanie Johnson says:

    I have never attended a conference and I would love to meet everyone I read about!

  8. Awesome! I love karaoke & am terrible at it.

  9. I have always wanted to go and have always heard such great things!

  10. I’m a blogging newbie and I’d love to rub shoulders and have tons of fun with women I’ve admired from this side of the screen. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

  11. i want to have the late-winter bloggy fun, too. fingers crossed:)

  12. How exciting, I would love to win. I so want and need to go.

  13. My partner just finished his unbelievably difficult grad program and we have decided that 2012 gets to be about me! There would be nothing better than learning all that I could learn at Blissdom to “actually start” the blog that I have been dreaming about…to give me the confidence to just hit publish.

  14. I want to finally meet you.
    I have never been to a blog conference and would love my first one to be with someone as amazing as you…. I hope that when I “grow up” someday I can have a blog half as amazing as yours! If there was a blog idol contest I think you could def win!

  15. To meet a bunch of really great people!

  16. I’m falling in love with the blogging community. Toying with the idea of starting a blog of my own. I’d love to make some new friends and karaoke until I have no voice left.

  17. I would love to go and get to meet the people behind the blogs I love to read. Also looking for advice and tips that I can use!

  18. I would LOVE to go to Blissdom because 1. I’ve never been and 2. because I hear that it absolutely ROCKS! I would love the chance to meet other bloggers, learn more about our ever-changing medium and have some fun!

  19. I’ve heard great things about Blissdom! I’d love to see you there!!

  20. I’m not a big conference going, especially the ones that focus on the parties and swag but from what I hear about Blissdom it’s very different. I want to actually learn something and make connections that will last more than 2 weeks after the event. My blog is important to me and I want to learn how to make it better using a little bit of business sense as well as life lessons.

  21. OOOHHH where do I start.

    1) I want affirmation that I am doing what God wants me doing with my blog.

    2) I want to meet so many wonderful bloggers who will also be there!

    3) Not gonna lie – I want to see you sing that song!! 🙂

  22. I want to learn more about blogging! I’ve heard it’s a great opportunity to do that! I’m new to this thing and want to learn how it will help me market my music and connect with more listeners!

  23. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I want to learn more and grow my blog! Also meet some fantastic people in this blogging community!

  24. I want to learn how to grow my blog, meet you and lots of wonderful people like you!

  25. I want to go to Blissdom to better my blog, myself, meet/make friends and to have TONS of fun!

  26. Oh how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go… but we’ll be on a family vacation that week. Sigh. Maybe 2013.

  27. I would *LOVE* to meet you and squeeze YOUR neck! 😉

  28. Liz Sanders says:

    i have never been to a blogging conference before. I would love to see all the photography Moms and learn more about my camera. I would also love to meet a few of the blog writers who’s blogs I read on a daily basis!

  29. Just getting started and I would love to attend!

  30. I want to go to Blissdom because NOTHING makes more sense than attending my first blogging conference only 4 weeks after having my third baby!!! WHEEEEE!!!

  31. Heard Blissdom was THE conference to go to, and the description sounds amazing! Fingers crossed I can go!

  32. I’ve only ever been to one conference and it was small. Never seen anything like the blissdom conference!

  33. I want to go and try out the writing path! Or the life path! Or, or, or! I’m just excited to do something that would be just for me!

  34. Blissdom was the first blog conference I ever attended in 2010. I was nervous and a bit shy so I didn’t get as much out of the conference as I would have liked. I would love to go back this year so I can learn, re-energize and connect with some wonderful bloggers!

  35. Would love to go to learn more about photography and meet great bloggers.

  36. if you pick me we can sing another cheap trick song!!!

  37. I’m in utter LOVE with Blissdom! I’ve seen how #BlissdomCanada rocks all night, so it would be great to see how it’s done in the US! 🙂

    I hadn’t known there was some history behind your song that night!! That just made karaoke night a little bit more awesome, lol!

  38. I have been to Blissdom twice and would LOVE to go see my pals and maybe reignite that blogging passion.

  39. I attended Blissdom last year, and it was so wonderful to learn and grow and connect with other bloggers. Would love to attend this year!

  40. I have never attended a blogging conference before. This would be so amazing to win!

  41. I’m going through major blog burnout. I think a dose of learning in the BioDome with some of my favorite people is just what I need!

  42. I want to go to Blissdom to learn more about blogging and engaging so I can apply those principles at the nonprofit I work for!

  43. i have never attended a blogging conference and feel that it would be so great to connect as our blog grows & my business supporting bloggers continues to grow!! thank you for the opportunity!

  44. I wanna goooo!!

  45. I want to go to Blissdom because finding the blogging world is like finding family that you never knew you had where you understand why you have all these odd quirks or fanciful ways that never made sense before. I want to go and see MY PEOPLE!

  46. Why do I want to go to Blissdom? Because I hear it’s awesome and in over three years of blogging I’ve never been able to go. Hopefully 2012 is my year!

  47. Thank you for this giveaway!!! I would really love to go to Blissdom for the networking and idea sharing that will be happening between like-minded people! I’m SOOOOOO excited!

  48. I would love to go to meet other bloggers and learn all the tips and tricks. Also to make new connections. I am always trying to grow my site.

  49. I want to grow and expand my blog and meet some other great bloggers! I have never been able to afford a conference and am dying to go!

  50. I want to meet my Bloggy friends and I want to learn and grow my blog.