(photos and links in no particular order.)

I want to be…

As gracious as Chrissy, Edie, Lisa and Sibi.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As unconditionally loving as Frelle and Lee.

Blissdom Day 3-57

As courageous as Ari.

Blissdom Day 3-42

As passionate as Alli and Ally.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As talented as Mishi, Dawn, Lotus, Deana, Angie and Amy.

Blissdom Day 3-59

As fantastic as Carmen, Esther and Mrs. Chicken and Poppy.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As loyal as Rachel and Tanis.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As powerful as Barbara, Catherine, Paula and Liz.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As hysterical as Allison, Marie, Heather, Bridget, Cassie, Michelle, Monica and Christina.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As coordinated as Jessica

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

As honest as Steph.

Blissdom Day 3-65

As immensely beautiful as Amber, Sarah, Robin, Amy, and Danielle.

Blissdom 2010 Day 2

I know I forgot people. Please don’t take it personally.

My head is up in the clouds with happiness from this last weekend at Blissdom.

I love these women. LOVE. @mommystory @iveyleaguemama

I want you to tell me who is what to you.

Leave me comment saying “I strive to be as ______ as _______” and leave a link to their blog or twitter.

Why would you want to do this?

Because it’s nice.

And because I will pick one person to win this…

custom Lisa Leonard necklace, given to the speakers of Blissdom 2010.

A very rare Lisa Leonard necklace. Rare because only the speakers at Blissdom 2010 were given them.

Why am I giving it away? Because. That’s why.

I’ll pick a winner Wednesday, February 10 at Midnight EST.


  1. What a lovely idea, Casey. I’m smiling just reading the comments and feeling all the bloggy love.

    I strive to be as as confident and yet so-very-humble as my friend Jenn at http://www.flamingobear.com. She inspires so much with her laid-back style and the amazing food she feeds her family. I think of all the traditions and memories she’s creating for her girls, and graciously sharing with us, and I can’t help but get a big ol’ goofy smile on my face.

  2. What a wonderful love fest you’ve created! I am so glad to have met you this weekend. I feel like we just clicked.

    I strive to be:

    as infectiously happy as @sarasophia
    as accepting as @secretagentmama
    as brave as @drewsfamilytx
    as composed as @extraordmommy
    as crafty as @thepleatedpoppy
    as giving as @holleygerth & @incourage
    as gracious as @alliworthington
    as enthusiastic as @JessicaKnows
    as lovely as @barbarajones
    as encouraging as @mutheringheight
    as mentoring as @ShotLivePhoto
    as friendly as @coopermunroe
    as composed as @reneejross
    as sweet as @tothink
    as karaoke-ific as YOU
    {must stop. i could go on all night.}

    I already have the necklace. I just wanted to play. 🙂

  3. I strive to be as creative, resourceful, live life for the moment, and so much more as Amanda.

  4. So honored to be included here. You’re a hoot. (Yes, I just said hoot… Tennessee rubbed off on me after all.)

  5. Still amazed that I was included as hysterical. Thank you.

    As for me? I strive to be as original and self-confident as Mishi (@secretagentmama).

    And as smart-under-pressure and strong as Amy (@mrschicken).

    And as intelligently well-spoken as Catherine (@herbadmother).

    And as blissful and free-spirited as you, of course.

    There’s so many other women I admire and aspire to in some aspect or another, but my brain is running short on adjectives tonight!

  6. I strive to be as confident in myself as Jim @busydadblog. He not only attended a conference with 500 women, he immersed himself in it. He was funny and was just so great to be around.

    There are so many people I met and I know that I love qualities of.

    I am thankful to know them all and to know you. xo

  7. i strive to be as honest and uninhibited in my writing as you, dear casey. i have much to say, but i’m a big old fat chicken.

    bok. bok.

  8. Thank you so much sweet friend. I can’t believe you included me in your special list. Thank you so much for thinking of me and I absolutely loved meeting you.

    You are a special soul……

    I long to be as wonderful a friend as