Blog burnout.

We’ve all suffered it.

We’ve all felt guilty about it.


I personally haven’t had much to write about. I took my kid to a horse show, to pick raspberries and to get her some new pants that go past her ankle bone. Last night we hit up the circus and today we’re trekking down to Louisville to go to the Temple.

While we’ve had fantastic time, I don’t really expect you to care a whole lot that I’ve eaten enough raspberries to make my fingers red or that packing away clothes the moosh has grown out of sent me into a heap of weepiness.

So I don’t write about it. Instead I live it. And I don’t feel guilty about it.

OH! There was a time. If my blog when longer than three days without a post? I’d start throwing myself in front of cars and purposely placing myself in awkward situations in hopes blog fodder would result.


It’s okay if you don’t want to write. It’s okay if you have nothing to write about. Personally I’m thankful when people value my time enough by not posting posts such as “HoHum, I have nothing to write about so, um, I like went to the store and grandma came over and we made cookies and LOOK! here’s a picture of my kid with something kind of funny on their head! Sorry this sucks so bad, I’m a sucky blogger wah wah.”


Quit talking mean about yourself. LOVE yourself. Love your blog. Love your readers. Loooooove.

If you went to the store and made cookies with grandma all while you kid had something funny on their head? EMBRACE IT! Tie it together! Get that ol’ brain working! One fantastic FANTASTIC example of beautiful simple posting is Angela over at Moon Cookie. (Oh hai Angela! Hope you don’t mind, I just love you too much. You’re too wonderful not to share with the world.)

This brings me to guest posting. Some people poo-poo guest posts. However if you have unique readers that a fellow blogger doesn’t, and you want to share their wit! and funny! and talent! with your readers than go ahead, try it out. Take a blog nap while you’re at it. And if someone asks YOU to guest post but you’re already in the blog dumps? Say no. And for the love don’t feel guilty.

I personally have guest posted twice for ladies suffering from blog fizzle in the last week.

This one is about the Hello Kitty jammies that almost were.

And this one is about leather drama.

Funny side note, I emailed these posts to both ladies for them to publish at their leisure. The formatting somehow went all wonky on my One Plus Two post. However the formatting is just right on Don Mills Diva. You know what? I think I kind of sound like a raging drunk on Jen’s blog. People have complained about my SPACES! and my HARD RETURNS! But really? Hard returns make me what I am.


  1. I took a 2 month long blog break this past spring after having my son. It was nice and you know what…everyone was still here when I got back šŸ™‚

    midwestmommys last blog post..Over the shoulder boulder holder.

  2. You, my friend are perfection.

  3. ah sister, i think it was my fault, that formatting. and the attachment gave me some trouble. but i love a hard return.

    and i love even more that you came and gave me a breath of fresh air.

    jens last blog post..four

  4. Carissa over at recommended I stop by and check out your blog. So, thought I’d say hi while I’m here. I love your candor. And, hard returns are great? What are people talking about?

    I’ll stop by later to read more.

    jyl @ mommygossips last blog post..Stop! Rock! And Roll!

  5. Slight clarification… I meant: Hard returns are great! Not, hard returns are great?

    jyl @ mommygossips last blog post..Stop! Rock! And Roll!

  6. I really needed to read this – I’m struggling right now to keep up and I’m starting to realize that it’s ok to post less often – perhaps even better because quality beats quantity…

    Don Mills Divas last blog post..The Saga of Creepy Whistling Dude Part II ā€“ Gumball Rally

  7. dude. I thought it was just the weather, but I think I’m in the same boat as you.

    I’m waiting for it to get cold, so I can curl up with my writing sweater on and create some real masterpieces.

    Ya know?

    Oh, and if your just dying for a guest post, I just might be going to mec-key-co next week…

    designHER Mommas last blog post..Runway ready we are not

  8. Have fun in Louiville. I for one think your writing is better when you don’t post every day although it makes me check your blog (even though your on my reader and if you posted DUH it would show up there) more often because it’s so damn good

    Lindys last blog post..An English Picnic

  9. Three posts for the price of one today?! Awesome! I’ll go read your other ones and leave comments, because I rock the comment love, baby.

    So, if I asked you to guest host for me, would you do it?

    Wait, don’t answer. I’ll just pretend I know your answer. :o)

    Rheas last blog post..Animal Jokes & Annie

  10. I guestblogged (at karen sugarpants) like a month ago and I got it set up to publish before work that morning. Only when I transferred it from blogger format to wordpress, all my links failed. All my double spaces failed. And I ended up late to work because, gasp, what if I didn’t have proper links and spaces?

    I sometimes wonder if I take blogging too seriously. Nah.

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..I have a problem

  11. Hard returns make you….that is so dirty for some reason. I need to get my head out of the gutter. Loooove

  12. Your words made my heart cave into a place I haven’t visited in so long. A place that made me weep audibly (alone of course).

    Daily I think about the one person waiting for a kind word or smile from another. The one person needing to see the love of God in a tangible way. I wonder what I can do? How can I help? And then, I realized yesterday, it is me. You did that for me. It wasn’t about you blogging about mooncookie. It was about your heart for me as a human being.

    I don’t know how it is possible to love a person you have never met. But I do. It’s a God thing, girl.

  13. I’m just going to quit. I wrote one real post last week, and it involved an inordinate amount of discussion about Death Race.

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..It was an honour just to be nominated

  14. I’m newish to blogging and I have my moments when I start a post, then can’t go on with it. And I’m ok with not blogging every day. But I love reading you, so I’ll keep sticking around no matter how much you write.

    Kristins last blog post..Treasures

  15. I’m of a mindset that you blog when YOU need it, sometimes that might be daily, sometimes monthly.

    I go in spurts and when I do post, I tend to be either way down or way fired up. I’m a total manic blogger.

  16. Is this some thinly-veiled attempt at recruiting guest posters for your blog? Because I would totally do that, you know, if you asked me nicely and all.

    (Oh who am I kidding? I’m a sucker for your kid’s mop of curls. You don’t even have to ask nicely.)

    SciFi Dads last blog post..A Brand New Low

  17. Oh, it’s so reassuring to hear about other people’s burnout. I am suffering from it myself this week, though part of that could be that my sister is visiting me in Canada with her BABY!!! and who wants to sit at the computer for hours on end, when I could pinch his fat little cheeks all day long? Not me.

    Camilles last blog post..What’s in a Name? A Million Different Selves.

  18. I love your blog and am always inspired by it.

    Aren’t I fortunate this week to have a hurricane to run from as my topic!?

    Reeses last blog post..Family Together

  19. I’ve been suffering from this malady for some time. Trying to post every day was stressing me out. I’m not quite over the guilt hump yet but I’m getting there.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Friday Funky

  20. I’ve never felt the need to post every day, except maybe during NaPlaBLOMO or whatever that was last November.

    Then I moved to New Zealand, and now my mom’s all, “Postpostpost! Why don’t you ever post?” So I wrote a whole post about why I blog, how I got started and other such things with the conclusion being, “I don’t blog for you. I blog for me.”

    The next time I talked to my mom, she said, “I know that you might not feel like blogging, but it makes me feel closer to you when you post new things.”

    Now I just send her emails instead. If she really wants to read about how tired I am, how many pieces of cinnamon toast I had that day, how we haven’t seen the sun in four days, then fine. But I won’t subject my very small readership to any more drivel than I already do.

    Sherrys last blog post..Swede Soup

  21. i’d so much rather a person NOT post than fill my already too full reader with “i’m such a bad poster blah blah blah”
    i HATE reading forced entries!!!

    alis last blog post..HELP. i promise iā€™m not sporting shiners.

  22. guy77money says:

    My favorite place for the blahhs is the library. Lots of moms, dads and kids during the day! The kids always have fun and for a extra treat go to the downtown library for a day outing, hang out in American Legion park and the main library is the coolest free indoor place on the planet!

  23. Oh i love angela too! she’s a friend of a friend’s sister…so it’s almost like i know her šŸ˜‰

    biddys last blog post..Horrible Day

  24. Dangit. I have been leaving my real address, but it doesn’t like replies straight from blogs, apparently. Loralee and Ali have both complained.

    I changed it to my REAL, real e-mail address. ;}

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..Four Fathers

  25. Have you “joined the revolution?”

    threeundertwos last blog post..About that Harp