So there’s this conference this week/weekend in downtown Indianapolis. Did you know about it?

I went last year and made a lot of local connections not only with other bloggers but businesses too.

There’s something to be said about being involved in local social media. I know it’s done swell things for me.

Here’s the thing. This conference is run by a couple of nice boys and I’m afraid that I may have overdone it when I gave them my angry blogger face >:( over the fact that their main site was so male centric.

After all, I’ve been bathing in estrogen soaked conferences for years now.

This year will be the first ever “moms” panel on Saturday. I’ll be sharing the stage with Heather, Briana, Stephanie and Jen. I know a couple of you other ladies have been turned off by certain elements of this conference. (Such as dude overload.) But here’s the thing, they’re new to this. We must be patient with them and support them, this isn’t their job, just their passion and Indy’s social media scene wouldn’t be the same without them or the fairer sex.

Same goes with wherever you live. So many “mom bloggers” (retch) have made it into the National headlines (and not always for good reason.) But what are we doing locally? Are we using our powers for good in the communities we live in? I know every chance I have been given to help those who live closest to me I’ve run with. (Yes, I take some credit for the two huge donations made earlier this year to a local food bank.)

Powers for good people.

If you can make it? Sweet. If you can’t? Try for next year. And if you are feeling clicky and like what I do not only here but for Indianapolis? Can I get your vote for a Blindy? (I’m up for two, the Social Media Superstar and Best Family Blog.)

The Blindy jokes are only beginning to come to fruition.


  1. I wanted to go, but I thought the price was much higher than it should have been. I’d also like to see blogging conference focus more on female bloggers in general instead of mom bloggers when they talk about women online.

    Kari Reply:

    @corrin, I agree with you. I went last year, paid for by my employer, and had planned on going this year on my own until I saw the price.

    Casey Reply:

    @corrin, Yeah, the price about made me swear in my computers general direction and believe me, I told them that and will be telling them again.

    Casey Reply:

    @corrin, Last year they didn’t even have anything for moms and we’re an obnoxious bunch.
    I’m sure they’ll read/hear all of so thank you for your honesty.

  2. Hey hey hey, now. You ladies get BlogHer… It’s HYOOGE and very female-centric.

    Kinda wish I had known about this whole “Blog Indiana” thing before today (well, actually a couple days ago, because I saw your Tweet, but still). I’ll have to see if work will have me down that way on Thursday or Friday. If not, I’ll try to aim for next year.

    Casey Reply:

    @Joe @ Irrational Dad, Sure we get one, but why should we not be included as a valid source in all others?
    Even BlogHer had a male panel.

  3. yay! they let crazy canadians vote!
    word to your tiny mother.

    Casey Reply:

    @Karen Sugarpants, Indy is Canada friendly through and through, eh?

  4. I wish I could go to blogindiana this year but it’s just not in the cards (wayyyy too expensive for our budget). I did vote for you Casey!

    Good luck on winning a blindy! (It makes me laugh so much that it’s blind-y)

    Casey Reply:

    @Jess, SO EXPENSIVE RIGHT? Yeesh.

  5. so your saying that in the swag bag there won’t be deodorant, makeup and pleasure toys? What Kinda conference is it?

    Casey Reply:

    @DesignHER Momma, I doubt there will even be chapstick or a colored pen.

    SwissMs99 Reply:

    @Casey, Damn – I had chapstick from the IUPUI Graduate Office I could’ve added to the swag…was afraid no one would use it…

    Eh, maybe next year.

  6. Just voted you for Social Media Superstar.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mr. Blonde, Thanks yooooooou. *spirit fingers*

  7. I can’t go because I am poor, poor, poor – but now the wheels are turning to get my employer to pay for it. Ad agencies salivate at the social media angle, so it shouldn’t be that hard. Hmmm. Either way, you have my vote(s).

  8. Why would you “retch” at the term mom bloggers??

  9. I’ve had this conference on my radar since reading about it on Ruth Holladay’s blog last year. Definitely not going Thursday/Friday due to cost and the hassle of making my husband take off work to watch kiddos while I attend.

    I’ve thought about signing up for Saturday session, but web site doesn’t mention anything going on outside of the panels. Not sure I want to pay $49 if I have to wander about aimlessly if, say, I didn’t want to spend an hour attending the foodie panel.

  10. Hey Little Miss,
    Looking forward to seeing your adorable self this weekend. Not sure what to expect, but it has to be grand when you’re on the ticket! =) You are a shoe in for the Blindy (ies)!

  11. Casey,
    I totally am voting for you. Super sad I won’t be there. I had anticipated attending but then they raised the price 400% and I about died. Can you pass this information along. The cost is so prohibitive and lame. How can they charge more than a NATIONAL conference (like Blogher) does? I mean, this is INDIANA!

    Best of luck!


  12. Moosh, I, too, am voting for you. I won’t be driving all the way down to Indy any time soon – but plans could change – especially if there was an opportunity to meet you. Anyway – I hope the weekend turns out well for you and all concerned.

  13. voted. 🙂

  14. I think I sat next to a girl named Blindy at Youth Conference once.

  15. Melissa S. says:

    Ok, so this post kinda fits with what I wanted to ask you Casey – I am bringing my mom to indy in a couple weeks, for the weekend (I am from Cinci, and only been there for work a couple of times – no time to socialize!) She is way into Egyptian archaeology type stuff (read – mummies and King Tut) and so I am taking her to the Children’s Museum to see the exhibit. What else can we do in indy? Some of our interests – food, cooking, chocolate, antiques/flea markets, shopping in little shops (more amish country than boutique) thrift stores, etc. I know this is more than you needed to know, but I would love to know your opinion of what we need to do for the couple days we are there! You rock – and so does your blog!!

  16. I’m really disappointed that I can’t make it, especially for the Saturday panels. I’d love to sit in on the mom panel and the foodie panel (Shameless plug, Heather (Inexpensively) was my roommate from BlogHer. I think she rocks the frugal thing). Best of luck with the BLINDYS, and show those men-folk how us ladies can tear up a blogging conference! I’ll be there next year for sure.

  17. I don’t really like being ID’d as a “mommy blogger” either b/c I feel like I’m so much more than a mom and I’d like to think that my blog is about more than my children.

    As far as being ID’d locally, that’s a balance I’m trying to strike. There’s the part of me that wants to lay it all out there and part of me that wants to play it close to the vest for the whole scary internet creepos reason.

    Good luck at the BLINDYs. How bout you take social media superstar and leave best family blog for someone else (like me!) 😉

  18. Of course I gave you a what, what nomination and a vote or two. Looking forward to seeing you.

    I always feel bad for my male readership when I’m referred to as a Mommy Blogger. Yes, I am a mother. Yes I blog. But my blog is not exclusively about mommies or being a mommy or read exclusively by mommies either.

  19. I’ll be there on a panel with two other lovely ladies and look forward to the opportunity to meet you!