You guys!

That blog I started with my friend Daniel?

We are tickled the prettiest shade of pink with it.

(Just to refresh, the whole premise is we take turns posting a picture, we both write our own interpretation of the picture and post them together without seeing each others posts first.)

The one about the cherry? We actually both ended up writing about fingernails.

The one about dinosaurs? He wrote about his first museum job and I wrote about my failure in cooking eggs.

The latest one? Him, Star Wars. Me, drunk driving.

It’s cool. We’re happy. And that you’re enjoying it as well? BONUS!

In other news? I spent 16 hours on Friday in a lighting workshop run by Zack Arias. My mind is spinning from everything I learned. I spent a good 10 minutes in church today explaining to Cody how I’d light the old lady in the front row (20 degree grid spot!) and I realized I’m only 5% of my way there. I have so much to learn. AND I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.

One Light Workshop (So everyone in the workshop took a photo similar to this one. But I took this one. I DID! WITH MY CAMERA! And I could do it again, with a minor investment in some equipment. But still. ME!)


  1. Cool. Great shot, Casey. Well done.

  2. wow, gorgeous shot!

  3. Awesome photo! I’d love to learn more about lighting! It’s one of those thing that takes you to the next level with photography. Very cool!

  4. Well that is just an incredible photo. Well done! I’ve been meaning to drag my ass to a workshop at some point. So little time. *SIGH*

  5. Oh Casey – that shot is gorgeous!! You sound so happy and excited it makes me smile.

  6. Wow- I am beyond inspired by your project with Daniel!!!!!!


  7. That shot is amazing. I’ve wanted to go to a Zack Arias workshop for two years. Seriously, my mouth kind of drops open when I think of all you must have learned. Go you! I’m so excited for you to be learning all this amazing stuff.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous!! I want a new camera and photography classes for Christmas!! What camera do you have??

  9. That is one AWESOME shot!!

  10. I love the new site! So fun!

    And speaking of photos… I am having a mental breakdown over buying a camera. So. expensive.

    However, I at least know from you the first step: Canon.

    It all gets a little hazy after that. 🙂

  11. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous shot. *I think it’s unanimous!! 🙂

    And, you spent 16 hours in a workshop, on one day, and still have a brain? Well done!

  12. I’m sorry. I cannot stop looking at that photo. It’s perfect.

  13. Yayness! Isn’t it awesome when you start learning new techniques and trying new things with the thing you love? For me, it’s writing and web design.

    I can’t wait to check out your new blog!

  14. The photo is beautiful. Well done, girl!