If I could put you girls on a path in life it would lead to exactly where I’m at right now.

Well, not exactly. It would be weird to have yourselves as daughters and marry your dad…what I mean is that above anything else this world has to offer, I want you to end up happy in ways you never even knew happiness could exist. To be constantly surprised by the wonderful things every day brings. To be with someone you love so much it makes your heart tickle and to possibly be parents to the greatest little human beings that ever lived.

This past weekend was spent in Toronto, Ontario at a conference for women who do exactly what I do. Again, not exactly what I do, but similar. We all live a part of our lives in this virtual world that didn’t exist when we were your age. Who knows what it will be like when you’re our age (I? Will be 52. Whoa.) My cab driver told me all about how horrible the Internet is and what ugly things lurk in its seedy corners. He’s right. But what I wanted to tell him was how much wonderful twirls across my screen everyday.

You get out of it what you put into it, for the most part at least.

Which is why I dressed up as Rainbow Brite for the closing night Halloween party in Canada.

Just try to be mad at this girl.

You can’t be! It’s impossible! (Especially since one of you is currently six years old and this is pretty much exactly what you want to be when you grow up.)

Now try to be mad at this girl.



Again, you can’t. IMPOSSIBLE.

May we all embody the spirit of Rainbow Brite everyday, even without the marabou trim.

Girls, I have a job that pays me money to travel to other countries, dress up like this and take pictures of people, places and things.

BlissDom Costume-CLBuchananPhotography.ca-18

And the very best part?

I get to wake up with you every morning, be home to squeeze the everloving daylights out of you when you get off the bus and smoosh your little sleeping cheeks every night.

Find what you’re good at and run with it girls.

Enjoy the bumps and find joy in the everyday.

And always, ALWAYS take your Halloween costumes VERY seriously and take seriously silly pictures in them.


Photo Credits: Cherie-Lynn Buchanan


Just another little project I’m doing with Hallmark, so many moments in my life are special occasions and I hope everyone can remember that special happens everyday. I am being compensated for my time in sharing my moments, not for promoting a particular product. Did you know THE ornaments are out at Hallmark stores and online? PERFECT for documenting a moment all your own.


  1. Lady, you’ve got some serious ups.

    And some pretty awesome little ladies, too.

  2. Seriously, could you be any more adorable? I think not.

  3. You are a seriously good Rainbow Brite.
    I wanna be you when I grow up too.

  4. Could you come up with a better costume, I doubt it. So perfect! Your girls are so lucky to have such an amazing mother…and I consider myself blessed to be able to read about your life because it never ceases to bring a certain “Brite”-ness into my day. Thank you for being you, Casey!

  5. Love this-love our little world and the happiness it brings!

  6. AWESOME costume! I’m dressing up my 16 month old daughter as Rainbow Brite!

    “Find what you’re good at and run with it girls. Enjoy the bumps and find joy in the everyday.”

    Wise words. I’m still working on the first part so I hope I can teach my daugther to do better.

  7. That costume is fantastic!! You look incredible, too. So happy.


  8. The last month has been one big crap bag for me and this post made me smile. Thanks.

  9. A-MEN

  10. oh how i love you.

  11. Friggen fabulous costume! Rock on momma!

  12. You make an amazing Rainbow Brite. Love it!

  13. I seriously want to borrow this costume. Seriously. Even on a random, non-dress up costume day. I just need to wear it. Sometime.


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