In what I figured would be a stroke of brilliance I decided to bring a smaller laptop that doubles as a tablet with me on my latest adventure. Travel light! Multitasking technology!

It’s a PC. I normally work on a Mac. We’re learning how to get along but it’s bumpy, PC knows none of my passwords and the biggest problem is neither do I. I also brought along the Nikon I used in New York a couple of weeks ago. I normally shoot with a Canon, so basically the technology I’ll be using on this trip is the equivalent of going on a trip with another woman’s husband, I’m sure he’s nice and I’ll figure him out eventually, but he’s not my husband.

I started with everything packed in a very small carry on, I’ve done two weeks in one carry on before! It can be done! But then I moved everything to a slightly larger carry on because things were a little too tight in the smaller one. Then at 4 in the morning, the time when all good ideas are born, I decided I needed to give up and move everything into a slightly larger bag. So while I can do two weeks in a carry on, I didn’t really want to this time.

It’s kind of like how Cody ran a marathon last week, just because he can do it doesn’t mean he actually enjoys it all that much and if given the choice he’d probably take a half marathon over a full, just like I’d rather pack more than one pair of pants.

Marathons and packing light, a totally equal comparison.

Before I left this morning I went into Vivi’s room while she was still asleep, I wanted to pick her up and rock her and smell her and kiss her but I knew if I did she’d wake up and be a grouchy miserable creature for the rest of the day, which wouldn’t exactly be fair to Cody.  She was all curled up with bunny in her arms so I grabbed one of the bonus bunnies from her closet, kissed it, hugged it and then slid it into her arms as I took the still-warm bunny she had been sleeping with and tucked it inside my jacket to hold onto its Vivi-warmth for as long as possible.

I couldn't bring myself to pick her up before I left this morning, so I took her still-warm bunny with me and replaced it with one I hugged and kissed. I hope she could feel it.

He’s currently sitting next to me in my hotel bed. He smells like her, a little stinky, but all that stink is from pure baby love. Addie gave me one of her baby blankets to take as well, nothing like being a 31 year old woman travelling on business and pulling out a pink butterfly blanket and raggedy bunny in business class to take a little nap.

It’s going to be a very good week indeed.


  1. I love that bunny that was still warm! And God bless you for going two weeks out of a carry on, I can’t seem to make it through lunch with just a carry on 🙂

  2. It is totally acceptable.
    Enjoy your trip!!

  3. Interesting to know that I think will make good use, congratulations for text

  4. I miss you madly.


  5. and I love this about you <3