My life in no way is all doom and gloom, despite the dramatic words that have been floating around moosh in indy dot com the past few weeks. I am in Utah visiting family, and what I’ve realized is what Utah lacks in flammable cocktails they make up for in desserts.

Seriously, when a restaurant has a more impressive (and longer) dessert list than their main menu? Whoo. Save room for dessert, or three.

Being ad free has been so good for me. Everything I say here is my own. It’s been delicious. That being said, I still like to do the occasional review. Especially when I get to give stuff away. Because I like to win stuff. How many times have you seen a cheese package that claims you could win a stuffed cheese man, and yet you never win. And you wonder who these people are than win the cheese men.

Not that I want a stuffed cheese man, it’s just the principle. Stuff is being given away all the time and until the internet came along I never really believed that real people actually won what was being given away. Cheese man or not.

So this week? I will have all sorts of giveaways. With real winners! That could be you! Hurrah!

I will also be leaving for Chicago tomorrow. To attend Butterball University.


I am going to learn 10 different ways to cook a turkey. I AM GOING TO EAT SO MUCH TURKEY IT WILL TAKE WEEKS TO RECOVER FROM ALL THE TRYPTOPHAN. *insert Homer Simpson noise*

Butterball is paying my way and paying me to write all about my first Thanksgiving out on my own over at the Butterball Blog (go ahead, say it five times fast.) This will be my first Thanksgiving away from my family, hopefully in my new house (WHICH WE CLOSED ON LAST WEEK! WOO!) and my first time cooking a turkey. All by myself.

If you knew my longstanding failed relationship with poultry you too would be looking forward to the blog fodder that will be me shoving my paws up a turkeys behind for the first time.


  1. The first time I made a turkey and realized they packed the neck in the stomach I officially switched to just cooking turkey breasts. Can’t handle the neck!

  2. I’ve no idea what your schedule looks like or if it includes any time in our offices whatsoever but I will be needing a Casey hug if it’s possible. And an awkward photo. And be super sweet to my two girlfriends from We Are Not Martha, they’ll be in turkey school too. And they are really good at desserts.

  3. You closed on your house?!?!?!?! Woo!!!!
    I am so happy/relieved for you. Yippee!

  4. Turkeys are easy. Cook it breast side down and stick the roasting pan in a big paper bag. Really.

    But seriously??? YOU CLOSED ON YOUR HOUSE!!!!!

    Did no one else notice that she snuck that in there??? Was everyone else so blinded by turkey and Utah desserts???


    Chrysta Reply:

    @Chrysta, Oh dang. Someone else beat me to it. We must have been typing at the same time, and I just had to get all crazy with the !!!!!’s. Story of my life.

  5. YAY house!
    Ditto what Jessie said.. go hug each other for me, please.

    I cannot wait to hear what butterball u teaches you 🙂 🙂
    MWAH miss you

  6. *Pout* You’re going to be in Chicago and once again I don’t think I’ll get to meet you! Oh well, just means I will have to figure out where your house is in IN! xoxo

  7. Yes, I caught that you closed. Yahoo! Can’t wait for the stories-of the house and butterball U!

  8. turkey’s behinds aren’t all that bad, just cold…

  9. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but we do like turkey.

    The first time I convinced my only-child husband that christmas should be done at home, and not in a restaurant, he decided that – like barbecuing – it was a man’s job.

    I guess men are not very good at checking cavities, because when the scorched plastic smell started to fill the kitchen, and we yanked out the bird to find a plastic bag of gibblets still in the neck – mostly melted – he declared that we were never doing it at home again and I made an emergency sausage hotpot.

    The next year I kicked him out of the kitchen and tried it myself. Best damn turkey ever!

    So have fun learning how to cook it (and more fun eating it!) and congrats on the new house!

  10. Mmm… turkey!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the turkey exploits in your NEW HOME! Yay!

    Also, is it ok if I abbreviate ButterBall University to BBU? Because that’s awesome.

    BBU FTW! Go Turkeys!

  11. I’m glad your house deal is finally done.

    Hope your mood starts picking up soon. But how could it not with all that delicious turkey you’re about to inhale.

    Funny story: The first Thanksgiving my mom had to cook a turkey, my dad supposedly caught her with a flashlight peering up the turkey’s business end. She didn’t want to stick her hand into a dark place without seeing what was in there first.

  12. How wonderful for you guys on your house! I am so glad everything worked out for you. I am also thrilled to see what you write about Butterball! I love Thanksgiving; it is one of my two favorite holidays–I love cooking BIG!

  13. Yay closing on house! And YAY coming to Chicago! We love visitors! (We have good dessert places here, too, in case you go into dessert withdrawal…)

  14. mommabird2345 says:

    mmmmmmm turkey. I think the Butterball University is what Heaven must be like.

    P.S. Congrats on the house!

  15. You have such a visual way of putting things …

  16. YAY!!!! The house is yours!!!!
    All those large windows and all that gorgeous greeeeeen luscious backyard…wow!! I’m SO coming to visit you! (in a few years)!
    Have fun at this butterball thing. 🙂

  17. oh this sounds too cool! I am so jealous! I did my first ever turkey for Christmas the year we moved into our house, so I applaud you. Congrats on closing!!!

  18. Congrats on your new home! I love to make turkey! I usually do a few in the months before Thanksgiving, before the big day. My family doesn’t mind the practice Thanksgiving meals one bit.

  19. remember my tale of microwaved corn-how you saved my place in the midwest because you spoke to some peeps? Well if you knew my turkey story I wouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving….for realz! So pick up some pointers for me and hopefully I can successfully try to make turkey again after the horrible Thanksgiving dinner of 97. Yes, I know its been 12 years, you would think I would have gotten over it, but it was really THAT bad.

    (hmmm, I smell a blog post coming on here)

  20. this is off the butterball subject but that picture of your daughter in a skunk costume honestly keeps me coming back just to look at it again. it is joy wrapped up in a photograph…sigh…LOVE it. makes me feel really happy..what a sweet little “stinker” she is in it.

    enjoy the turkey.

    too much turkey, I hate to say, though, is simply too much turkey.

  21. am I the only one who can’t get to the butterball website?

    also…congrats on the house!

  22. You go, girl. Go own wit yo bad poultry self!

  23. I know you’ll only be doing butterball brand turkeys, but it might be worth looking for a kosher turkey. they are pre-brined and with a meat thermometer or two you can roast a turkey any day of the week, just as you would a chicken.
    If you have one of those big freezers, it’s totally worthwhile to go out after thanksgiving and buy the leftover turkeys that are on mega-sale. Then you can use your new mad turkey skillz more than once a year!

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  25. Hahaha, don’t feel bad, cooking a turkey intimidates me, too!