Did you know that cruise ships are designed to withstand and recover from a 45 degree tip in either direction? But the most degree of tip any regular passenger can handle without ralphing over the edge is about 4 or 5 degrees. I am full of so much random cruise ship knowledge I barely even want to be friends with myself right now.

In case you haven’t been following along, I spent last week on the maiden voyage of the re-imagined Disney Magic and am currently on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. TWO CRUISES BACK TO BACK? LUCKY! Well, kind of, yes. It’s become a myriad of first world problems for me, “Please, no more filet and lobster, I’ve had enough.” and “I didn’t pack enough sunscreen for all this sun!” and “Sometimes a girl just wants to take a nap without having to unmake her bed, AGAIN.”

I’m doing very real research for my very real job while here but I also managed to come down with a very real sickness that landed me in the ship’s version of an ER. They’re still not quite sure what happened to me, but something inside me went terribly rotten and my lungs all but gave up functioning the night before last. My blood pressure tanked, my pulse ox was the equivalent of a C+ and I landed myself in an area of the ship not often seen or even thought about by most passengers. I received some crazy high doses of antibiotics (HURL!) and my first ever nebulizer treatments. (Which I do not like. At all. I mean, I’m all for feeling better, but nebulizers are rough. Solidarity to all of you who have to administer them to your little kids.)

This morning I woke up actually happy to be alive for the first time in four days and practically skipped off the ship straight to a butterfly farm where this happened:

"Please just take the picture, this is terrifying. I can feel it licking me." - @cb_ute

His exact words were “Please hurry up and take the picture, this is terrifying. I can feel it licking me.” Did you know Cody’s fear of bugs doesn’t just end at spiders and moths but carries over to butterflies as well?

In order to get the butterflies on our fingers they gave us a little cup of rum punch to dip our fingers in. “Don’t worry about giving the butterflies rum, they’re already the most drunk insect out there — I mean, who’s ever seen a butterfly fly in a straight line?”

Two points to the funny English butterfly farmer in St. Maarten.

Five points went to our tour bus driver who said “Over there is a nudist colony, they all wear their birthday suits, but none of them are ironed very well.”


  1. only you.

    so glad you’re alright <3

    love that pic of Cody (brave man)

    love you

  2. If I get trouble for bringing rum punch to the butterfly exhibit next spring, I’m totally sending the lovely people at Meijer Garden back here to read your post. 🙂

    (Glad you’re feeling better!)

  3. We went to a butterfly farm while we were on St Maarten! It was one of my favorite things.

    SO sorry you were sick. That really sucks when you’re on a ship.

  4. I am SO sorry about the sick. We got to visit the ship’s doctors last Christmas with our 2 1/2 year old. She freaked us out by telling us he had measles (simply because he wasn’t immunized for it yet) when we got home and little sister came down with strep… yeah. So I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    Also, we went to St. Maarten and I WISH we’d gotten to go to that butterfly farm! I don’t think it was even one of our excursion options. Which is probably just as well since that’s the day the little one got sick.

    But seriously, I would go back there first of any of the island we visited, so gorgeous!

  5. So Cody is to blame for Vivi’s insane paranoia concerning flies. There was one in the house and the girl just about lost her mind. Tell Cody I’m holding him responsible for these last five white hairs on my head.

  6. The butterfly room at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle terrified me. They’re like pretty flying spiders! Ew.

  7. I had my toe licked by a butterfly this summer (they like the salt!) and it was SO WEIRD!

  8. Gavin also hated his nebulizer treatments, but thankfully he doesn’t have to take them much any more. Glad you are feeling better. And Im with Cody on the butterflies, although I don’t think I would have been courageous enough to let one land on me even for a picture. They are lovely to look at but I don’t want them too close for fear I will instinctively swat the poor thing. So I’ll be sure not to dip anything in rum!

  9. I stop by daily to see what’s going on with you, darling. I hope all is better! xoxo

  10. Gurl! you okay? Where ya been?!!