11 weeks 3 days pregnant.

28 weeks and 4 days to go.

6 pounds lost in the last week. (Which is also why there are 0 belly pictures.)

2 times I have scared Addie out of the room from retching.

120 dollars for a 15 day supply of generic Zofran.

4 weeks without a working washer.

4 hours until a new one is delivered.

1.5 naps a day.

2 trips scheduled before October is over.

countless-times I’ve cried and times I’ve barfed.

3 cravings. (california roll, grilled chicken sandwich, carnitas)

3 times I’ve considered shaving my head because the smell of my own hair was so awful.

7 times the smell of my own skin nauseated me.

1 time I heaved in front of total strangers, by myself. (frozen food section. it was a bad day.)

0 times I have regretted doing this to myself.

0 times I will do this again. (seriously, the frozen food episode kind of sealed the proverbial deal.)

14 synonyms I have for vomit.

9 other freshly pregnant bloggers I’m aware of.

1 guest post over at Pundit Mom about being uninsured and pregnant in America.


  1. Sherry Lane says:

    Oh, can’t WAIT for belly pics! I love getting new appliances, your laundry will be fun for a week!

  2. Casey, I hope you will eventually find a free power that will comfort you. That sounds stupid, I know.

    I loved your guest blog. For the last few months I have been trying to persuade my husband (whos in law school) to have a baby NOW NOW NOW, before I’m too old to do it (I just turned 29). I, too, am uninsured and cant justify paying 25% of my income to go to doctors I will never see, yet SOMEHOW make too much to get help from the state.
    In addition to your dilemma, I’m in a state that REQUIRES medical insurance, and I get Fined on my taxes every month for not having it. So, if I DO get sick enough to go into the DR, I pay more for the bills then pay even more on my taxes. I kind of know what your going through, and wish you the best of luck that it will all turn out perfectly.

    After reading your post, perhaps I stop pressuring the hubby to have a baby now…

  3. Your story reminded me of the pregnancy that saw me in the grocery store in NY. We were visiting for Thanksgiving and the butcher at the store actually butchered THERE – as in, in the store. And he was butchering right.at.that.minute, and I was buying meat – and let’s just say that there was an immediate need for a clean up on aisle 7.

    Yeah. It was NOT pretty. Hang in there, sweetie. It’s all gonna be worth it.

  4. Casey, Thanks so much for letting me share your story at my place today as a Mother of Intention. I hope that there will be people reading it who can help not only you, but the many others who have been placed in a precarious situation when it comes to their health and insurance coverage.

  5. Amy in StL says:

    Really, 14? I can not come up with fourteen synonyms – so if you’re ever up to it I’d love to see a blog post on that. BTW, I’d totally flout federal laws to get you meds if it would help. Keep your chin up, you’re doing great! (unless you’re barfing, then chin down is best)

  6. As I keep telling my husband – “don’t even breathe near me. I can smell the color of your hair. If you come any closer, I’ll be able to smell what you ate…yesterday.” The retching over smells is so fun, yes? Hang in there!

  7. Hi Casey- you don’t personally know me. I’m like a lot of your followers– just blog friends. Anyway- I’ve got a supply of Zofran that I didn’t use with me pregnancy (it’s 8 months old) that you can have if you want it. I will have to throw it away before I will need it again. If you are interested, I can send it to you via mail. I’m overseas right now, but would gladly pat for shipping to help out. I’ve had patients in your position and it sucks to have to pay that much for this drug. You can leave me a message on my blog or email me at jackandrachel(at)gmail(dot)comand I will send it asap. Chin up!——- Rach

  8. I’m delurking to say that I’m sorry and I just really want you to feel better.

  9. Casey- just counted and I’ve got 8mg tab x24 or generic. I’d have to discard it in November anyway. Just let me know.


  10. I’m 10 weeks 5 days, and while I have not had Hypermesis like you, this is the worst I ever felt being pregnant. I gagged at staff meeting yesterday because people wouldn’t stop talking about mayo and miracle whip (And I’m with you – the smell of freezer makes me sort of gaggy too. The kids’ waffles in the morning leave a weird smell on my hands that I hate)! I’m so sorry you feel so bad. I hope you find the magic combination of drugs, saltines, ginger ale, and sheer will to feel better soon.

  11. One time a strange blogger prayed for you (that I know of) today!

  12. I read your post on punditmom and thought I would add a few numbers of my own. My husband also has a salary only benefit package and we purchase our own insurance. Here are then numbers:
    Aug 2008, $405 a month for a family of 5 plus $3000 deductible and 20% coinsurance.
    Aug 2009, $495 for the same package only with another kid.
    Oct 2010, $607 now for the same package.
    Jan 2011 my current package is being eliminated. The package that they recommend for our family will cost $885 a month (that’s more than double where we were 2 1/2 years ago).
    The new package no longer includes maternity coverage and we want one more. To get that we’re looking at more than $1200 a month.

    Vickie Reply:

    @Vickie, Oh and in case you wanted to know, the year we had our baby we spent about $11724 for health care – that includes the monthly premium, meeting the deductible, prescriptions, etc.

  13. I have no sage advice or even anything witty to say…just sending a cyber xoxoxos…

  14. Alright, I’m going to say somethings that are going to hurt your feelings. But we all know that the truth hurts. When I first started reading your blog I connected with your writings on many levels, but mostly because you struggled with infertility. As I struggled with infertility for 10 years and that your are LDS. In fact I have now made the decision that I am no longer going to read your blog after your post about Boyd K. Packer and your inability to read and PRAY about his talk instead of publicly scathing his talk (shame on you) and how irresponsible of you. But now I have read your post about being uninsured and pregnant. Knowing your situation that you did have surgery that could/could not help your situation. YOU still made the choice to not get (afford is the word you say)insurance. But you have managed to remodel your new home. So do you feel that insurance is an entitlement? Of course you would you received insurance the entire time your husband was going to school and now you feel entitled to more. Right? You still understand self reliance right? I have paid for my own insurance and trust me there are things you can do to (afford) it. 4 babies later, surgery for infertility and can proudly say bought and paid for by myself. Casey, you need a moment of thought to humble yourself. You have gotten on one helluva a high horse. Come down. Afterall you are human just like the rest of us. Nobody owes you nothing

    Casey Reply:

    @Tiffinie, If you feel it necessary to publicly scold me I will respond to you publicly as well.
    As far as President Packers talk (and everything which you mention) you are reading it from a very angry point of view so I don’t expect you to understand the my side in any of it. I stated quite clearly in my post about President Packer that I was uncomfortable with his choice of wording, along with thousands of other members. I did pray for understanding because I was so hurt by his choice of wording. When his talk was published online the two statements in his talk that unsettled me the most were changed. I also edited my post to reflect the situation as it changed.
    The surgery that I got was to solve way bigger problems than infertility, it was to treat endometriosis and PCOS, two issues that can, do and were causing an enormous list of problems.
    I never once used the word entitled in my post at Pundit Mom. It was something I was never going to even discuss until she asked me to write about it. I do not feel entitled, and if you go back to read it without so much anger towards me I do have self reliance in place in the form of a midwife and hospital that have agreed to take me on for $6K. Money I have saved and am prepared to spend if a better situation does not work out.
    And as far as my house, we bought it as a repo. It was uninhabitable when we bought it. We did a loan that allowed us to work in the cost of repairs into our mortgage allowing us to live in a safe clean home while keeping the cost much lower than simply purchasing a ready to live in house. We did not do things the easy way when buying this house but the end result is what cost us the least ironically.
    I assure you I expect nothing from anyone aside from common decency and respect for others beliefs, opinions and life choices. There’s enough name-calling and hate going around without any of us having to perpetuate it upon each other.

    pgoodness Reply:

    @Casey, Good for you – one more reason I love you – you’re not entitled, you are calm, collected and intelligent. And really, none of that was any of her (or our, really) business. xo

    Loralee Reply:


    I am sure that being a judgmental jerk is SO much better than showing compassion for homosexuals. I mean, really…screw that whole “do unto others”, thing.

    You are a REALLY lame representation of Mormonism here and I can’t let this slide without calling you on it because many non-memebers (and lapsed, like mysef) are looking at this as an example.

    While I hugely disagree with the general stances of the church, I can also say that most Mormons are NOT disgruntled and bitter assholes to a very ill pregnant person.

    They just bring casseroles and Jello.

    Truth hurts.

    Don’t let the door hit ya on pretty-non-humble-high-and-mighty-yourself-miss-I-am-so-PROUD-to-say-I-succeeded-where-your-lazy-butt-has-failed-Casey posterior on the way out.

    Have a super day!

    Loralee Reply:

    Sorry Casey. I cursed on your blog.

    And I did it with bad spelling and hideous grammar. (I hate commenting on my phone.)

    Sarah Reply:

    I was going to leave this alone and not reply to your comment to Casey and just go about life quietly (Kind of like you could have done when you decided that hers was not the blog for you – you could have just stopped reading. I’m sure she doesn’t take attendance, so you wouldn’t have had to explain your absence).

    In the blogosphere there are so many options to choose from – and no, you’re not going to agree with every single word written by every single person. In which case, you move on and you find someone whose style and ideas mesh with your own.

    When someone’s ideology DOESN’T mesh with yours, it doesn’t mean that they are flawed or on a high horse. It just means that they’re not your cup of tea.

    HOWEVER, calling someone out for not seeing things 100% your way, well, it was unkind, mean spirited, and completely uncalled for.

    Your comment was judgmental and unnecessarily so, and frankly seemed like maybe you wrote it from atop your own high horse.

  15. Mmmm, carnitas.

  16. To many to mention: People rooting for you.


  17. another newly pregnant semi-blogger here… 9 weeks here.

    feeling you on the retching… blergh.

  18. Oh my. I just found you & love you already. I have 3 girls and was an IV momma with each one.

  19. Gosh darn that sense of smell sometimes. Mine has been heightened ever since I was pregnant with my first. Loved the numbers. Update us again in a few weeks with more!

  20. Lisa in TX says:

    I lost mine some time last week. I was a week and a day ahead of you. I wish I could pass on my total lack of barfing to you, since I’m not using it anymore. In the meantime, I look forward to the belly shots and stories of elbows in the ribs (it’s more “fun” when you get them from both sides at the same time). Enjoy your pregnancy the best you can. I’m still rooting you on, even if I’m not running with you.

    Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) Reply:

    @Lisa in TX, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  21. Casey,
    I truly hope you feel better soon.

    I loved your insurance post and I had a baby 2 years ago without insurance. We are self employed and cannot afford the insurance. It is doable. We are still paying for it with small monthly payments and are almost done.

  22. A while ago, I commented on a post of yours where you said you were through trying to conceive a second baby. We’d been trying for almost a year, and I’d decided the same thing. We were done. One child family, end of story.

    I became unexpectedly pregnant in April, and I went through the same thing you described in the post on Pundit Mom. I couldn’t face it again.

    I’m happy to say that I haven’t had the problems with HG this time around. I’m so very fortunate, and I am well aware of that.

    I’ll be praying for you. I am glad that you’re having the second baby you wanted so much, and I hope everything works out for the best.

  23. I’m guessing the answer in yes, but have you looked at Hoosier Healthcare? That is the SCHIP program in IN and it covers people up to 200-250% of the federal poverty line. It mostly covers kids and pregnant women.

  24. Okay, I wasn’t sure where to put this, but here goes — I have self paid for three births, in Indy. The first was at St. Vincent Women’s hospital, the second at Clarian North (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM, long story but we still owe them $3000 for a short trip to the ER where they treated me disrespectfully and did things against my wishes when I miscarried last year.) Birth number three was a legal nurse-midwife assisted homebirth that was like $2800 for everything. Everything. Labs, ultrasound, prenatal care, delivery, post-delivery check-ups, everything. The next best thing is to prepay at the hospital because they give you a flat fee. Of course you have to pay the care provider too and for any labs/ultrasounds/epidural, etc.

    Or, if you qualify for Hoosier Healthwise, they will cover almost everything. They actually cover people with a pretty large income range and each additional child (including the one you are pregnant with) expand the income range. It is worth looking into for sure!

    Anyway, I know about this. And I’m sorry.

    Congratulations and cheers, lady.

  25. Love the numbers post.
    Sorry about the frozen food episode. It happens.

    That new washing machine looks awesome! I would die without my washing machine for 4 weeks.

  26. If I ever (by the power of God, my husband was snipped 6 months ago after #5) get pregnant again I will come back to this post. And I will not complain.

  27. If I ever (by the power of God, my husband was snipped 6 months ago after #5) get pregnant again, I will come back to this post. And I will not complain.

  28. Ooops. I thought it didn’t take the first time. But now you know I REALLY mean it.

  29. Oh sweets. I feel for you. I also am very angered at the commenter here who felt the need to attack you.

    I remember when I was pregnant with The Chicken, oh the places that I would heave and vomit. I think I scarred those poor children outside the grocery store on my weekly visits. Also why don’t grocery stores have restrooms that you can use….ours didn’t and so I had to run my way outside. Thankfully my favorite cashier would always see me on my run and take Giggles from me so I could vomit without commentary from a nearly 3 year old.

  30. Also angry at the person who felt the need to attack you in public. It’s hard enough to get a private email like that, let alone have everyone see it. Just know that you have people pulling for you even when you express opinions that may differ from our own. You have every right to say what you feel without strange, unqualified people going on the warpath over it and calling you to repentence.

    Sorry about all the vomit-related numbers above, but it was a cute way to write about it. (((More hugs.)))

  31. Oh Casey, I’m so sorry!! I had the distinct privilege of meeting HG during this, my second, pregnancy. And Zofran was my favorite thing in the world. I ate it like it was a piece of Golden Ticket Wonka chocolate. I may have even danced through Walfreen’s singing that Golden Ticket song after I finally got my prescription the first time (after my first IV drip of loveliness). I also craved grilled chicken sandwiches! And fell in love with those ER trips where they shot the Zofran directly into the IV! Just wanted to tell you that I’m praying for you, and at 32 weeks, praying this baby doesn’t kick right through my abdomen; his legs are more than half his body length.

  32. Honey, you are one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. I wish you a thousand years of happiness.

    If I had anti nausea stuff I’d send them to you in a heartbeat.

  33. I’m sorry to read that you’re so ill. I nearly vomited in a butcher shop with my second pregnancy, and had to steer clear of a certain candy shop because it smelled like black licorice.

  34. Casey, I hope you feel better soon. 🙁

  35. Casey, If I could take your Pregnancy sickness away from you I would do it in a heart beat!

    I would do anything to have the pregnancy sickness. I have spent the last 2 years trying to figure out why my husband and I couldn’t conceive. Finally after going to a new infertility clinic they found the answer….I have PCOS and my husbands hormones where very low.

    You have given me hope, hope that I can become pregnant and have every sickness, ache, pain and stretch marks that comes with being

    Just cause your LDS does not mean you have to agree with all others who are LDS. We have our own free agency to decide who, what, when and how we treat others.


  36. Your pharmacy is doin it wrong. Or maybe it’s your State? I don’t know.

    But 30 days (90 pills) of generic zofran was $27 for me. 🙁

    Have you tried the Costco pharmacy? Apparently they are cheaper than others.

    Hugs honey. Glad you’re enduring.


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