I’m pretty sure there was some sort of magic charm on my suitcase, because I still can’t believe I did this:

I went to the world premier of Disney’s Planes and I think there’s some things you need to know before you go (or even after you go, because you probably noticed something was different about it.)

What if there was a school for Disney characters? Where would they all fit in? Here’s my take: (sponsored)

And a few more (all sponsored, just being honest here kids.)

5 tips for a mess free feeding session (serve air!)

Addie is and always has been the messiest eater I know (and here’s the photos to prove it.)

Mexican food: it’s good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and is the easiest to throw together on a whim. GO TACOS!

Over in Cody’s corner:

He airs out some dirty laundry in the form of our 10 most common arguments.

12 exercises that don’t require a gym membership.

Cody and I agreed he sometimes handles Addie’s emotions terribly, but that made her feel better — so, win?