Riddle me this.

Clearance kitty with bonus toes, one eye and a lopped off ear has had absolutely no problems adjusting to life in our house. Aside from inching closer and closer to Cody’s face in the middle of the night as he sleeps, clearance kitty has been a rescue kitty dream come true, well, he’s kind of whiny and likes food more than he likes air and sunshine combined…but other than that? Super cool cat.

wink, my handsome kitty.

Full price kitty with no apparent problems at the time of adoption ends up being allergic to…get this…food.

percy cleaning his pits.

Cody’s exact text reply to this discovery was “Well, nice knowing you Percy.”

He’s started on a hypoallergenic elimination diet after two rounds of antibiotics and steroid shots for feline eosinophilic granuloma complex.

Translation: Kitty now eats a gluten free, near raw food diet at $40 a bag after two enormous wounds, two $40 antibiotic shots, two $50 steroid shots and two $70 vet visits.

Seriously, his food is made from duck, turkey, fish, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and cranberries.

He’s one pumpkin pie short of Thanksgiving dinner twice a day, everyday.

Since we’re not entirely sure what it is he’s allergic to (most likely the grain) clearance kitty has to eat the same food as full price kitty so full price kitty doesn’t get some of clearance kitty’s grain infused food.

As of right now the cats and the baby eat better than the rest of us, but that’s mostly because the rest of us like Oreos so much.


Want to know what I love besides my ridiculous cats with their ridiculous quirks and Oreos?

These two.

Sunday Reading

I mean, seriously. You could dip yourself in syrup and roll around in sugar and still not beat the sweetness.

(Besides, my cat would probably be allergic to you anyway.)


  1. You are a good pet parent. Yeah, our dog we adopted only 2 months ago, may need a special chair built for him, and have to eat vertically for the rest of his life. Oh, and he got pneumonia from aspirating, which cost us $2,300. So, that’s been super awesome.

    But, we sure do love him.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kristina P., Sheesh, your dog sounds like a troublemaker. A furry loving wonderful tail wagging troublemaker.

  2. It took us 6 months to figure out our kitty had a food allergy. Numerous antibiotics, vet visits, cortisone shots and lots and lots of tears later we are on science diet and we finally have our kitty back! Its a pain dealing with the feeding logistics but its worth it. At $47 per 8 pound bag, better believe we aren’t wasting it on our other kitties. The things we do for our fur babies.

    Casey Reply:

    @randifity, Is your cat on the Z/D? I’m going ot be using that as a last resort. Thankfully this food is $38 for a 11 pound bag.

    randifity Reply:

    @Casey, Yes, on Z/D. It took about 2 Weeks before we saw a difference. After that 2 week mark he instantly stopped scratching and he started healing. I know he is allergic to some fish protein, but not sure what else.

    What brand are you using currently? Also, who is your vet? My vet, who diagnosed the allergy, moved a year ago and my cat had a flareup and his replacement had no idea what to do. So now I am looking for another vet that is well versed in allergies.

    Mary Reply:

    @randifity, I go to an allergy doctor (lowers head in embarrassment) on the north side of Indy if you’re interested. I’m working with a dog allergy but she is not limited to dogs. I think she’s fabulous. Dr. Lori Thompson, if you’re interested.

  3. Cats….I’m more a dog person, but….you gotta do what you gotta do.

    And I love that photo of Vivi and Addie. So much fun and love.

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, All the dogs in my life have been far higher maintenance than the cats, especially when it comes to attention (which is why I proclaim myself a cat person.)

  4. This post made my morning. We have 2 kitties too and oh, the things we do for them. And that picture of Addie and Vivi makes my ovaries hurt. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a big sister some day. Thanks … Happy Monday 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, Seeing your little kid turn into a big sister is almost as good as having a baby again.

  5. I seriously just want to spend a day with you and your girls…I think it would “cure” my depression for at least 6 months.

    Also? Try having 2 English Mastiffs (who weigh 250 EACH)…they each ate an entire raw chicken and a baked sweet potato every. single. day.

    Casey Reply:

    @Biddy, Having you spend a day with them while I go get a massage would do wonders for me as well. 🙂

    (also, no. no dogs.)

  6. Gracious, kitty! Good thing he’s so cute, huh?

    Them’re some sweet little girlies. (I’ve been with my very southern relatives, can you tell?)

  7. Seems, your kitties and my kitties are in the same mess.

    What happened to the days of meow mix?

  8. The vet says that our cat has sensitive skin. Didn’t know that was possible in cat. You know, since he’s covered in fur!

  9. We have an expensive, allergic dog. I feel your pain. He is allergic to wheat, barley, carrots and tomatoes. Seriously. So both our dogs eat very special, limited ingredient food. oy.

  10. My boss has finally stopped rescuing elderly, sick keeshonden. But it took awhile. And she had an elderly dachshund, as well. She lost a dog a year for a while. And I can’t tell you how much money she spent on their medical care. One had regular visits to the veterinary hospital at Iowa State University. And special diets? She was cooking for them and I think they ate better people food than she did.

    All that has calmed down a bit. However, she now has goats and is looking into alpacas. (I forgot to mention she has rescued kittens from outside, including one born without eyes. His name is Magoo.)

  11. My husband tried to say goodbye to our sweet cat when the sweet cat needed surgery and many casts for his broken leg ($800) but I paid for it and we kept him. Damn cats.

  12. I know this sounds weird, but an option (if you have the time/energy) is to make food for the furbabies. You can get cheap fish/chicken/beef/liver at the grocery store for far cheaper than you can get pet food.

    I usually end up cooking for my dog two-three times a week— last night was pollock, brown rice and some assorted veggies, and then she gets multivitamins on top of it. Cheap and way healthier for her!

  13. Oh hello, fellow parent of highly allergic animal! I have a french bulldog that is also allergic to OMGEVERYTHINGHEDIBLE and many airborn allergens. I won’t bore you with the details…Because with all the stuff we’ve gone through I could type a book on this comment section. Just a “welcome to the club”..and a Percy is worth it I’m sure..I know my Rocco is!

  14. I echo Shan with everything said. And I can totally relate to what you’re going through right now. Let me throw this out there…your cat could be allergic to storage mites which are in.absolutely.everything. Or dust mites. I’m hoping you’ve just got a wheat allergy going. But if you’d like something to make you feel better, let me know and I’ll gladly share the history of our chocolate lab. 🙂

  15. I meant to say, at least you cat is NOT allergic to storage mites blahblahblah. Not that I was wishing a mite allergy on your kitty. 🙂

  16. My half price street cat is allergic to fish. We only discovered this after my mom fed him salmon and his face came off. After a steroid shot, all better. Relapse this past year, with crab, the night before xmas. I am blaming our two year old. Steroid shots are the only thing that works. We joke that steroids are his “crack of choice.” It is hard to fin treats and food without fish meal.

  17. The part about being a pumpkin pie short of turkey dinner just made me spit out my water! Ha! Too funny! 🙂

  18. Your cats definitely eat better than my family! My averagely expensive dogs eat inexpensive dog food, but they also steal all of our food constantly so they’re supplementing.

  19. Who couldn’t love a one eye, clipped ear cat?!? One of my cats has a bent tail. That’s why we picked him!
    Just discovered you site and I love it!

  20. I don’t really have a twitter called I’m not that sophisticated! I was just popping off! OH nooooooooo

  21. A raw food diet for cats is the best thing, really.

  22. I totally love that your “good” cat is now on a gluten free raw food diet. That is HILARIOUSLY amazing.

    And, ya know, for what it’s worth, I, too, eat gluten free, though not raw 😉