I came downstairs this morning to Cody wearing gym clothes and heavy leather work gloves. Addie was hiding in the corner and in the middle of the floor was an open cat carrier surrounded by tufts of orange hair. Wink was on the fireplace, back arched, emitting primal cat sounds. In a show of early morning teamwork we managed to shove the one eyed cat into the carrier for a day at the kitty spa.

Wink is a really grouchy cat unless he wants food or it’s between the hours of 12am and 8am. Then he is all lover, specifically towards Cody. Those two, they have a groovy kind of love. Wink lies on Cody all night, perhaps out of love, perhaps out of domination. Sometimes Cody wakes up to a furry thumbed paw on his face and on the mornings Cody has to leave early, Wink climbs on top of me.

May the powers that be have mercy with whoever is in charge of defurring and clipping Wink today. We’ve tried to groom him ourselves but it never ends well and for some reason the poor cat walks around with an atmosphere of fur surrounding him like Pigpen.


When your cat’s favorite pastime is chasing his own tumbleweeds and tufts of fur? You know spring has sprung and it’s time to attach Swiffers to the baby.

I fell asleep laughing last night at the things Cody does for our family. Leather gloves and cat wrangling aside, a professional attorney is going to walk into a vet office today, biceps bared, and hand over an angry one eyed cat with thumbs. Chances are he’ll say goodbye to him and call him buddy in his talk-to-Wink voice.

Man I lucked out.


  1. I now have a burning desire to write a children’s book entitled “Cody and the One-eyed Cat.” In my mind it’s going to be a top seller.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ami, Please do. Make sure Cody has really big biceps. Because that’s what kids’ books really need. 😉

  2. What a great guy!
    we have a cat that likes to sleep on us. Bear is 14lbs and purrs all night long.

    Casey Reply:

    @saramd, BEAR! I didn’t realize how much I missed cats purring until these two furballs joined us.

    saramd Reply:

    @Casey, Nothing say’s love like kitty purrs. I think we will always have a cat around.

  3. LOVE those nighttime pictures. I’ll sit still for hours when my cat decides to grace my lap with his presence. 🙂

    Also! Completely unsolicited advice alert (so please ignore at will! in case… you know… you hadn’t realized you could ignore whatever you wanted??). Hmmm. In any case – as the owner of a shedding monster kitty who HATES to be brushed, have you tried the Furminator? It’s completely ridiculously expensive for a cat brush, but works SO well (as in, 5 strokes and grooming is done for a month) and my cat doesn’t hate it quite as much as a regular brush. LIFE CHANGING. Your mileage may, of course, vary. Plus, I LOVE the idea of a “kitty spa day”. Makes me giggle. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Lindsay, We have one of those! He hates us using it on him. Two eyes can put up with it but Wink? No way.
    That should go to show how desperate we were to solve this little issue. A $50 CAT COMB.

    Lindsay Reply:

    @Casey, Bummer! Ah well, I had to try suggesting it. But, kitty spa day, it is! 🙂

    I’m sure Wink looks fab now.

  4. I have 2 cats and one I have to get groomed by a professional. I’m not that brave!

  5. I think the photo in the game box is especially fitting with the slogan “When its time for us nothing else matters” underneath!!

  6. ‘Time to attach swiffers to the baby’- Thanks for making me laugh this morning!