the cats

cat tails and sad news.

In case I haven’t bummed y’all out enough over the last week, a local friend lost her two month old baby suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday.

Donations are being taken for hospital bills and funeral expenses. When I was with Katy last week she was worried about capturing Shaundi’s elusive smile on camera — not paying for her funeral. Thank you so much if you are willing or able to help.

To balance out this sad news, I give you Vivi playing with Wink’s tail — because even though there’s so much sad out there right now, there will always be cats and YouTube.

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a cautionary tale about rescue dogs and toeless cats.

The one Monday we had a dog, things didn’t go so well.

Mae was supposed to go left, instead she went right. My bedroom door was supposed to be closed, instead it was open.

An epic chase ensued.

Wink climbed walls, bounced off windows, ran through tiny spaces and bounced so high off Addie’s bed he nearly touched the ceiling.

Had I not been terrified for the well being of Wink, it would have been quite hysterical to watch. Wink puffed out like an electrified cartoon as Mae’s lanky legs tried to keep in line behind him.

Mae got him by his belly at one point, tossing him in the air. Wink escaped only to get his foot caught in one of Vivi’s toys. He dragged the toy with him, finally shaking it loose as I managed to get a gate between him and the dog.

When Cody found out what happened he asked why I didn’t just grab Mae.

Somewhere over the past 12 years of marriage Cody somehow got the idea that I am capable of stopping out of control freight trains with my bare hands.

Mae went back to the shelter after our vet told me a tragic story about a dog she rescued that ate her beloved cat on day one.

For those of you with cats who are considering a rescue dog, a lot of people will tell you “Oh! It just takes a couple of weeks! Everyone will be thick as thieves before you know it!” I’m here to rain on your parade and say sometimes a dog will do in a cat in before they are ever able to even acknowledge the existence of one another. I’m all about rescuing animals that need homes, but I’m also all about keeping the rescue pets I already have alive.

Wink has been on edge ever since Mae left, he hides in the closet, only comes out at night and flinches at the slightest noise. Earlier this week as I was changing the litter I noticed blood.

Blood is never good.

Veterinarian Google convinced me I needed to take Wink in RIGHT AWAY. Cheapskate Cody insisted Wink would live through the night. (Which he did. BARELY.)

First thing in the morning I took a very sad Wink to the vet where he was to undergo a urine sample, an x-ray to rule out stones and while I was there I brought up a clump of poop in his paw that I wasn’t brave enough to get out given how little Wink likes his toes touched.

The vet dug at it a bit then gasped as Wink’s ENTIRE TOE FELL OFF.

“That’s! That’s bone. He has managed to rip off his entire toe. I mean, there’s no toenail, it’s GONE. It’s simply scabbed over. There isn’t even enough skin for me to close this, he’s going to have to have surgery!” (In case you’re curious about what a ripped off cat toe looks like, here it is. While it’s not bloody, you can certainly tell something is very, very wrong.)

Suddenly the epic chase came back to the forefront of my mind, that toy he was caught up on.

I texted Cody with the results and $417 veterinary bill.

“Did the dog do this to him?”


Apparently the crystals Wink has in his bladder (and I guess there are a BUNCH) are brought on by stressful situations. In this case, that situation was named Mae.

When I came home I went straight to the toy Wink dragged behind him and sure enough, in one of the crevices was the other part of his toe.

Yesterday we found the toenail he ripped off.

Poor cat. He’s got one eyeball, he’s missing half an ear and now he’s down a back toe. If he was born with nine lives he’s easily down to his last two or three.

Cody claimed it gives him “street cred” and that “Ladies love a guy with scars!”

I think it’s his way of dissuading his guilt over the dog nearly doing in his lovercat.

Wink still sticks to the closet 80% of the time, it’s the only place the dog never ventured so I assume he feels safest in there.

Or perhaps he’s trying to make an equal rights statement about coming out of the closet.

Regardless, I love that cat so much it’s stupid.

I’m really glad he’s okay.

What’s the weirdest injury your pet has ever had?


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wink and his tickle pickle.

Wink likes catnip, like a lot. Last week I bought him a couple of tickle pickles on (Frightening paranthetical, do not google ‘tickle pickle.’)

I figure with the whole one eye half an ear thumb thing he has going on the guy could use a few good pickles and tickles.

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

Wink and His Tickle Pickle

By the time he passed out I wondered if maybe I should make him a catnip cigarette and catnip cocktail.

Tickle pickle? Two thumbs up. (Because Wink can do that! He has thumbs!)

Percy on the other hand, Percy hates you and plans on smothering  you in your sleep.

Percy is Judging You.

I’m such a cat person.

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one year, two cats >(^._.^)< >(^._ ^)< and a holiday.

Today is National Cat Day. Let us all give a celebratory ‘mrow’ and take seven naps out of respect and honor for the feline.

Yesterday was Wink and Percy’s one year adoptiversary.

They celebrated by kneading my boobs and walking across my keyboard, today they will be getting rabies shots and thermometers up their puckers.

Wink got a bite of bacon last night. Percy did not get a bite of bacon because Percy is allergic to food, nerd.

I love both of these cats so much it’s stupid.

I could easily be a crazy cat lady, I mean, if I’m not already.

Even though neither cat chose me as their favorite human, and the only reason I’m not at the bottom of the human totem pole is Vivi and her fond desire to throw rubber blocks at the cats’ heads, that’s okay. Because I chose these cats (well, Wink at least, Percy just kind of hopped in the stroller and announced “I’M COMING TOO HUMANS!”)

Happiness is waking up to a purring cat smooshed up against you.


I love you guys, thanks for taking such good care of my family (and for not pooping on the floor, peeing on the rug or hacking hairballs.)

In case you’re wondering where all the pictures of Percy are…they’re around…somewhere. I promise we love him just as much even though there aren’t as many pictures of him.

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cats in babyland.

Our cats joined us six months after Vivi joined us, which means they came into a home where there was no real risk of being attacked by a baby unless being shrieked at could be considered an attack. We never intended to rescue two cats, but when I went in to visit the one eyed cat I had my heart set on, I turned around to find a brown tabby curled up in Vivi’s lap as she sat in her stroller. He purred as Vivi grabbed at his fur and tugged on his whiskers.

hugging percy.

Vivi and her gaurdian cat.

Later we started to wonder if all the other cats at the Humane Society were rolling their eyes at him “There goes that stupid cat again, putting on a show for the humans.

Well cats, we fell for it because when we came back the next day to pick up our one eyed cat, Cody took one look at the brown tabby and said “He’s coming too.

Percy walked into our house and said “I LIKE IT!” and made himself right at home (on my face.) Wink on the other hand took to hiding under our bed, but it was cool. I dig cats who demand you win their love, which is probably why I’m more of a cat person, dogs give it up too easily.

fist bumps

Both the cats have always been accepting of Vivi’s existence. Percy constantly tries to rub up on her, I can only assume it’s because she’s warm, smells like milk and her chubby little fingers can really dig into all of his itchy parts.

Wink loves her from a distance, he waits until she’s busy then sneaks up behind her to make sure she’s okay.

a baby and her cat.

He never moves too fast around her and when she’s crying he stands guard until she’s settled down.

his disdain for her is apparent

Various cat parts have become standard issue in many of our family photos.

cat bomb.

cats. sheesh.

darn cat.

Vivi and Percy

These cats make us all outrageously happy despite the baby playing in the kitty water and the fact that owning cats makes the 5 second rule null and void.

Someday this baby is going to grow up and leave me.

Someday these cats are going to leave all of us.

Better enjoy it while I can, because I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.

wink the guard cat.


I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories and experiences with you here several more times throughout the month before beginning over there full time in early July. This post is sponsored by Disney Baby.

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cat wrangling and winkleweeds.

I came downstairs this morning to Cody wearing gym clothes and heavy leather work gloves. Addie was hiding in the corner and in the middle of the floor was an open cat carrier surrounded by tufts of orange hair. Wink was on the fireplace, back arched, emitting primal cat sounds. In a show of early morning teamwork we managed to shove the one eyed cat into the carrier for a day at the kitty spa.

Wink is a really grouchy cat unless he wants food or it’s between the hours of 12am and 8am. Then he is all lover, specifically towards Cody. Those two, they have a groovy kind of love. Wink lies on Cody all night, perhaps out of love, perhaps out of domination. Sometimes Cody wakes up to a furry thumbed paw on his face and on the mornings Cody has to leave early, Wink climbs on top of me.

May the powers that be have mercy with whoever is in charge of defurring and clipping Wink today. We’ve tried to groom him ourselves but it never ends well and for some reason the poor cat walks around with an atmosphere of fur surrounding him like Pigpen.


When your cat’s favorite pastime is chasing his own tumbleweeds and tufts of fur? You know spring has sprung and it’s time to attach Swiffers to the baby.

I fell asleep laughing last night at the things Cody does for our family. Leather gloves and cat wrangling aside, a professional attorney is going to walk into a vet office today, biceps bared, and hand over an angry one eyed cat with thumbs. Chances are he’ll say goodbye to him and call him buddy in his talk-to-Wink voice.

Man I lucked out.

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wherein my cats eat like kings. very rich and spoiled kings.

Riddle me this.

Clearance kitty with bonus toes, one eye and a lopped off ear has had absolutely no problems adjusting to life in our house. Aside from inching closer and closer to Cody’s face in the middle of the night as he sleeps, clearance kitty has been a rescue kitty dream come true, well, he’s kind of whiny and likes food more than he likes air and sunshine combined…but other than that? Super cool cat.

wink, my handsome kitty.

Full price kitty with no apparent problems at the time of adoption ends up being allergic to…get this…food.

percy cleaning his pits.

Cody’s exact text reply to this discovery was “Well, nice knowing you Percy.”

He’s started on a hypoallergenic elimination diet after two rounds of antibiotics and steroid shots for feline eosinophilic granuloma complex.

Translation: Kitty now eats a gluten free, near raw food diet at $40 a bag after two enormous wounds, two $40 antibiotic shots, two $50 steroid shots and two $70 vet visits.

Seriously, his food is made from duck, turkey, fish, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and cranberries.

He’s one pumpkin pie short of Thanksgiving dinner twice a day, everyday.

Since we’re not entirely sure what it is he’s allergic to (most likely the grain) clearance kitty has to eat the same food as full price kitty so full price kitty doesn’t get some of clearance kitty’s grain infused food.

As of right now the cats and the baby eat better than the rest of us, but that’s mostly because the rest of us like Oreos so much.


Want to know what I love besides my ridiculous cats with their ridiculous quirks and Oreos?

These two.

Sunday Reading

I mean, seriously. You could dip yourself in syrup and roll around in sugar and still not beat the sweetness.

(Besides, my cat would probably be allergic to you anyway.)

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master of the (random) ankle biting universe.

percy high on the 'nip


This cat, he hides in the curtains all “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” style and then runs out and attacks your ankles as you walk by.

percy takes off.

Ninja style suckas!

Then there’s the one eyed cat who got tangled up in a cord tonight and tried to escape by chewing my leg off THROUGH MY PANTS as I tried to help him.


He has an actual grumpy time. 7 pm to bedtime this cat is the most crotchety cat in the county.

The night before last, Cody admitted the only reason he uses blankets is so monsters can’t get to him as he sleeps (perfectly logical.)

At some point in the night his hand slipped out from under the covers and over the edge of the bed.

Wink nibbled his fingers.

It’s taken Cody approximately 48 hours to recover.

Thankfully when it’s just Vivi and me during they day they keep their psychotic cat tendencies to a minimum.

Unless there’s a squirrel outside, in that case ALL BETS ARE OFF.


They’ve only been here two and a half months but I honestly can’t remember life without them.

Or these guys.

babywearing cody doing dishes.

Why yes that is my husband wearing a chubby baby whilst doing dishes…

On an even more unrelated note…

This is a photo of Vivi victoriously holding up a wooden chew toy shaped like Indiana, much the same way He-Man held aloft his half of the Power Sword.



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