the cats

how cats are good for your inner thighs and bad for your rear.

For some reason these cats think that right behind our feet is the place to be.

Especially when we’re in the kitchen.

Wink gets a 50% pass with the whole one eye thing, but Percy…Percy’s sneaky and fits right in my blind spot.

Percy the Reindeer

I nearly tripped on the darn cat twice, which caused me to step far wider than my thighs are okay with and in wool socks on a hardwood floor that meant I did some dramatic sliding to the floor onto my rear end.


Guess how boring life has been with these two furballs around?

Addie tucked Percy in

Not very.

Especially since Percy may have been a ninja in a former life, which is funny for the humans but highly unfortunate for the one eyed cat who is blindsided by a brown tabby who appears as if from nowhere and runs away so fast Wink is never really sure what just happened.

wink rests his mitts.

We think Wink may be older than the Humane Society told us, his back leg is a little goofy so when he walks away it looks like his pants are falling down.  Yesterday he saw a squirrel out the window and nearly knocked himself out trying to keep his one eye on it and today as Cody was making a tuna fish sandwich his heightened sense of smell almost got him stepped on several times by three people.

wink and the pie

In other news. THIS BABY IS SEVEN MONTHS OLD. Remember when she used to be sad baby? NOT ANYMORE!




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cats, pies and paws.

These cats have been around for almost a month now.

Percy walked in from day one and pretty much owned the place. He’s had a few struggles, first there were the worms, then he somehow got a huge laceration on his neck that got infected. He had to have an antibiotic shot, his neck shaved and when it still wasn’t better a week later he had to get a steroid shot. Today’s the first day it really seems better. Ironic that he was the full price cat with all his body parts intact and he’s the one giving us trouble.

dapper cat is tired.

Percy always looks annoyed. It’s part of his charm. He’ll amuse you until he’s done amusing you and he likes to hide under the couch (or anything else he can fit behind) and attack my feet as I walk past. He has a gift for completely disappearing despite two grown ups and a six year old looking for him for over thirty minutes and he spends a majority of his time in his Percy perch. Wink will sit in his perch on occassion and Percy will just stand to the side, staring down Wink with his highly unamused face.

dapper cat is festive.

Percy’s furballs were nipped later in life so he developed these thick jowls that make him a super handsome cat, everyone who knows cats agrees he’s a looker.

dapper cat is posing dapperly.

Wink likes to drape his mitts over things. Maybe they don’t fold up under him compact enough or maybe he knows how important his mitts are, having royal family down at the Hemingway house and all. Or it could just be that he knows his thumbs make some of your very nervous and he likes to see you squirm.

wink rests his mitts.

wink rests his mitts.

wink in his manly bed

Wink sleeps by me most nights, curled up and purring against my back. He likes to be wherever the baby is during the day and will follow her from room to room until she goes to bed. He’s a bit of a beggar cat. When I cook he sits in the kitchen with this forlorn “Clearly I’ve had a very rough life as evidenced by my one eye so drop some of that pie my way sooner rather than later.”

wink and the pie

If they ever made a Godfather movie starring cats? Wink would totally be Vito.

Life is totally better with these two creatures around, I think they like it here too, even though Vivi tries to pull them up by their whiskers and rolls on top of them regularly.

I’m such a cat lady.

wink says "How YOU dooin'?"

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the one about my creepy cat.

It has come to my attention that several of you are creeped out by one of my cats.

Specifically Wink.

Wink and his...resting place.

It also has come to my attention that I may very well be a crazy cat lady in a normal lady body because I am thoroughly convinced that not only are my cats perfect, they are pretty much the coolest cats to ever walk this delightful planet we all share. It is also fairly obvious that I am tipping the crazy cat lady scales with the sheer number of photos I’ve taken of these two cats in less than a week.

Percy the Snoozer.

But back to my cat making you uncomfortable.

A third of you are bothered by his one eye, another third is bothered by his extra toes and the other third of you are equally squicked by both. For those of you who are on the fence about which one is stranger? I took him to the vet today only to discover that he has extra toes in the back too. The vet called them nubbin toes. As if 18 toes could ever be enough for my cat, he had to go and grow 5 or 6 extra.

Heeeyyyy ladiessssss....

To be fair Cody thought the one eye thing was a bit much in the beginning, especially when Wink rubbed his eye hole on Cody’s hand his first day home.

You know what I think is creepy?

My face.

But no one ever tells me how creepy my face is because I am a human with feelings who can read and most of you are kind human beings who understand how hard it would be to have a giant crazy rash on your face so you don’t say anything about how weird it looks. I thank you for that, but I assure you, I’m well aware of how strange I look.

Wink was born with two eyes. He developed something called an entropion, which basically means his eyelid curled in instead of out. There was an attempt to repair his entropion and it went wrong leaving him with dramatic scarring and the need for another surgery. Maybe his previous owners got rid of him when they realized he was going to need another surgery or that he was going to be funny looking for the rest of his life, I’ll never know. But I do know that on his chart from the humane society it says “another surgery is advised as scarring from previous entropion repair is unsightly and may be unappealing to potential adopters.”

This cat had to have surgery again because it was believed that no one could look past his scarred eye, because he would be seen as ugly.

wink the pumpkin.

He spent four months at the shelter. When I went in to see him the first time he said hello and then walked away. I can only assume he was used to being looked over and ignored.

To all of you who ignored him? You missed out on one of the greatest cats ever created. This cat wouldn’t have been at the shelter more than a few weeks had he had both eyes. He is the sweetest, kindest most chill cat there is. Your loss.

Maybe it’s because I know his story that I have such a soft spot for him, which is why I ask everyone to give everyone else around them the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, my cat looks different and some people have had no problem saying unkind things about his appearance because he is a cat and some people believe cats don’t have feelings.

When I told Addie about him and how he only had one eye she looked at his picture, gasped with excitement and said “So it’s going to be our job to love him because nobody else will?

Yep, and it’s pretty much the best job there ever was.

five months

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first came love…then came other stuff…then came cats.

I have this one window on the South side of my house.

It has begged for a kitty to lie in its sunshine since the day we moved in.

Guess what?

Yesterday two kitties moved in…and today one moved into my sunny patch.

Percy in the sun.

This is Percy. He’s 2. He’s bonus kitty to clearance kitty.

This is clearance kitty.


Clearance kitty is the one that won me over in his adoption profile. He’s four. He’s a polydactyl, which means he has extra toes on his front paws so it looks like he has mittens. It’s amazing.

He’s missing the tip of his left ear too.

He also only has one eye, which is hard to tell because he’s all passed out asleep on top of church books. It was surgically removed in early July and he has been at the Human Society ever since.

Well until yesterday.

Now he’s our one eyed, five toed, licking furry kibble eater.

We named him Wink VanGogh. You can just call him Wink.

I love him so much.

He’s still pretty shy until the little humans that live here are in bed. He also mrows a lot.

Mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow…I missed kitty mrows.

And the kneading! Oh…he gets comfy and those extra toes go into action mode.

And Percy? He’s a lover.

Hanging out with Percy.

I didn’t think I could get happier.

Turns out?

I could.

Rescue pets will love you better.

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