pot talk.

Potty training with Addie nearly killed me dead.

I won’t go into details because someday her boyfriend will read this, but you know what? Her boyfriend had to be potty trained too, if he’s not you need better taste in boyfriends, Addie.

Vivi on the other hand, she said one day “I NEED TO GO PEE!”, stripped herself naked, sat on the pot and peed.

Just like that.

No sticker charts, no jelly beans, no elaborate schemes to convince her that peeing takes place on the pot and not in your pants.

She’s done it several times since as well.

We got her a padded seat and now she never wants to leave.

I can tell the logistics haven’t all clicked in her little brain just yet, right now she just considers it her super cool party (potty?) trick.

She’s almost a full year ahead of Addie in regards to timing (not that I’m comparing, I NEVER COMPARE MY CHILDREN.)

The funny part is I have to give most of the credit on this one TO Addie. She was the one taking Vivi into the bathroom with her to hang out then putting Vivi on the pot when she was done, you know, “Just to show her how it’s done.

If you’ve never potty trained a child I’m sorry, this is why mom bloggers get such a bad reputation. POO! PEE! POTTY! But underneath my crunchy candy shell, I am a mom blogger. If you have potty trained a child then you’ll know the momentous occasion it is to have your kid decide they’re ready to start doing their business where everybody else does.

Which also means more public restrooms in my future. *packs extra wipes*

Even better than the day they ditch the diapers? The day they can do everything totally unassisted.

Horizontal stripes: leggings only a toddler can rock.

I mean, once you get them housebroken it’s basically off to college, right?

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end of august.

august 19th-1609
august 19th-1608
august 19th-1639Reading Before Bed
Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed
swimmin' sistersswimmin' sisters
swimmin' sisters

swimmin' sisters

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yesterday was magical.

Feeling hoppy. #LookForTheLovely
OKAY FINE. One more, bus reunion. #LookForTheLovely
Last one, promise. These two were just too much tonight. #LookForTheLovely
This is what -_- looks like on a cat.
In training.
These two. #LookForTheLovely

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have a vivi nice day.

At church on Sunday a man talked about his dad:

“…it was said at his funeral that he had an abundance of energy with which to serve others because he didn’t have to waste much of it wondering who he was or what his purpose in life should be.”

I am not a runner and I am not meant to grow vegetables, and it’s okay. No more time wasted running to nowhere or growing an endless buffet for only rabbits to enjoy.

We took Vivi to the fair again yesterday, we even let her ride a few rides.

Vivi's first midway ride. @IndyStateFair

Y’all, Addie could have gone on all the bigger rides she wanted to but she chose to ride the little kid rides with Vivi. My heart grew three sizes, exploded then grew all over again while watching them last night. On the first ride they rode together Vivi squeezed Addie’s hand to the brink of blood loss the entire time, Addie didn’t mind. On the next ride (a tiny little roller coaster) Addie put her arm around Vivi and hugged her close, by the end Vivi had snuggled into Addie; perhaps a little scared, but safe and calm with her sister by her side.

Patiently waiting her turn. @indystatefair

My heart just exploded again thinking about it.

Vivi has asked all day if we can go play with the bunnies and horses, a true Hoosier that baby of mine is.

Formal introductions. #LookForTheLovely #IndyStateFair


When I was in Texas last week for this lady’s birthday (surprise!) we went to a beaver themed convenience store where I found a toddler sized Willie Nelson shirt. Rachel told me I had to find a bandana, braid Vivi’s hair and send her a picture.

So I did:

Have a willie nice day.

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the tackiness of toddlers

In an effort to keep Vivi from screaming for snacks in the car due to sheer boredom we have started a new game of pointing out all the trucks.




On Monday Addie had about a million follow up questions to our truck observations which led us to talking about truckers.

For some reason Vivi has no problem saying ‘truck.’

However ‘truckers’ gives her some trouble. The ‘tr’ is replaced with something that sounds an awful lot like an ‘f.’

Keeping a straight face down I-70 the other day proved to be a challenge.

She also alternates between calling Percy ‘Poopy Cat’ or ‘Pussy.’ Some mornings Percy breaks into Vivi’s room and I’m awoken by a tiny little voice saying “Hiiiiii Pussy!”

Honestly, why do I let her out in public?

I love how oblivious she is to social norms.

Sticking her hand up my skirt in line at the grocery store? Totally normal for her.

Licking mirrors in dressing rooms? Normal.

If you talk to her while she’s pooping she’ll hold up one finger in your direction and scream “NO! SHHHHH!”

Needless to say it’s awful fun to bug her when she’s pooping.


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