These cats have been around for almost a month now.

Percy walked in from day one and pretty much owned the place. He’s had a few struggles, first there were the worms, then he somehow got a huge laceration on his neck that got infected. He had to have an antibiotic shot, his neck shaved and when it still wasn’t better a week later he had to get a steroid shot. Today’s the first day it really seems better. Ironic that he was the full price cat with all his body parts intact and he’s the one giving us trouble.

dapper cat is tired.

Percy always looks annoyed. It’s part of his charm. He’ll amuse you until he’s done amusing you and he likes to hide under the couch (or anything else he can fit behind) and attack my feet as I walk past. He has a gift for completely disappearing despite two grown ups and a six year old looking for him for over thirty minutes and he spends a majority of his time in his Percy perch. Wink will sit in his perch on occassion and Percy will just stand to the side, staring down Wink with his highly unamused face.

dapper cat is festive.

Percy’s furballs were nipped later in life so he developed these thick jowls that make him a super handsome cat, everyone who knows cats agrees he’s a looker.

dapper cat is posing dapperly.

Wink likes to drape his mitts over things. Maybe they don’t fold up under him compact enough or maybe he knows how important his mitts are, having royal family down at the Hemingway house and all. Or it could just be that he knows his thumbs make some of your very nervous and he likes to see you squirm.

wink rests his mitts.

wink rests his mitts.

wink in his manly bed

Wink sleeps by me most nights, curled up and purring against my back. He likes to be wherever the baby is during the day and will follow her from room to room until she goes to bed. He’s a bit of a beggar cat. When I cook he sits in the kitchen with this forlorn “Clearly I’ve had a very rough life as evidenced by my one eye so drop some of that pie my way sooner rather than later.”

wink and the pie

If they ever made a Godfather movie starring cats? Wink would totally be Vito.

Life is totally better with these two creatures around, I think they like it here too, even though Vivi tries to pull them up by their whiskers and rolls on top of them regularly.

I’m such a cat lady.

wink says "How YOU dooin'?"


  1. You almost make me want to be a cat lady again – and I agree that adult cats are truly the way to go. No kittens for me, thanks! Maybe I’ll just admire your cats for a while longer… I do think Wink is quite handsome, and the extra toes don’t freak me out at all. I’ve *been* to the Hemingway house, and have the t-shirt to prove it!

    Casey Reply:

    @AmandaL, There’s a Hemingway cat shirt? Oh hai? Awkward family photos? This is Casey…

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally just spent my lunch hour googling “tomcat jowls” because I didn’t know that was A THING.

    So much knowledge, and I have you to thank.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jenny, I do my best. (To tell the truth I had no idea until the Vet told me.)

  3. I want you to know that your two sweet kittles there are pretty much wholly responsible for the trip my family just took to PetSmart. (It’s shelter show-off day.) We found a 7 mo. old female tortie who *might* need to come live with us. Her name would need to be changed though. They call her Tisha, but she’s definitely destined to be called Chutney.

    Jenny Reply:

    @Jen L., Hell, *I* want to be called Chutney.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jenny, No kidding right?

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., This post just proves Chutney needs to come home with you, and possible another garnish themed cat. Because they’re better in twos.

  4. My best friend is my Crazy Cat Lady..I wouldn’t have her any other way. Hubby and my kiddos are allergic! So we are dog people. But I so love your cat posts. Adopting any it cat, dog, heck even a guinea a good deal in my book! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shan, I am amicable with dogs. But gimme cats. If I were allergic? OH THE TEARS.

  5. I have a cat named Molly. I also have 2 dogs. I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. I’m allergic to cats, but I do my best. My husband really wanted a cat, so we got Molly. He wanted a lap cat, but Molly is anything but. She is fiercly independent, doesn’t like to be held, and will only tolerate petting for brief periods of time. And she’s not really fond of my husband. LOL She loves me though. She wants to sit next to me all the time, sometimes she sits on me. She likes to sleep on me sometimes. She also likes to rub her face on my face, which causes me to break out in hives. Since I’m allergic, all cats love me. I love animals in general, but I am very fond of dogs. I have two toy poodles, Peppy (15) and Scarlet (5). I adore them (and they are hypoallergenic, so no sneezing, itchy eyes, or hives).

    Casey Reply:

    @Melissa Weisbard, Go figure, your poor husband. I have had unrequited love for a cat and it hurts.

  6. good grief woman. you make me miss my Louis sooo much. this is his first year not on the christmas card. 🙁

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, Oh dear. Louis is having catnip and fruitcake in Cat Heaven.

  7. Can you come take some pictures of my cat?

    And that pie? Looks like it came out of Southern Living!

  8. I had a cat JUST like your Wink while growing up… there is nothing more fun and adorable than a cat with extra thumbs.

  9. I ADORE your post about the kitties. I work at an animal shelter raising money for animals and it makes me so happy to see you talking about your positive experience!

  10. Love your cat posts! And then I saw that PIE! OMG! Thanksgiving at your house must rock.

    Happy Thanksgiving Casey and family. Thank you for opening up your life to all of us.


    (nope, still hasn’t gotten old)

  12. I love these cats posts! They make me smile! 🙂